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Found 53 results

  1. darksith

    Book Indent

    I picked up my copy of ASM #800 and i realized once i put in in a bag and board there was a small curve in the book leaving a hollow space. I'm sure it's just because it is a monster of a book, but wasn;t sure if anyone else's is like this.
  2. Hi guys i just bought my first cgc graded comic book but on receipt I can see a crack all the way along the top part of the case on the back. Is this a problem in terms of value? It’s an amazing Spider-Man 252 9.4 cgc grade. Do I need to get it re-cased? Any advice would be appreciated. This did not happen in transit as I can see only now it was in the photo on eBay (I’ve circled the crack in original sellers pic) the seller did not mention the crack though and apparently knew nothing of it as their partner took the photos. I have sent photo to seller and awaiting response as I say any further advice would be so useful. Thank you Che
  3. I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I recently got back into the collecting game and got some good ideas on learning how to assess the quality of comics from another post. One suggestion I received was to review graded comics listed at Heritage Comics. I'm not comfortable yet with assessing quality based on a picture. However, I've been buying comics from MyComicShop and Midtown Comics and trying to guess at the grade before I look at the label attached to the bag. Admittedly, this is going to give me exposure primarily to FN to NM comics since I'm not really buying lower quality. My question is: what is the community's experience with either or both seller's grading? Are they both pretty accurate? Is one better than the other? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hey, this is my first post on here and i'm quite new, anyways i just wanted to ask about a issue i am having being that i collect The Walking Dead single issues and i am finding that brand new without even being opened it gets spine creases, i take immense care and store them as best as possible. Is this something that happens with this series or what .... im dont really know. Anyway any help would be appreciated if possible !!
  5. SoCalNacho

    Grading Questions

    What does "Universal" and "Qualified" mean when comics are graded? Thanks.
  6. jbnorthstar

    Original Art

    Hey everyone, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but i've heard that CGC can either grade or certify original comic book art ? Anyone know if this is true ? I have many pieces that i would like to certify ( not sure if they can be graded but if so, then great ). And if not, anyone know if this service is offered by anyone at all ? Thanks Jack
  7. I apologize if this question has been asked and answered before. I did a search of the boards, but couldn't find anything. After years of ignoring my comic books, my son recently got me interested in collecting again. I'm now trying to fill in the gaps in my collection, but I don't have the hang of judging the quality of what I'm looking at. I don't want to over pay for a book because I can't tell that it is in Good condition, rather than Fine. I've found some general descriptions of the defects that might affect the quality of a book, and I get the obvious ones. For example, I can tell when there is a tear in the cover. What I'm lost on is more subjective things like how sharp corners must be to get an 8.0 versus a 7.5, or how does the position of the staple in the spine affect the grade/quality, or, hypothetically, how long a tear can be before it moves a book from a 4.0 to a 2.0. Is there a book or web site out there that explains grading and quality in simple terms for an inexperienced collector and has pictures of defects that help understand what affects quality? Thanks for your help.
  8. I just purchased Infinity Gauntlet 1-6 on eBay and having received them today, I am afraid I may have been misinformed as to the condition of the comics. The seller description claimed that these comics were "near mint," and as "close to mint" as possible, considering the age of the comics. I wasn't under the impression that these would be in pristine, mint condition, but the spinal wear on about half of the comics is considerable, i.e. it is noticeable at first glance, and although I am not a professional grader, I would consider this to be significant. So my question is, what would "significant" or "considerable" spinal wear amount to in your opinions for comics of this age, and how detrimental might this be with regard to the value of these comics? Thank you in advance for your insights.
  9. Hello, I am very new to this and I am just on this site for my first time so bare with me. I have an akira vol 1 #38 that I believe to be mint and I want to send it in to be graded. How does the Process work as far as payment. Do you pay them afterword or before hand? Thanks
  10. I'm new to the notion of professional grading, though I've collected comics for years (with a several-decade hiatus). I recently meet my childhood hero Stan Lee and got a few books graded for the first time. Aside from the general shock that came with not being able to remotely guess the grades (Tales to Astonish 170 came in at 9.4 when best I thought might be 7, Daredevil 3 that I swore might be 6.5 that came in at 4.0, etc.; though some were more or less as expected). Glad that as a kid I bought and held that newsstand Secret Wars 8 for a buck and kept it in good shape…too bad I sold ASM 300, X-men 3, and Iron Fist #14 (or whatever the issue is with Sabertooth…). Live and learn… My biggest shock and disappointment was Journey Into Mystery 93 that I would have bet money on being in the 7-8 range. Staples intact, corners remarkably squared, small Marvel chip out of the top, solid cover with good gloss, no water damage, no torn or missing pages, no color breaking creases, so subscription crease, and a solid spine (not really any creases--reading or at the staples--showing that I could see), aside from a little bit of brittleness at the edge near the crease that may have given a 1/4" spine split at the bottom. It just looks sharp--maybe read once or twice and carefully put away. When I got the book back, it graded at a 1.8. Only thing it said was "Tan to Off-White Pages." I was really floored. Thinking it a 6 and having it grade a 4…I'll call that a learning opportunity on the strictness of grades. But legitimately expecting 7-8, and saying "4-5 I'll be upset, but can probably figure it out," and having it come back 1.8…I am still trying to figure it out. Does "Tan" anywhere in the description automatically drop a book to the G range? To be fair, it came back with a small tear in the upper right front, about 3/4" that I hadn't noticed before. Even then, two small tears (cumulatively maybe just over an inch) and a chip I would have thought at LEAST a 6. given how well the book presents. So going forward, do I need to remember that any "Tan to Off-White" book will be sharply downgraded? Heck, my son's ASM 13 which presents far worse (bigger chunks out of the cover) came in at a 3.0 (had off-white pages though). I had serval other classic silver age books I'd have done instead if I thought this one would have been so bad. Given how spendy signatures and grading can be, I'm trying to 1) calibrate my expectations of how things grade; 2) figure out what the less-well-known (to me anyway) grade killers are so I can avoid them going forward; and 3) figure out of CGC or other companies have reputations as being more capricious than other companies (I know it's an art, not a science). I have a nice 3rd appearance of Iron Man that is all intact and presents quite nicely, but I'd not waste money getting signed since the pages are more tan than the JIM book. Seems general "presentation" has no bearing on these books, though I have no idea what issues carry the most weight when grading. Anyone able to offer help to a guy that's new to the professional grading world? Thanks!
  11. combiner1

    Why do you slab??

    This being a CGC website.... I’m curious as to why people slab there books
  12. This is a complaint of sorts that I have been seeing with the books I have sent in for grading and the lack of grading notes to show how CGC has arrived at a grade. I have several silver age books that I have submitted myself or purchased of eBay. It seems like I will have two 8.5's that look entirely different in regards to condition. both are black along the spine so creases will be more visible and one will have several stress lines around the staples and the other won't and they will grade the same. As far as I can tell the one with no stress lines has no other significant blemish to offset nice spine compared to the other comic. I even have comics with stress lines along the spine that have graded higher than another book with no stress lines. Now don't get me started on Spectacular Spider-Man #1. I have over 50 copies ranging from 6.5 to 9.8 and the grading is so off the chart. there are 8.5 that are in better condition than 9.2's it seems it just whomever happens to get thew comic across their desk that does the grading. Is the grading been standardized at all? Do they use computer scans to get a better grade or is it all human and subjective?
  13. My collection is all modern age comics from the late 80's to early 2000's. They are all bagged, boarded and in boxes. I have an excel file listing titles, quantity and my cost (most of them were bought direct from Westfield Comics) along with a current Overstreet Price guide value. I'm not really interested in selling any at the moment, but am trying to gauge what a good cut-off value would be to have sent in for grading. I realize that it is subjective for each person, so I'm looking to see what others have done in the same situation. For example I have half a dozen that show of value over $100. Would anyone go lower than that, like down to $50 ? Or how about a run of 3-4 issues together that value out over $100 ? Thanks for taking the time to answer!
  14. So I know this has kind of been asked many times before, but I have to ask again. I will be sending in 25 or so moderns for prescreen. I have some variant books in there, but most are regular covers. Im keeping a lot of them but selling some. Anyone have trouble selling 9.6s slabbed for $15 if they end up 9.6s? Looking for opinions. It seems like the most Ill lose on a 9.6 is $5 either way and any variants should at worst break even slabbed at 9.6. Plus its probably easier to sell a slabbed book. Am I correct in this or should I prescreen 9.8? Any input would be appreciated. Oh and 2 more questions. Will CGC let me know which ones are denied before grading or after? And when do they charge on a prescreen? Before or after grading?
  15. chadpdodge

    Value vs Modern grading tier

    Quick question. When it only gives you the option to select a Value grading tier during submission of a modern book: is that because the book is not entered into CGC's system yet. Do they not have any info on the submission and thus need to do some background on the book? Moreover, the processing of these are significantly more costly and submission times take much longer.
  16. JustJimN

    Grading at HA

    I have been looking at a number of the raw books sold by Heritage in their Sunday auctions. I would appreciate feedback as to the quality of their grading.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm going to be going to the NC comicon in November where Rob Liefeld is going to be signing. I'm trying to get two of my keys signed by him, and then graded but not sure how the witnessed signature grading works. Does anyone know how I can get it witnessed and submitted for grading?
  18. I was hoping someone on the boards had some experience with this situation. Basically,I have a copy of Marvel Super Heroes #8 Winter Special 1991 (1st Squirrel Girl) with UPC barcode sticker on the cover. The sticker is actually covering the direct edition artwork in the white box on the lower left corner of the cover, so it's actually where the UPC code would be if it were a news stand copy. Basically the book was a direct edition copy and a UPC sticker placed over the artwork. I've checked other examples as well as another copy I own, and the bar-code is the same one as other news stand copies (same number, same bars, etc). I'm assuming stickers were put on direct editions to make them available to be sold at news stands, super markets, etc. Anyway, this is something I've never ran into before and was hoping to get some info on what exactly it is and any opinions on it effecting grade. Thanks
  19. Hi there I guess i'm not so much a newbie but after a couple of decades of not collecting I have inherited a silver/bronze collection with several keys. This Fantastic Four #45 among them. Now I don't plan on sending this to be pressed, cleaned or graded, unless someone suggests otherwise. I have done alot of reading on grading, allowable defects etc. I wanted to know what your opinions are on the condition of this complete but rough copy All feedback is appreciated, please see photos.
  20. This book seems like a pretty solid 9.2 but I'm wondering if it might grade a bit higher or do the tiny corner defects hold it back. Cover gloss is perfect and the book is nice and flat.
  21. Interesting grading challenge. Book is in otherwise excellent condition. Great gloss, flat and tight. But it has two interesting defects. The biggest is a crescent tear at the upper left of the cover. Smaller is a tiny printing crease on the back cover. How would you grade this book?
  22. Hi There I have inherited a silver/bronze collection with several keys. This Fantastic Four #45 among them. Now I don't plan on sending this to be pressed, cleaned or graded, unless someone suggests otherwise. I have done alot of reading on grading, allowable defects etc. I wanted to know what your opinions are on the condition of this complete but rough copy All feedback is appreciated, please see photos.
  23. Hi there I guess i'm not so much a newbie but after a couple of decades of not collecting I have inherited a silver/bronze collection with several keys. This Fantastic Four #45 among them. Now I don't plan on sending this to be pressed, cleaned or graded, unless someone suggests otherwise. I have done alot of reading on grading, allowable defects etc. I wanted to know what your opinions are on the condition of this complete but rough copy All feedback is appreciated, please see photos.
  24. Hey! I have a copy of X-Men #94 in awesome shape, front and back in my opinion, aside from some oxidation in the bottom left corner ( see photos ) I wanted to gauge peoples opinion on how much it affects the grade All feedback is much appreciated! Thanks in advance
  25. Im wondering if the hurricane has caused any issues for grading turnaround time and did the offices do as a result of flooding etc ?