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Found 20 results

  1. FOR SALE SHAZAM #1 CGC 9.6 WHITE PAGES Movie Coming !! Get it now before prices start to take off ! GPA LAST SALE - $250 MY ASKING PRICE - $215 "I'll take it" trumps any offers and negotiations Shipping to be determined based on location PayPal or local pick up in Ottawa, Canada. Would consider trade for WOLVERINE 1 LIMITED SERIES CGC 9.8 WHITE PAGES PM ANY OFFERS OR QUESTIONS
  2. Just shy of a dozen slabs to offer up today. The rules: I accept first unconditional via post or PM post here in the thread, PM, text, email, phone call or smoke signal from comicdonna, timestamp wins. Payment due within 7 days unless arranged before "I'll Take It". I accept Paypal, checks, MOs(sorry no International money orders). Please do not edit "I'll Take It" posts or post "I'll Take It" unless you are going to complete the transaction. I'll accept returns within if item is not as described, undisclosed restoration within 30 days, no returns on slabs. No HOS or Probation list members please. Shipping in US $12 for 1st, $2 each additional slab unless noted, PM for international details. First up...
  3. I'm lowering the prices on the pieces that didn't move - check 'em out, if you'd like Same conditions apply. Some pages coming up for sale. New art may be added throughout the week, so stay tuned.personal checks, PayPal, Cashier's check or MO are welcome. If paying by PayPal, add 3%- no friends & family to circumvent fees. Unless otherwise specified, shipping is $25.00 CONUS, USPS signature required. Full insurance may cost more. Outside Continental USA, contact me via PM first and art will ship FedEx International. Art will ship sandwiched between 2 pieces of masonite. Buy it, make an offer via PM, or seals the deal and trumps ongoing PM's. Payment due within 7 days unless other arrangements have been made. Thanks for looking!
  4. Marvel Family 4 on eBay. A nice 8.0 Crowley copy with a cool Witch cover. Reasonably priced BIN, offers accepted, free shipping.
  5. Paypal payments/Check/ MO all fine, I may consider trades for other keys Batman 2 Coverless Complete C-OW $1000 Captain America 54 Coverless Off White Missing Centerfold $200 Captain America Comics #61 CGC 7.0 OW Red Skull $2500 Young Allies 4 CGC 6.5 Cr-OW $2500 Classic Red Skull cover story continued from Cap 16 Whiz Comics 20 CGC 7.0 $600 Zip Comics 3 Coverless OW-W $150 No returns on these unless there is a major issue or something I missed. Shipping in the US is included, outside the US contact me First gets it. Ebay id is jgallo and I can provide references if needed. Thanks James G
  6. Opinions appreciated. Has a couple pressable dings on the cover... but they dont break color
  7. Collection Sell Off (7 Day Auctions Ending Sunday, February 18th!) I have listed many comics up for sale as well as some runs of books. it is a mix mostly newer but I have some CGC books and Runs Trusted Seller (100% Feedback) Ms. Marvel CGC 9.6 1 Blue Label 1977 series (1st Carol as Ms. Marvel) 2013 Harley Quinn 2013 (0-30)---(34 Issues Total) Merc With a Mouth 7 Deadpool (1st Lady Deadpool) CGC 9.6 Blue Supergirl 2005 Complete Run (0-67 plus extras)---(70 Issues Total) All New Marvel Point One (CGC 9.6 1st full Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel) 2017 Deadpool Versus The Punisher 1-5 Wade Wilson Frank Castle (5 Issues Total) Batgirl 2016 Complete Run DC Comics Rebirth 1-17 + Annual 1 (18 Issues Total) Batgirl Birds of Prey 2016 Complete Run Rebirth DC Comics (17 Issues Total) DC Comics Super Powers 1-6 Complete Run Wonder Woman Batman Superman Flash (6 Issues Total) Marvel Comics 2016 Slapstick 1-6 Complete Run Deadpool Clown (6 Issues Total)
  8. Four Guys and a Comic

    Captain Marvel Hostess Ads

  9. This is a qualified copy. I acquired the cover from a boardie and I just recently found a coverless copy on eBay. Im thinking about sending it to cgc for presentation purposes and I'm wondering what qualified grade I might expect if I pop the coverless book into the cover. Any ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello! I have listed two of my CGC books on eBay starting at .99 cents. Avengers 125 CGC 9.4 OWW, first Thanos/Avengers crossover, and Captain Marvel 26 CGC 9.0 OWW, first Thanos cover and first appearance of Death. (Avengers 125) (Captain Marvel 26)
  11. Mxwll Smrt


    Hi Everyone, The usual stuff.... No HOS or Probies or .... Payment by Paypal, Check or M.O. (within a few days unless discussed and agreed upon). You cover the Paypal fee. Shipping in the US is USPS Priority + Insurance. Int'l please pm me, as I''ll need to figure out a price. PM's and all offers are welcome, but the 1st in the thread wins and trumps any pm's. No returns on CGC items. I will accept returns on books only if I've been negligible in my description or have missed a major defect which totally devalues the purchase.
  12. Looking for a copy in 8.5/9.0 Raw.
  13. Mostly Marvel: keys, minor keys and a few run issues in nicer shape. Returns - 2 weeks from receipt, no limit on undisclosed restored. Payment - payal great, m.o./checks (take 3% off) Thread ‘take’ wins, except nobody on any lists. I’ll check PMs periodically, but first priority is updating thread to mark sold. Thank you in advance for buys, I won’t quote ‘takes’, please don’t edit takes w/o shooting me a note first. Nothing was pressed unless I mention it might have been. In this age of pressing I do my best to avoid the trap of ignoring pressable defects as if not there (like grading from scans alone). Ship slabs $12 unlimited. Ship raw - box Priority $7 for one book, $10 for two or more. I’ve added a cheap alternative: gemini mailer $4 for 1-10 books (up to 1 lb., or ~4 regular-sized, travels first class, 5-10 travel at book rate/media mail) In town no charge for local pickup, I own Tip Top Café and a few Las Palapas we can meet up at Ship Canada at Cost, email address and I'll try to figure what it costs up to 1 lb (4 standard-sized issues at most). I use same name at ebay "grebal" - Gregory Balitsos Link OTHER: For over a decade I’ve been a ‘box-only’ guy, but these mailers are pretty good (see pic) for up to around 10 regular-sized books. Also note I use a layer of bubble wrap in mailer for up to around 6 books.
  14. LDarkseid1

    Captain Marvel Club

    I'm not sure if someone has made a thread dedicated to Captain Marvel, but if so I couldn't find it. So figured I'd start one until told differently for people to share there's. Here's my three copies with more to come. -Whiz Comics #47 CGC 9.4 (Crowley Pedigree), 2nd highest graded with only 11 unrestored on the census. -Whiz Comics #67 CGC 9.4 (Crowley Pedigree/File Copy), 2nd highest graded with only 13 unrestored on the census. -Whiz Comics #69 CGC 9.4, 2nd highest graded with only 45 unrestored on the census.
  15. Haven't sold here in a long time, but need some money after buying a grail and other comic shows are on the horizon. Some rules: This trumps everything. All PMs will be considered and replied to in order. I prefer paypal or money orders. Checks will take 7-10 days to clear before shipment. I can ship 1-3 raw books first class or Priority Mail for $6 east of the Pacific time zone and $10 for Pacific time zone. I can also ship up to 10 books in a USPS box for $12. Any more than that can be shipped Priority Mail or media mail at a USPS estimate. Check with me first if you want to ship outside the U.S. and I'll find a price for you. If you live in an area where the delivered shipment may not be secure (apartment mailboxes, etc.), I recommend paying for certified mail and signing for the package. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the books in the same shape as they were sent and I will give a refund with shipping. Please no probationers.
  16. 463 high grade sub-$100 CGCs up for auction this Mon, Tue, Wed night starting at 8-9pm each night. Mostly 1970s-early 80s. This is the last bit of my first 2,000 slabs pulled from storage. Once these sell, the next locker gets scanned. Check out my store on ebay under the handle CLOAK-COM. All books listed below recent GPA trading averages. Amazing Spider Man, Avengers, Batman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Conan, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Flash, Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Submariner, Thor, Wolverine, X-men, Marvel Team Up, Marvel Premiere, Marvel Feature, Marvel Two-in-One, Marvel Tales, John Carter, Doctor Strange, Machine Man, Ka-Zar, Marvel Super-Heroes, Micronauts, Master of Kung Fu, Moon Knight, Nova, Power Man, Star Wars, Tomb of Dracula, What If, Warlock, She-Hulk, Tales to Astonish, Spider-Woman, Skull, Champions, Human Fly, Amazing Adventures.
  17. Walkin' Willie's Comix has some nice items on eBay right now - Click this link for more details! eBay Most Watched Item App at Walkin' Willie's Comix >>> Auctions Ending Sunday, 7/2/2017 <<<< Boy Comics Atomic Age Lot #1 - Four (4) Books! Boy Comics Atomic Age Lot #2 - Four (4) Books! Boy Comics Atomic Age Lot #3 - Five (5) Books! Captain Marvel Adventures #139 - Solid FINE! Atomic Age Crime Book Lot - Four (4) Books! Crime and Punishment / Crime Does Not Pay Lot - Six (6) Books! Daredevil #60 - 1950 - G/VG! Jumbo Comics #78 - Matt Baker Art - G/VG! Jumbo Comics #86 - Matt Baker Art - F/VF! Jumbo Comics #94 - Matt Baker Art - VG Minus! Jumbo Comics #102 - Matt Baker Art - VG/F! Jungle Comics #66 - VG/F! Jungle Comics #76 - FINE Minus! Jungle Comics #86 - VG Plus! Jungle Comics #92 - F/VF! Atomic Age Little-Bit-Of-Everything Lot - Eight (8) Books! Atomic Age Romance Lot - All Photo or Painted Covers - Seven (7) Books! Rocky Lane Western Lot - Six (6) Books! Atomic Age Western Lot #1 - 7 Fawcett, 1 Charlton - Eight (8) Books! Atomic Age Western Lot #2 - Prize Comics Western, Tex Granger - Six (6) Books! Atomic Age Western Lot #3 - Tim Holt, Wild Bill Hickcock - Five (5) Books! Detective Comics #305 - G/VG! Fantastic Four #14 - VG Plus! Fantastic Four #21 - 1st Hate-Monger - VG Minus! Fantastic Four #28 - The X-Men - GOOD! Hawkman #2 - VF Minus! Strange Tales #102 - GOOD Minus! Wonder Woman #178 - 1st New Wonder Woman - Solid VG! Wonder Woman #183 - Solid FINE! Wonder Woman #184 - Solid FINE! Wonder Woman #187 - Solid VG! Wonder Woman #188 - Bondage Cover - F/VF! Wonder Woman #189 - Solid VG! Good Luck and Thanks for looking - even more listed at the link at top!
  18. Hi Forum Collectors. This is my first post ever in the CGC Forum. Trying something new. Ebay fees stink, I've had very little luck on Facebook, and I dont think my stuff is rare enough for Comic Connect. Prices will include shipping. I like to ship with Fedex as I have had to many issues with USPS. I will combine shipping if you get more than one book. I have a FB page MistressofMayhemComics, please take a peak and like my page. I have a website as well. Paypal Only. First to pay wins it. (I have learned this the hard way) Super Sons #1 ECCC Gold Foil $100 Shipped CGC 9.6 Black Panther #1 $135 Shipped CGC 9.0 Hulk #377 Third Print HTF $310 Shipped. Only 18 Higher in the Census. CGC 9.4 Eternal Warrior #4 $65 Shipped CGC 9.4 RAI #0 $70 Shipped CGC 9.4
  19. High Grade Silver Age Marvel For Sale, Daredevil, Iron Man, X-Men, Captain Marvel, and Tales to Astonish No probies or HOSers. First I'll take it or I'll take it via PM in thread wins. PM offers and questions are welcome as well. US Shipping will be $7.00 for raws, $12.00 for slabs, $1.00 per additional book. All books will be shipped via Priority Mail. I may be willing to ship elsewhere at exact cost. No returns on slabs. If there's a problem with a raw book, message me within 5 days of receipt and we'll work something out. PayPal preferred method of payment, but contact me if you want to suggest something else. Up for sale will be almost exclusively high grade issues of the titles in the subject line. These are runs that I had started to compile in higher grades, but the day has come when I realize I won't complete them- most will be for sale significantly lower than what I've got into them. The money will be well spent on closing costs for first home purchase, and probably a key issue or two. No mega keys, but there certainly will be keys and first appearances. The highlight is probably the single digit Daredevils- they were part of an original owner collection, which includes two copies of #4. The lower of the two was probably the lowest of all the single digits; after a trip to ccs it came back an 8.5. The Daredevils are the closest to complete of any of the issues with just under half of the first 60 issues. I'm going to start with a couple low grade Daredevils, then Tales to Astonish, Captain Marvel, and X-Men (only a few of each of these). If I have time I'll get the Iron Man's up as well, if not, they'll go up with the higher grade Daredevil tomorrow. Thanks for the look!
  20. Taking the family on a vacation in a couple weeks so thought I would offer a couple really nice books up for sale. Flash #148 CGC 9.6 White pages SOLD I don't know the pressing history of the Flash 148, but I don't think it was (pressed). No HOS or Probation list members. All forms of payment accepted. PayPal is okay, but check and money orders are preferred. First or agreement (via PM or in the thread) takes the book. Shipping will be via USPS Priority and at the exact cost. No returns on CGC books. Raw books may be returned if I’m notified within 5 days of delivery and books are returned within 2 weeks. No refunds on shipping costs. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.