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Found 52 results

  2. Happy Monday...planning on listing some nice variants, sets, cgc books, some SS books and other goodies. Freebies too! Usual rules. No HOSers or shenanigans. Paypal is fine. Checks/MO too. USPS priority shipping or if you want something else, that is fine too. Intl ok too. Please post the or PM with questions/offers. Good luck!
  3. EBAY STORE Check out my store. I have plenty of raw comics for sale GOLDEN-MODERN AGE as well as CGCs. TOP RATED SELLER
  4. EXCUSE ME FOR NOT LISTING THIS HERE SOONER. BUT... Ending tomorrow night (Sunday) at 10 pm on ebay ASM #129 9.2 ASM #101 9.4
  5. Just one book today, a beautiful copy of asm 14 classic 1st goblin. I truly thought this had a chance at an 8.0 or 8.5. Accepting Paypal and returns if notified within 3 days. Shipping will be calculated when I get your address. Boxed safely with bubble wrap, no need to worry, I’ve sold a ton on the boards with no issues. Time stamped wins the book. Please no HOSers. Thanks for looking and please feel free to contact me with any questions, offers etc.
  6. ASM #129 6.0 ow/w $635 SHIPPED (CONUS) SOLD Tomb of Dracula #10 9.6 ow/w $2075 SHIPPED (CONUS) ***ToD #10 listing will end here on Sunday at 9pm EST and be moved to ebay. ***CLOSED**** ToD will probably go up for auction on ebay this week, if anyone is still interested. REFERENCES My Kudos Page ACCEPTED PAYMENT Paypal, check, or MO TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in either the thread or PM wins, by time stamp. No returns on CGC books. Shipping is including in the price, in CONUS ONLY. USPS 2-3 day priority with tracking .
  7. Need to clear some space and get funds together for up coming cons so looking to move some stuff. Open to reasonable offers. Post a take in the thread to claim books. Time stamps used in cases of multiple posts (dont all grab stuff at once!) Shipping on raw books: 1-5 books is $5 | 5-15 is $10 | More than 15 is $15 Shipping on Slabs: 1-3 books is 15 | more than 3 is at cost to your zip Any questions or additional image requests please message me.
  8. Hi fellow boardies. I was wondering if I can get an opinion on what would be the max grade on a comic with marvel chipping. I have an ASM#1 CGC 5.0 which can be greatly enhanced via pressing but not sure if it would matter due to the marvel chipping. Don’t want to go through the process for no point. That and I’m affraid if losing page quality on the rest submit. Current book has white pages. I had sent in a ASM 129 9.4 a while back and got the same grade but lost my white pages. Your thought and feedback are appreciated thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I'm offering up five CGC-graded silver- and bronze-age Marvels: Journey Into Mystery #109, CGC 6.5 (presents nicer) X-Men #39, CGC 8.5 Amazing Spider-Man #117, CGC 9.2 Amazing Spider-Man #127, CGC 9.2 Amazing Spider-Man #136, CGC 9.4 I will charge exact shipping to ship these books insured via USPS Priority Mail, and the shipping cost will depend on the number of books you buy and your location (I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, but I know USPS Priority Mail shipping costs are high outside of the U.S. ). I accept PayPal, checks or money orders. The first gets the book, but I will also listen to offers via PM. Returns are accepted within 14 days of the sale, and I would expect any returned books to be in the same condition as when I shipped them out. Please No probies and HOSers, and now on to the good stuff...thanks for looking! Art
  10. Rules: PayPal only please. Shipping is a flat $14 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First wins (including over PM discussions). No returns unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. References: I don't have an official thread, bought I have bought plenty here and sold some too. Please feel free to pm me with offers.
  11. Hi. I am putting some books from my collection up for sale. I have sold books in the Gold/Silver section, but this is my first sale in the Copper/Modern section. Not sure if there is any interest in these, but will give it a go. First gets the book over PMs. I will accept PayPal, MO or personal checks (must clear). I ship everything USPS, and can mail up to three books in a Flat Rate Priority Envelope for $7.00 and anything over that will be mailed in a Priority box for $13.00. My shipping is fast and rock solid. All books are unrestored. Back covers are all clean and fresh with no writing or date stamps. Pages are ow/w or better. II think my grading is accurate, but if you are not satisfied you can return the book for a full refund, minus the shipping, within seven days of receiving the book. Thanks, and PM me with any questions. Rick
  12. Looking for the following issues Amazing Spider-man 238 Canadian Newsstand in CGC 9.6+ Amazing Spider-man 300 Newsstand in CGC 9.6+ Amazing Spider-man 300 in CGC 9.8 Amazing Spider-man 300 in CGC Signature Series 9.8 Thank you, T
  13. Pricing these for a quick sale. Terms: NO HOS or Probationals. Payment: Paypal Shipping: Domestic Shipping Included, International is based off weight Returns: None unless damaged in transit but insurance will be on the packages. Timeframe: Listing will be up for 24 hours and then moved Only 3 Books are going to be offered: Amazing Spider-Man #2, CGC 6.0, Off-White to White Pages: Last Relevant GPA Sales: $2400, $2650 Priced: $2350 Amazing Spider-Man #121, CGC 9.4, White Pages: Last GPA Sales: $837, $900, $896, $1100 Priced: $900 Conan the Barbarian #1, CGC 9.2, White Pages: Last GPA Sales: $387, $598, $406, $435 Priced: $475 24 hours starts now at 6:30pm mst! Well thread closed. Guess everyone spent too much on presents.. Lol. Happy Holidays Everyone!
  14. Hello and welcome! Just 3 small lots of raws for sale. 1 lot of 8 copper ASMs, 1 lot of 5 exclusive zenescope variants, and 1 lot of 11 various blanks. I have bought and sold here in the past. Here's my feedback thread: Rules 1) 1st "i'll take it" in this thread or in PM wins. 2) No people on probation list or HOS. 3) Paypal only. 4) Returns ok within a week of receiving items (as long as you pay for shipping it back) Shipping $10 shipping (unlimited books) to the US and Canada. Packed securely with tracking. Other shipping locations extra, please contact me first.
  15. Payment via paypal only. No HOS or Probies. For sale is an amazing copy of Amazing Spider-man 2 CGC 4.5 with Off White to White pages and Stan Lee signature and Cert number 1371221001 and also a Batman 251 CGC 9.0 with Off White to White Pages with Neal Adams and Denny O'neil signature and Cert number: 1430668005 Asm 2 Price: $1450 shipped. Batman 251 Price: $850 shipped. Dm me if have offers. NO PAYMENT PLANS. ONLY STRAIGHT BUY. Returns accepted within 15 days. First to say claim takes the comic. If more pictures are needed please request. DM ME IF INTERESTED.
  16. All newsstands!! Something for everyone! See rules below for Veteran's Day Discount KEYS (including some Mark Jeweler's) - 1st Cable, 1st Gambit, 1st Psylocke, 1st Jubilee, 1st New Warriors, 1st Kilowog, 1st Legion, 1st Blue Devil, 1st Darkhawk, 1st Demon Bear many more! For the Completionists - ASM's in the 500's and 600's, tons of Uncanny X-men and Wolverine, Spawns Others - various Image, Batman, other minor keys, Mark Jewerler's, Ultraverse/Malibu, pretty solid amount of Jim Lee stuff, DC animated series comics, a zillion other things. - No probation or HOS people - 1st by timestamp wins, whether its in the thread or the pm. - pay by paypal, check, cash, MO, etc - shipping paid by buyer. I ship USPS unless you have your own UPS account. - Internationals only ship priority with tracking, and buyer is responsible for any additional customs, tarriffs, or translation fees. - returns are fine in two weeks of reciept, but buyer pays return shipping. - Limit of TWO freebies per person (and there will be lots of freebies), must claim. - Sale will be mostly alphabetical. - VETERANS DISCOUNT - 10% off your entire order, you tell me your last rank and post and your least favorite part of boot camp via pm. US military active or veterans only Books will be added Thursday and Friday - -
  17. Hey guys, I bought a large 20,000 book collection earlier this year with about 350 bronze/copper/modern slabs in it. I Decided but try putting the bronze age up here. Not sure how most of it is going to go as 95% of the slabs are going to be in the $20-$100 range but ill give it a shot! im going to start with 15/20 slabs and go from there. If they sell well ill post the rest. Scans are of the front only, Back scans available upon request. All slabs are very clean and scratch/crack free. Im going to be running a thread in the copper/ modern section for the copper/ modern slabs. I can combine shipping for both. DISCOUNTS! If you buy 1 or 2 slabs you will get 10% off list price. If you buy 3 - 4 slabs you will get 20% off list price If you buy 5 slabs or more you will get 30% off list price! No limit on how many you can buy at discounted price. Payment Via paypal, or cash, check, money order and BITCOIN (no not a joke. Transfers via coinbase) Nobody on the timeout list/probations Books will be shipped fast and secure via USPS. Shipping will range from $7-$14 for one slab depending on your location. Shipping will be $14 for up to 8 slabs. More then 7 will be Exact cost. Shipping International is no problem, Dm for a quote depending on where you are. No returns on slabs unless they come damaged, I pack very securely and I haven't had a damaged slab yet but things happen. First form of wins. in the thread trumps ongoing PM negotiations unless both myself and the buyer have come to an agreement already, but have not had time to edit the thread. All positive feedback on my ebay - Domuhnatorcomics and I have a kudos thread on here with all positive feedback as well. Ill start posting books shortly.
  18. I need to pay off a big purchase, so here is a random listing of books for your perusal... Don't be hesitant to make REASONABLE offers. REFERENCES KUDOS ACCEPTED PAYMENT cash, check, or money order, or buyer adds 3% for paypal TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in the thread gets the book and will trump any ongoing PM transactions. PMs welcomed for additional information. Returns accepted within 7 days. No probies or HoS members. SHIPPING Free to US (Canada -$15, buyer pays balance) Daredevil 1 CGC 8.0 ~ $5000 $4750 Tales to Astonish 1 CGC 3.5 ~ $1220 $1200 Superman 76 1.0-1.5? ~ $220 - Total spine split, detached. SOLD World of Fantasy 1 ~ 3.0-3.5 ~ $125 $115 Showcase 8 ~ 1.5-1.8 ~ $640 $625 $610 Suspense Comics 7 CGC 7.0 ~ $985 Flash 116 ~ 5.5-6.0 ~ $50 Brave & Bold 28 CGC 5.0 ~ $5300 $5200 Justice League 1 CGC 4.0 ~ $1200 SOLD Iron Man 1 CGC 8.5 ~ $840 Action 252 CGC 4.0 ~ $1500 some rust on staples Strange Tales 3 & 4 ~ $500 $480 for the pair Amazing Spider-Man 4 CGC 5.0 ~ $685 SOLD The Flash 105 CGC 4.0 ~ $1675 SOLD
  19. Payment via paypal only. No HOS or Probies. For sale is an amazing copy of Amazing Spider-man 300 CGC 9.4 with White pages and Cert number 1233252002. For invoices and services will add 3% for paypal fee which would be $475 shipped. NO PAYMENT PLANS. ONLY STRAIGHT BUY. First to say claim takes the comic. If more pictures are needed please request. DM ME IF INTERESTED.
  20. So a little back story is that most of the ASM books were from my father which I thought he had long time ago threw out when we moved houses. My parents moved from OH and retired, for now, here to AZ. Along with them when they moved were my old comic books and why I got into comics. They were nothing big and all from the 90's but they were mine and what got me into comicbooks. (Hint hint, witchblade #1 was my first comic) What was surprising was this massive old collection of ASM books that I remember as a kid but didn't know much about them as I grew up and totally forgot about them. My father told me he had them in the attic and just never thought about them. The books sat up in the attic for over 20 years and were never touched other than when they were first purchased. So anyways, I've decided to keep the higher grade books and sell the rest, which there are a lot of books..., so this will be a sale thread for parts of this collection as well as some other books I picked up along the way. I will showcase the best book once it comes back from being pressed and graded but there was an entire run from AF15 to around 248 for ASM. The AF15 was just sold at NYCC but it wasn't a good condition. Anyways, enough of the story time and onto some books. Payment is via Paypal, Cashier's Check can be accepted and we can discuss. Shipping is done via USPS. Other carriers can be used if requested and we can discuss. Pricing is based off of weight, service and location. Returns, I rather not accept any returns but will be open in case there are any problems or issues that arise. Grades and Values, I'm open to discussion if someone feels the pricing isn't right or the grade is not quite there. I'm flexible and willing to listen. For anything else, just PM me and I'll respond when I get a chance. ASM #3 ~ collective grade 1.0 ~ asking SOLD! ASM #4 ~ collective grade 2.0 ~ asking SOLD ASM #5 ~ collective grade 3.0 ~ asking $307 ASM #7 ~ Grade 3.5 ~ asking SOLD ASM #8 - Grade 3.5 - asking $180 More to come as I scan more copies of books...
  21. Thanks for helping grade the issues 3-5, this is #17 which is the typical condition of the run until you hit mid to late 20's where they get cleaner and less marks on the books. I think I might keep the books that may grade high enough and sell the rest. Let me know your opinion on this book just so I know I'm not crazy. Front Back I recently submitted silver age books and the books received the grades that I thought or close to it. Except there was 3 books that shocked me since one was lower after a press and regrade from what it was previously graded and now I'm second guessing the grades that I feel the books are. Thanks for your help!
  22. Trying not to be a thread hog but here's issue 5 of the asm run that I have. The 3rd worst of the whole run and the question is: what's your opinion on the grade and is it worth it to grade? Front Back
  23. Here's issue 4 of the run. Second worst condition of the books. So what's your opinion on the book and is it worth it to grade or just keep raw? Front Back One more thread on issue 5 coming up
  24. So there's a long story associated with this book as well as an entire ASM run that I just recently acquired from my father. But cut to the chase I'm looking for a grade for a few books and the opinion of whether or not this as well as a couple of other books should be either graded or left raw. I might sell the first couple of books in the run to pick up better copies possibly but we'll see. There's a lot of duplicates of issues above 20 that my father got which is nice where I could grade them possibly and sell the other copies but we'll see. The first books from 3-5 were the worst copies with the first issue being around an 8 or so. But these issues are hard to determine a grade due to tape being on the covers. So let me know what you think this book would grade at and is it worth to grade or sell as is. Thanks! Z Front Back I post 2 other threads on issue 4 and 5.
  25. For Sale are a bunch of Amazing Spider-mans, all CGC graded. ACCEPTED PAYMENT Paypal only TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in the thread gets the book and will trump any ongoing PM transactions. PMs welcomed for additional information. Returns accepted within 7 days. No probies or HoS members. SHIPPING $12 Priority 3-day US for each first book; +$5 for each additional book. Following list for sale: ASM 12 4.0 WP- $180 SOLD ASM 20 3.5 C/OWP- $170 SOLD ASM 23 2.5 C/OWP- $70 ASM 28 4.0 OWP- $110 SOLD ASM 33 5.0 C/OWP- $80 SOLD ASM 39 5.0 WP- $95 SOLD ASM 40 5.5 WP- $120 SOLD ASM 46 7.5 OWP- $250 ASM 101 6.0 OWP- $175