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Found 276 results

  1. I've listed a number of great commissions and Original Art for sale on ebay with no Reserve including: 1. Gary Frank Dark Knight 2. Unworthy Thor Page by Olivier Coipel 3. Chris Uminga Joker 4. Robbi Rodriguez Emma Frost 5. Robbi Rodriguez Nancy Callahan 6. Stephen Segovia Nancy Callahan 7. Domino by Stefano Caselli Ebay Auction Link Happy Bidding!
  2. Payment: - Payment is by PayPal or Check / Money order. - Payment (or notification of if paying by mail) within 48 hours after invoice is sent. Shipping: Shipping in USA is $8 for USPS Priority (up to 6 books) or $13 via USPS Priority for more than 6 books. Canada / other international locations will be priced at actual cost. Returns: - All books can be returned (unless otherwise noted in individual listing). Notification that you are returning within 24 hours of receipt and I expect it back within 5 days of you getting it. - Return shipping / insurance cost is on you. Other rules: - I will not sell to HOS or “Probation” list users. Notes: - All books are in the VG - FN range (unless otherwise noted). Kudos:
  3. Ending next Sunday night. I have several Wonder Woman and Sensation books up on eBay, all with 99 cent starts. I have a flat rate shipping rule of $4.99 (priority mail, tracked and insured). If you win something, let me know and I'll make sure to add a "boarders bonus" to the package. If you live in Canada or somewhere else out of the US, let me know if you want to bid and I will unblock you as long as you are willing to pay the exact shipping for out of the US.. There are also a bunch of SA books listed, Detective, Batman, Action, Adventure. Thank you and Good luck:)
  4. Hey guys I am trading 2 extremely scarce pages of comic history both graded by cgc! First is the front cover to a detective comics 36 1st Hugo strange and 6th Batman cover ever! Also a pre robin! It has cream pages and colors present well, would make a great candidate for completing a coverless copy. Next I have the final page from Batman 1 which features the original death of the joker, one of the hardest pages to find and 1st joker apperance, slightly brittle pages, presents well though mainly in the case. I am trading these for a .5 or 1.0 copy of ASM 1 no coverless! Page quality does not matter to me as much, thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, The usual stuff.... No HOS or Probies or .... Payment by Paypal, Check or M.O. (within a few days unless discussed and agreed upon). Shipping in the US is USPS Priority + Insurance. Int'l please pm me, as I''ll need to figure out a price. PM's and all offers are welcome, but the 1st in the thread wins and trumps any pm's. No returns on CGC items.
  6. Listing a batch of modern comics, all of which are CGC 9.8 with WHITE PAGES. Several Harley variants, plus a few other books. All will be pictured. Prices will INCLUDE shipping within the U.S. First gets it. Paypal or mail payment if you prefer. Books include: All-Star Batman #1 CGC 9.8 Jock Variant. $45 Justice League of America #1 CGC 9.8 $35 Harley Quinn #1 CGC 9.8 Comic Mint Edition $45 Harley Quinn #1 CGC 9.8 $35 Harley Quinn #1 CGC 9.8 Scorpion Comics Edition $55 Harley Quinn #1 CGC 9.8 Comics Conspiracy Edition $50 Harley Quinn #1 CGC 9.8 Alliance Comics Sketch Edition $35 American Gods #1 CGC 9.8 Mack Cover Variant $45 Thanks, any questions welcome. Joshua
  7. Listed Batman #121 CGC 2.0 with cream to off-white pages on eBay (1st Mr. Freeze). BIN or BO. Also have Modern Age Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Starman, etc.
  8. Signedbyheroes Is Selling Batman 50 CGC 9.8 Wondercon Variant Comic Book And Batman 32 CGC 9.8 & 9.6 NYCC Variant Comic Book Signed By Batman Himself... Ben Affleck PM are welcomed. Exclusive on the CGC forum.. not selling on the website! (making that clear) If you have any questions , any concerns or issues.. please PM first! Thank you! First via post or PM in the thread will take it and will trump any ongoing negotiations. No Probationers or HOS Listers. Payment Methods: Paypal Only Shipping: Everything will be shipped as securely and Priority Mail will be the default shipping option. Shipping Costs: Free Domestic Shipping International Shipping: Available. Contact me for a quote. All International packages will be shipped Global Priority. Return Policy: All Sales Are Final
  9. THECOMICMONSTER is now proud to announce that we are accepting submissions for a very rare Gabriele Dell’Otto signing to take place outside the USA this summer! Costs associated with this opportunity are as follows: $100 for the first book modern tier CGC fast track grading service. $75 each additional book modern tier CGC fast track grading service. Return shipping, book prep and invoicing fees are all INCLUDED. $45 per signature on any book submitted under your own account. Books are due IN HAND no later than 5/15/18 so that they can get where they need to go in time for the signing.
  10. I don’t know if this was asked, if it was can someone link me up..... which issue is the first appearance of BWL?? Metal #2? Teen Titan #12?? Casting #1??? trying to research and the general population is split between those three. Synder (writer of Metal) says it’s Metal #2. Metal#2 & TT12 came out the same time. TT12 has a lower print run. Casting came before Metal & TT, but it’s only an advertisement (for Metal) I saw CGC graded TT12 (on eBay) but it never mentioned BWL.
  11. All of Eddy Barrows' original artwork has been reduced, some pieces, up to nearly 50%. Every piece in the gallery, Batman in Detective Comics, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, Nightwing, Superman, Martian Manhunter, all covers, splashes and paneled pages are on sale! Take a peek, cause many of these pieces won't last long!
  12. I am hoping someone can help me indentify where this Batman Legends of the Dark Knight "Venom" advertisement was published. I remember seeing it a few times when I was a kid but I have yet to place the exact comic or magazine it was published in. It is penciled by Garcia-Lopez and inked by Giordano. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
  13. Hey everyone, I have 4 books available today. Batman #612 (Second Printing Sketch Variant) CGC 9.8 - $140 USD The Amazing Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8, with a certificate from dynamic forces - $65 USD The Superior Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8, with a certificate from dynamic forces - $55 USD Superman #50 CGC 9.8 - $70 USD Shipping to United States is $30, and it's $25 within Canada. I try to package my books to be nearly bullet proof. I'm a true collector and I hate seeing books damaged in the mail. First reserves a book! Thanks!!
  14. Standard rules apply. No HOS or Pros please. First gets the book! This trumps previous negotiations unless both parties have come to an agreement, at which time I will close the thread. I accept checks, money orders, or PP. PP should be paid within 48 hours. I will ship the book as soon as the check clears. I always allow a 14 days no questions asked return policy, so long as the book is returned in the same case and condition is was sent in. Free shipping! I ship USPS priority mail. Shipping is to US only. I can send more pics upon request. Please PM me with any questions. Keys Keys Keys! Some have sold and found new homes. Some are still here. How is the first web slinger still here! Some prices are reduced! I am open to offers. I will be leaving this thread open from now until the end of Friday 3/16 Books still available: Amazing Fantasy #15 4.0 SS $32,500 $31,400 !!!! First Spider-man signed by Stan Lee !!! Brave and Bold #28 6.5 $8,250 $7,750 Detective Comics #140 2.5 $5,600 Sold via PM Daredevil #1 8.5 $7,400 $7,250 Sold! Incredible Hulk #181 9.0 $3,800 Sold via PM Iron Man #55 9.6 $3,950 Brave and Bold #30 7.0 $700 Hero For hire #1 9.0 $1,000 Justice League of America #1 4.5 $1,250 Iron Fist #1 9.6 $425 $400 Captain America Comics #6 5.5 $4,000 The Walking Dead #1 9.8 SS $3,150 Iron Man #55 9.0 $1,350 Amazing Spider-Man #129 8.5 $1,350 Sold via PM Marvel Premiere #15 9.2 SS $675 Marvel Preview #4 9.6 $750 Amazing Spider-Man #121 8.5 SS $700 SOLD! The New Mutants #87 9.4 $225 Marvel Mystery Comics #35 5.0 $1,850 Iron Man #55 9.2 $1,800 Tales to Astonish #13 4.0 $1,800 SOLD! Amazing Spider-Man #28 4.0 $130 SOLD! Amazing Spider-Man #3 8.5 $5,850 Sold via PM Batman #55 8.0 $3,900 Fantastic Four #52 7.5 $1,200 SOLD! Marvel Mystery Comics #13 5.0 $2,600 Sold via PM Tales to Astonish #27 4.0 $2,350 Tales to Astonish #44 4.5 $575 X-Men #4 7.5 $1,900 Batman #24 6.5 $750 Strange Tales #110 3.5 $1,300 Iron Man #1 9.0 $1,200 Daredevil #3 7.5 $365 Hulk #271 9.6 $235 SOLD
  15. So there is an incomplete Tec 27, CGC NG in the current Comicconnect auction. With soo much emphasis on the 6.0, the 5.0 with Hake's Americana and the Action 1 5.0, this bad boy has seemed to go unnoticed. It's coverless, missing the centerfold and page 13. Also the first 3 wraps are detached and it has the ever undesirable brittle page quality. However, on the unique side, it is signed by Jerry Robinson and from his collection. So with all that being said, what do you all thing this bad boy will sell for? I'd put my money on approximately $40K.
  16. HOLA! Thank you for looking at this thread! This will be Phase 1 of 3 PHASE 2...PAGE 2 I will be posting more books later tomorrow mostly Bronze and Copper Amazing Spider-man and few nice key issues from other titles. FYI – All books are complete w/o missing pages, No Restoration RULES Take it! Is the winning bid, PM me with offers No PROBies or HOSies PAYMENT PayPal preferred, checks or money order is fine to but will take longer to process. SHIPPING I can ship First Class for $5 on 1 book or USPS Flat Rate $7 for up to 4 books. Books will be shipped with strong cardboard, bubble wrap and TLC. RETURNS 3-5 days after you receive the goods. Willing to work with you but buyer pays shipping fees. KUDOS Please leave feedback and I will do the same for you. BATTING FIRST.... Marvel Team-Up #1 Spider-Man and The Human Torch! $50 $45 SOLD VIA PM 6.0 Great Book! Centering looks great, minor rust spot on each staple tough to see, spine roll and color breaks. NO edge tears
  17. Hello All, For sale, I have: Sold to Omegadepot Incredible Hulk 1, 1962, CGC 2.5 Universal, UK Edition, C/OW pages; awaiting Certification Number and picture...once they come back, I will post them. Price: $7,495 PayPal/Shipped in the US; if outside of the US, please contact me. **I am open to offers and, if Check or MO is your preferred method of payment, just let me know.** Shipping: USPS Priority Express Shipping, with Signature Confirmation **Please see below link for Grader's Notes and more pictures** An unconditional :takeit:, via PM or in the thread (timestamp will take the case of a thread/PM timestamp match, the thread will win it), will trump ANY negotiations My Kudos Thread: Hulk 1
  18. Plastic City Comic Con is in year 3, and this year is shaping up to be our best yet! Saturday 4/21/18, 10am - 6pm, in Fitchburg MA. Admission is just $5, kids 12 & under are free, free parking. This year's Plastic City comic book guest of honor is none other than JM Dematteis!! JM has written almost all of the major DC and Marvel icons-including memorable runs on Spider-Man including the classic "Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline. He was also noted as reviving the Justice League in the late 80's with Justice League international and Justice League Europe! His success in the comic book medium has led DeMatteis to work in both television (writing live action and animation) and movies (creating screenplays for Fox, Disney Feature Animation. He has written episodes of the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Ben 10, Justice League Unlimited, and Teen Titans Go, as well as the animated feature Batman vs. Robin. Current projects include DC's Scooby Apocalypse and the highly anticipated Constantine the animated series for the CW!
  19. Up for sale, nice looking copy of Batman 139 w/Off-White-White pages. Book recently slabbed and I had the book pressed. Conditions: -First in thread gets the book and trumps open PMs -Shipping included in price (USPS Priority Mail medium box) -US sales only (no international or Canada) -Personal check or Paypal accepted (cryptocurrencies not accepted ) -No returns -You like Batman, or Bat-Girl Price: $490
  20. Please see link to CAF here...offers welcome. thanks! Batman by Sienkiewicz
  21. Resurrected thread to sell some Batmen - some Mid grade KEYS and a Lowe grade lark that I don’t see all the time. Anyway... $5 shipping and always signature confirm. Will ship to Canada but buyer pays actual shipping. Paypal is preferred but money order are accepted too. Please, no buyers from the HOS or probation lists and as always the first thingy wins, and this superceeds any PM negotiations. Thank you for looking
  22. Hi everyone, If anyone in the group won the Detective Comics #526 panel page auction on eBay that ended earlier today, and would like to make a quick profit, please LMK. I was bidding on the page and thought I had an alert for the auction ending, but alas, I received no such alert. The page has sentimental value as it features the character my youngest daughter was named after -- Talia al Ghul! So LMK if you want to talk! thanks, Mike
  23. Signed By Heroes having a JUSTICE LEAGUE sale !!! Free Shipping for Domestic Shipping!! Tons of JUSTICE LEAGUE CGC SS comics, Signed Comics and other JUSTICE LEAGUE items for sale! List Below!! We have tons of other collectibles on the site as well!! Message me or PM if you have any questions!! ALL JUSTICE LEAGUE ITEMS
  24. I am in search of some original art from the Batman Hush era as well as anything I can find on The Walking Dead :-) I know that there's a ComicLink auction up for Batman 618 cover by Jim Lee, but any other help in this category would be appreciated. Thank you!
  25. 1st the rules: No Probies, No HOS's No refunds/returns Paypal is accepted !st wins & trumps Pm's Please PM with offers shipping for the US will be $5 unless the buyer wants to pay more for priority Batman Grendel devil’s riddle NM $5 batman holy terror NM $5 avengers 24 variant NM $5 batman in Barcelona NM $5 batman the order of the beasts NM $5 batman Golden Streets of Gotham NM $5 all new all different avengers annual 1 variant NM $5 avengers 257 VF $15 please feel free to make offers thanks for looking !