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Found 190 results

  1. A couple of lots

    Hi all, I'm about to offer a pair of lots as follows: Payment is money order or check (I DO NOT have Paypal; apologies in advance) in thread wins U.S. Only; as pricing is based on lot being shipped Priority in a USPS Medium flat rate box. Returns: Sure, just notify within three days of receipt, and ship them back in the same condition on your dime, unless I missed something.
  2. Before putting these on eBay I thought I would try on the boards here. Rules are fairly simple. in the thread trumps any and all negotiations that are taking place behind the scenes. I must have the item marked as sold before a PM deal is considered finalized and do not expect payment to be sent until it is marked sold. I know there's a lot of people who will prefer to remain anonymous on books like these, but I don't want any confusion if someone should claim in the thread. Now with that all said, standard rules apply. Probation List and Hall of Shame people need not bother. Graded books are what they are so there will be no refunds/exchanges etc. Payment plan possibly available if you have the right references and you agree to the terms I lay out. If interested in possibly doing a payment plan then by all means message me. I've done payment plans in the past on the boards and so far no one has missed a payment. Shipping inside the US included in the sale price. Outside the US I'll deduct the cost it would've been to ship inside the states and you pay the difference. Paypal preferred for payment, but check or money order a possibility, shipment will wait until checks/money orders have cleared. Now without further ado, let's see some books.
  3. My auctions are ending in less than 24 hours. I AM taking offers! My ebay page Thanks for looking.
  4. The simple rules... - 1st in the sales thread beats ANY agreement between parties via PM or elsewhere. It's fine if someone wants to post the " sign pending scan"... but realize if someone posts the sign after you without a "pending scan" notation, then their will trump yours. If someone posts in the sales thread in the time it takes me to mark it sold to you from your PM, you also will lose item. If you're really worried about losing the item, then you better post it here in the sales thread - Paypal only please. Your paypal address must be confirmed and I only ship to the confirmed address. - No probies, HOS or people who I choose not to sell to or those on my personal ignore list. - Payment required within three days after you are sent an invoice unless prior arrangements are made beforehand. After that, books are back up for sale. - Shipping will be Priority Mail boxed for USA domestic addresses at $15 up to three... probably have to add some on for more than that. I will cover the insurance. Of course, any unused shipping charges will be refunded back into your paypal account. PLEASE NOTE: Not currently shipping outside of the USA at this time. - Returns gladly accepted within 7 days of receipt of package at buyer's cost, no questions asked. Need to see how legit I am... here are 30+ pages of my kudos.
  5. At 9pm EST tonight we will begin accepting pre-orders for Shadow Batman #4 exclusive cover with art by Johnny Desjardins Three variants available: - Regular (limited to 500) - Black and White (limited to 200) and - Virgin (limited to 100) Prices will be offered at a pre-order discounted rate and will go up once the books are in hand in early January. This is one of the rarest Batman related variants offered for sale. For more information on how to purchase these awesome variants please visit after 9pm EST.
  6. Here are some comics for you today guys. A one day sale until tomorrow Tuesday around 5pm. Shipping: FREE in the US (No international shipping) Payment: PayPal only My Ebay: feedback of me as %100 seller since 2003 or for references and also you can see other books I have there for sale right now (cgc copies) First in the thread trumps all else. Feel free to drop any questions my way via PM or if you need more pics. I am not a professional grader please look at the pics thanks guys! Have a lot more comic books coming soon here and IG
  7. Got any breyfogle commissions you want to sell?
  8. Rules: No sales to Hall of Shame or Probation List offenders. All sales will be via Paypal Goods and Services. Listed sale prices already include any additional fees incurred on my end. Payment is expected within 48hrs of invoice being sent. After payment is received, I ship the next business day. Occasionally life may try to interfere, but you will be notified of any delays. The first person to claim the book in the thread by stating "I'll take it" (or similar) gets the book and trumps any PM's or offers. No returns for graded comics. Raw comics may be returned within 7 business days of initial delivery. The Books and Shipping: I have recently acquired 3 golden age books which are absolutely lovely, but don't fit in with my collection. Shipping is included in the asking price (in the USA) and I ship very securely with tracking, insurance and signature for receipt. Shipping internationally is possible (Canada: add $8 USD), just PM me with an address for a quote. References: While I am relatively new to the CGC board and don't have a kudos page, I have 100% positive feedback as a buyer/seller (99% of my sales are comics) over the last 12 months: Due to the migration of images between the CGC servers, I have also uploaded all photos here:
  9. Payment via paypal only. No HOS or Probies. For sale is an amazing copy of Amazing Spider-man 2 CGC 4.5 with Off White to White pages and Stan Lee signature and Cert number 1371221001 and also a Batman 251 CGC 9.0 with Off White to White Pages with Neal Adams and Denny O'neil signature and Cert number: 1430668005 Asm 2 Price: $1450 shipped. Batman 251 Price: $850 shipped. Dm me if have offers. NO PAYMENT PLANS. ONLY STRAIGHT BUY. Returns accepted within 15 days. First to say claim takes the comic. If more pictures are needed please request. DM ME IF INTERESTED.
  10. 1. First :takeit: in the thread trumps any PM conversations 2. Payment: Paypal + 3% only please 3. Sorry but shipping to the USA only. US shipping only 4. Shipping is $15.00 for CGC books unless included in price (insurance will be added) 4a Shipping for $10 for others 4b Shipping by request for Media Mail (cost+insurance for Raw). 5. Please ask for or about insurance. 6. Check KUDOS Satisfaction is guaranteed, if not happy, returns are accepted ONLY for RAW books, minus shipping. No HOS or Probation bidders
  11. 1. First in the thread trumps any PM conversations 2. Payment: Paypal + 3% only 3. Sorry but shipping to the USA only. US shipping only 4. Shipping is $15.00 for CGC books unless included in price (insurance will be added) 4a Shipping for $10 for others 4b Shipping by request for Media Mail (cost+insurance for Raw). 5. Please ask for or about insurance. 6. Check KUDOS Satisfaction is guaranteed, if not happy, returns are accepted ONLY for RAW books, minus shipping. No HOS or Probation bidders
  12. Have a bunch of nice looking raw comics up for auction on eBay that end this Sunday night 11/5...checkout the listings
  13. Hi all, As many fellow CAFers know by now, Victor Zsasz is one of my favorite Batman villains, so I'm thrilled to be able to add the key pages of his origin to my collection (as a companion of sorts to his first appearance pages): Jennifer Graves (more known for her work in the field of animation) and Wayne Faucher did an amazing, moody work on this incredible (and little known) origin tale, written by Zsasz's co-creator Alan Grant.
  14. We are having a sale on all artwork listed in Eddy Barrow's gallery!! Beginning NOVEMBER 1st, 2017, all art will be 25% off of the listed price! The sale will run until December 15th, 2017. Everything from Eddy's Superman art to his JLA, Nightwing, Earth 2, Teen Titans and Batman Detective original artwork is up for grabs. All sales must be paid in full and no payment plans are accepted, in order for the 25% off to apply. Take a look and feel free to send us a message with any questions that you have!
  15. Hello! I have listed my Avengers #85 which is the 1st appearance of Squadron Supreme and I have listed Brave and Bold #100! Check them out below if interested. Brave and Bold 100 - Avengers 85 -
  16. When do you know it's worth CGC grading a comic? I've recently started searching for valuable comics in garage sales, book stores, etc.. It's a very addicting hobby and I find myself wanting to send everything I find to CGC. If anyone has any suggestion or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
  17. [CLOSED] SA/BA Bat-Slabs

    Have a few Universal Detective and Batman slabs to offer up...grading has been pretty tight of late, and a few of these will bear witness. Shipping is at cost: USPS first class or priorty available (domestic). Will also ship first class international worldwide. I accept PayPal, Check, or Money Order No HOS buyers trumps PM's Detective Comics #330 CGC Universal 8.5 OW pages - $75 NM eye-appeal for an 8.5
  18. Looking to buy pages from Batman: HUSH and Batman: The Long Halloween. Primarily looking for a cover, splash, or DPS, but will definitely consider pages as well. Yes, I’m familiar with steep prices and will offer accordingly. HUSH: Offering 30-35+ for the better splashes and 35-45ish for covers. Open to buying straight-out, or if necessary doing trade or cash + trade, but would prefer straight cash. My CAF is Offering a finder’s fee of 5%, which can be fairly hefty on some pieces. PM me.
  19. DOOMSDAY vs Batman Detective Comics Art for Sale! $250 Allentown, PA Newest Detective Comics art from issue #966 has been posted for sale. This issue features Batman and Red Robin going up against the monster that killed Superman. Yeah, it is a bit crazy.
  20. Ok gang...some nice runs/lots at (hopefully) nice prices. Shipping is $13.60 usps priority med flat rate. Will of course combine shipping when possible. Canada ok too. Paypal or check/mo. PM with questions. 1st wins...but offers welcome. No HOSers please. 1st up... BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #1-55 COMPLETE RUN, ANNUAL #1-5 NM #1-2 ARE SIGNED BY BRIAN STILLFREEZE $25
  21. Hi guys! Looking to buy Batman 181 1st poison ivy Grade 4.0 up to 8.5 on my budget. Have samples of what I buy/own on my instagram let me know what you have (also in need of batman 65,121,139,251) and joker covers thanks! Pablo IG: @Dreamtoreal1
  22. Ebay items for sale Tale of the Teen Titans #44, SHAZAM! Bronze Age, and DC Rebirth #1's for SALE! - Links Below! TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #44 CGC 9.4 NM 1ST first Appearance NIGHTWING DC Comics SHAZAM! Original Captain Marvel #4 8 9 25 first appearance of Isis, Black Adam SHAZAM! Original Captain Marvel DC Treasury Limited Collector Edition #C-21 VF+ SHAZAM! The Original Captain Marvel #2 3 4 7 - 4 comic lot Bronze Age DC Comics The FLASH #1 Variant DC Universe Rebirth NM+ Justice League Movie Warner Bros. DC Universe Rebirth Variant #1 NM Batman Supergirl Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 8-comic lot Ebay seller profile: uncannyalexg
  23. Hey Boardies! I've got a bit of an eclectic mix for your consideration tonight. I'll be listing some low-grade showcase keys (8,13,14,30, maybe 23 + 24), an upper-mid grade showcase key, bronze bat, House of secrets, tales of the unexpected, maybe strange tales, an early all-star comics predating the justice society (50-50 chance for a guess), a low grade spidey key, low grade FF keys, golden Archie/Pep, some big fat 80 page giants, and more! Nothing huge, but definitely some cool books. I've got about 50-100 books and they'll all be listed tonight starting at 9 EST. So, stick around! Typical Rules. in the thread trumps any PM negotiations. Shipping: $7 for any amount of books. Books will be shipped extremely safely. International Please PM. Returns: I will accept returns within 3 days of receipt. You pay return shipping unless I screwed up. Payment: Paypal None from the naughty list. EVERY BOOK IN THE THREAD IS NOW 25% OFF EXCLUDING BAB 60 WHICH IS 10% OFF AND THE SHOWCASES WHICH ARE 15% OFF. RECAP: Page 1 Fantastic Four 35 $15 37 $17 45 $70 (1st inhumans) 50 $30 Page 2 Tales of the Unexpected 79 $25 80 $15 82 $15 House of Secrets 63 $10 65 $10 The Brave and the Bold 74 $8 80-page giant 2 $25 Page 3 80- page giant 10 $10 14 $12 15 $15 War annual $8 Charlton lot 3 issues $21 The Brave and the Bold 60 $300 (1st Donna Troy. Nice Shape!) **10% OFF** Batman 201 $30 204 $12 205 $20 223 $17 Page 4 Batman 246 $8 85 $95 (joker story) Showcase **ALL ARE 15% OFF!** 8 $195 (2nd Flash) 13 $175 (3rd Flash) 14 $50 30 $225 (1st SA Aquaman)
  24. I have quite a few pages and commissions up for sale and auction on ebay: My ebay page Included are Batman and Robin covers and splash pages, commissions by Jae Lee, and interiors from Batman INC