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Found 43 results

  1. Normal Apply: No probies or Bad-List B-Holes 1st unconditional takes it, but PM's & offers are welcome Priority shipping (including signature confirmation) is covered by me to anywhere in the U.S. (international buyers PM for pricing) insurance will be added as necessary. I accept paypal, check, money order, or any other reasonable form of payment (no magic beans please ) Returns are 100% accepted 100% of the time, no matter the reason! My ebay handle is topcitycomics....I have 1800 feedback on there and my kudos thread is below! Thanks fer lookin!!!
  2. trumps any pms. Shipping, insurance and signature confirmation are included in the U.S., outside of the U.S. shipping charges will apply. I will not ship an item where delivery confirmation is not available. No returns on 3rd party graded books. Preferred methods of payments are Cashier`s Check, Money Order & Personal Check. (Checks must clear before shipping). Paypal is also accepted. No probation or Hos members For those of you who are not familiar with me I have over 34,300 feedbacks on ebay, my user i.d. is cbcnow. Some of my references here on the boards are: Primetime, MrBedrock, G.A.tor & Filter81 Please View My Feedback/Kudos Page: Kudos/Feedback $4495 $3995 Closed Moving To Ebay Marvel Mystery Comics #68 Cgc 9.2 Ow/w Pages Gorgeous Book!
  3. Hello, I have for sale this comic
  4. Please let me know your grade estimates for this. Solid mid grade with a chunk out of the lower back corner. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.
  5. michael46and2

    Key Marvel CGC books!

    Hello, this is my first time selling to the CGC boards, so I hope I’m doing this right. I have a few nice CGC Marvel keys up for sale. X-Men 101 CGC 9.2 - $550 Fantastic Four 52 CGC 6.0 - SOLD Marvel Feature 1 CGC 9.2 signed by Neal Adams - $600 X-Factor 6 CGC 9.6 signed by Stan Lee - $210 Avengers 57 CGC 7.5 signed by Stan Lee - $800 Rules: 1) First  sign (by timestamp) in the thread or via PM is the winner. I am happy to receive PMs about the book but an unconditional will be given precedence over ongoing negotiations. 2) Payments - PayPal 3) Shipping is $13.95 for 2-day Priority shopping to US only.  4) Under no circumstances are HOS, Probies, or shady type people allowed to purchase.  5) I don’t have any kudos on here yet, but feel free to checkout my eBay profile “michael.462”, I have sold several comics there and have had nothing but satisfied buyers.
  6. Standard rules apply. No HOS or Pros please. First gets the book! This trumps previous negotiations unless both parties have come to an agreement, at which time I will close the book. I accept checks, money orders, or PP. PP should be paid within 48 hours. I will ship the book as soon as the check clears. I always allow a 14 days no questions asked return policy, so long as the book is returned in the same case and condition it was sent in. Free shipping! I ship USPS priority mail. Shipping is to US only. I am open to trades. I can send more pics upon request. Please PM me with any questions. Here is my Kudos Thread: Up for sale today is Fantastic Four #52, the first appearance of The Black Panther! This copy is signed by Stan Lee and is graded 8.5. Asking $3,500
  7. Hello, I would like to get a copy of Black Black Panther CGC 9.8
  8. Please reference in the thread. Overrides Any & All ongoing PM Negotiations. RULES: No HOS or Probation List SHIPPING: US $15 and Canada $25 through priority mail with tracking and signature confirmation. I will ship within 1 to 3 business days excluding weekends. Combine Shipping Available! PAYMENT: Within 3 Days unless arranged via PM and PayPal is Preferred. OFFERS: Pricing is firm but will listen to reasonable offers by PM......Please note that in the thread wins first purchase! No Trade offers! RETURN POLICY: No returns on CGC graded books. QUESTIONS: Do not hesitate to PM me.
  9. All lower grades. $0.99 start, no-reserve auctions. Ending Saturday 5/12
  10. $0.99 starting bids. Thanks for looking! Fantastic Four #10 Black Panther #1 X-Men #95
  11. Usual rules apply No probation or HOS listed Price includes shipping within US. in thread trumps any on going PM... (...unless I have agreed to a PM and wasn't able to update the page in time. In this case, I will post a screen shot of the timestamp of the agreement.) ********************************************************************************* Paypal preferred. ********************************************************************************** **INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - I'LL SPLIT COST OF SHIPPING** ***No returns on slabbed books but please contact me first on any dispute and I'll most likely work something out for you - this covers raw books too. ***
  12. WTB JA 5 and 6 HG preferably slabbed. paying GPA+ or fair market. Either way I won't low ball you or waste your time. Thx. cheers, TW
  13. I'm looking to sell my beautiful copy of Fantastic Four #52. It is graded 9.2 NM- with White pages by CGC. It is in the newer grading case which is in excellent condition. The book is currently listed as for sale on E-Bay under my ID, which is the same as my user name here on the CGC chat boards. I'm interested in a direct sale using PayPal, will entertain possible trades, or even combinations of both. In the case of books for trade, I am looking for : Werewolf By Night 32; Amazing Spider-man 121 and 129 all in a grade of 9.6 with White pages. My asking price is therefore negotiable, but please only send serious offers. If you are interested in acquiring the FF52, please send me a reply and we can discuss terms.
  14. Hi all, Was really excited about this new acquisition. Not it hand just yet but I couldn't wait to post it! Cover to the Jack Kirby Collector #41. Large art measuring 13 x 21- the largest image Kirby created of Black Panther. This piece hung at the Kirbys home for many years. Now it will hang in mine Thanks for looking!
  15. Looking for FF 52 CGC 7.5 or better. Please pm your price. Thank You!
  16. I thought everyone would like to see this article. If anyone is in Stark County, Canal Fulton tomorrow at The Toys Time Forgot. One owner 1963-1966 collection. Over 1000 Silver age books. Comics look VF/NM. Tons of 1st appearances.
  17. Hi all! We are a design team working on some weapon designs for Marvel’s sequel to Black Panther and wanted to ask the dedicated fans for some input! We want to make sure the clothing/weapons will be even more spectacular in the sequel. We do not know who we are designing the weapon for, so all options are on the table in terms of the weapon design. Do you mind if we ask some questions regarding your opinions about the Afro-futuristic designs in the first film? 1. How did the weapons, artwork, and tools in the first movies appeal to you? What did you like and NOT like? 2. Was the design true enough to the comic books for you? 3. What things in the movie do you want to see more of? 4. Is there a particular feature from any of the comic books that you’d like to see added to some of the weapons/costumes in upcoming movies? 5. How did the Afro-futuristic utopia of Wakanda appeal to you? What did you like and NOT like about the city design? 6. What aspects of the Black Panther universe do you want to see more of in future films?
  18. Good morning all, I recently threw my entire lot of Black Panther comics up on eBay, and was recommended by a friend who thought it would be good to share on the forum. Hoping these might get some good interest here! This is a complete 85 issue collection of Marvel's Black Panther from 1977 on up, four volumes, full runs. eBay listing is here (no reserve): Close to 100 hi-res photos are hosted on Imgur, here: Have attached a few of the photos to this post, but if you or a friend might be interested, please pass the word along. Always happy to answer questions and provide more photos upon request. Thanks! P.S. There's a lot more detail in the eBay listing. Didn't want to just copy/paste info so please read through the description. Again, full details in the original listing:
  19. lpsunburst


    These are all mid to high grade books, all are classics from the time when this was Marvel's most creative and prolific period. As a long time collector its hard to believe that the FF have slipped behind Spidey and in some cases other Silver or Bronze titles but it is what it is. beats any ongoing PM discussions, shipping in the US is via USPS Priority box $10 any quantity, International shipping will be actual cost. All other usual house rules apply. Additional scans upon request. Payment via Paypal preferred.
  20. Two quick silver-age keys, raw and un-pressed! No Pro's n' Ho's First in thread takes it. Open to PM offers but first in thread during PM'ing takes priority. PP only - Shipped in the US only - USPS Priority Mail. FF #52 5.0/6.0'ish C/OW Asking $500 ASM #129 5.0/6.0'ish OW/W Asking $500 SOLD (BC light color breaking crease just left of Evels right foot)
  21. Bought this from a guy in the parking lot of Circle k last night who said he needed some cash. Felt sorry for the guy so I got this one and several more. Can anyone tell me if it’s a signature series or possibly seen any like it.
  22. All items for sale High Grade BLACK PANTHER isues for sale, links below! BLACK PANTHER #2 + 3 HIGH GRADE - 1st Series 1977 Bronze Age Jack Kirby MARVEL BLACK PANTHER #4 + 5 HIGH GRADE BLACK PANTHER #6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 HIGH GRADE BLACK PANTHER #14 + 15 High Grade FINAL ISSUES Good luck and thanks for looking! ebay seller profile: uncannyalexg
  23. Title says it all Looking for a copy of Black Panther 1 from 1998 in 9.8 or NM/Mint 9.8 contender thank you!
  24. Standard rules apply. No HOS or Pros please. First gets the book! This trumps previous negotiations unless both parties have come to an agreement, at which time I will close the thread. I accept checks, money orders, or PP. PP should be paid within 48 hours. I will ship the book as soon as the check clears. I always allow a 14 days no questions asked return policy, so long as the book is returned in the same case and condition is was sent in. Free shipping! I ship USPS priority mail. I can send more pics upon request. Please PM me with any questions. I am selling off three copies of Fantastic four #52, the first appearance of the Black Panther! The movie comes out this Friday and I can not wait to go back to Wakanda! Can you? 6.5 Signed by Stan Lee $825 Sold via PM 7.5 $1,050 8.5 Signed by Stan Lee $3,400