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Found 4 results

  1. Hey All! We're going to do a week before the Superbowl Sales Thread starting today and likely running all week. We'll do recaps every FIVE pages or so because we have a pretty huge pile of books to get through. Some good stuff, some mediocre stuff but there will be a LOT of books in the $1-$5 range as well as some nice Silver and Bronze books and maybe even a Golden Age book or two. We will be mixing in some vintage and newish toys and collectibles to keep it interesting and mostly-- we want to have some fun. The we is Andy, Joe and Adam Fish-- we sell under the eBay name RoboPicto and we have a Kudos thread here on the ol' boards. Some rules 1- No HOS or Probation Folks. 2- We are honest sellers, be honest buyers. Returns are acceptable if you think something isn't right-- but you pick up the return shipping, it must come back within 14 days and you must notify us within 3 of getting it before you return it and it must be in the same condition as we sent it out. 3-Domestic Shipping inside the 48 States will be $4.50 as a base and then multiples of that as you buy more books. But here's the deal-- we charge only what it costs to ship so you aren't paying any handling fees. Shipping has gotten a little expensive especially if you're on the West Coast (we are on the East Coast). We strongly suggest using PRIORITY MAIL because it gets to you fast and safe and you long forget about what you spent on shipping as you're awash in happy comic books, but if you want to go cheaper we can do that. Media mail don't work for comics kids, because there is advertising in it, but you've got the first class option up to 15 or so oz and Parcel Post if you're really hoping to save some dough and you're not in a hurry to get your books. 4- International Shipping (and this includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) is more expensive. How much more? I dunno. But since we only charge what it costs to ship you're paying what it is. That's the best I can do. 5- Payment by Paypal, Personal Check (must clear first) or Postal Money Order are all acceptable forms of payment. Payment within 3 days of the invoice is requested but if you run up a large total and need more time that's something we'll happily talk about. 6- A TAKE IT trumps any negotiations by PM. 7- We'll do recaps every 5 pages to keep it easy to shop-- as said this is a pretty large lot of books and potentially could run several dozen pages. 8- Sale will start Sunday Jan 28th around 5pm Eastern time and we'll spread it out over a few days but we'll let you know in advance which days. 9- While we're happy to take PMs we don't check messages while we're posting so keep that in mind. We aren't going to be doing much discounting after post because whatever doesn't sell is going to move over to eBay (and we'll note that in the post). 10- Have fun, ask questions, stay tuned for some fun stuff, freebies for buyers, trivia, snacks and of course a musical number or two featuring the banana brothers.
  2. Comics Unlimited's eBay shop! I listed over 20 new auctions on eBay that include 1950s' crime comics, Jesse James (with double covers!), superhero Dracula, some sci-fi fare, and FANTASTIC FOUR #52 (1966) featuring the first appearance of THE BLACK PANTHER! All these auctions end on Sunday night, January 21, 2017. Some images below. Thanks!
  3. I have no idea exactly when I picked up these stickers. My guess was several years ago and probably on Ebay. There are a few different each of Dracula and Frankenstein. Looks like Gene Colan and possibly Mike Ploog? Stickers are made by FPI Leeds and has a phone number printed on them too. They measure about 3" on average. I wonder if these were offered in the small plastic capsules in gumball machines. I've seen some other stickers by FPI Leeds, but I can't find anything about these. Besides one of the Frankenstein stickers, I have like 4-10 extra of each of the others. I always buy stuff in lots if I can find them, especially cool vintage items. Anyone know anything about them? Value? Thanks. Forgot to mention there seems to be color variations on some of the Dracula stickers.
  4. 80% OFF!!! Bronze Age Horror FOR SALE - raw books: Dracula, Frankenstein, Fear, etc... Howdy fellow ghouls, I think I'm going to get a BRONZE HORROR thread going. I've been sitting on some redundant sets that could (should) go... It's looking like a full run of Tomb of Dracula, Monster of Frankenstein, Adventure into Fear, and some randoms... all raw of course! I'll try and get some listings up soon. It's looking to be about a full long box worth. Book prices in this thread should be pretty accessible to all, so lets have some fun... I mean, who doesn't like a good horror story? TERMS No HOS or probationary list members. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Returns are accepted within 10 days of receipt, shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The pictures are of the actual books being sold, so take a good look! I ship USPS Priority insured, and within the US only. I can comfortably fit 8 books in a mailer. Each shipped mailer costs $7.50. I pack extremely well... if you're a past customer, you know. For orders that exceed one mailer, I'll use a medium sized priority box, which will cost $14. Each books is sent in a Standard size Gerber Mylite 2 bags with a Gerber Full Back! I ship out each Saturday. I have done a ton of business on these boards, please make sure to check out my KUDOS THREAD!