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  1. Hey everyone! Posting some books over the next couple days. The first few will be books that didn't sell from my previous thread at all new lower prices! The rest will be all new desirable Gold/Silver books. My Kudos Thread: Rules are as usual: First Wins, will always respond to PMs with reasonable offers on any of the books. All books are raw. Will try to post plenty of pictures as to clarify the grade as I am not a professional grader. Always want transparency with what you’ll be receiving and everyone to be satisfied! No HOS or problem boardies Payment: PayPal preferred or check (will shipped once cleared) Shipping: FREE USPS Priority with tracking and insurance for full amount of book. Returns: Will accept returns up to 3 days of receiving books for full refund. Buyer must pay return shipping. If you have any questions or concern don’t be afraid to reach out!
  2. Need to make some room for a couple of news ones, so I'll be adding some random books for sale today. Please no HOSers and probies. The first time stamped either in the thread or pm wins the book. Paypal is the preferred method of payment here. Shipping will be worked out once I get your address, but shipping from Canada is usually around 20-25.00 fully protected in a box. Please pm me with any questions, offers etc. that you might have.
  3. Man, it's HOT here in Michigan! Like, mid-nineties for three days hot. Bah. I'm going to while away the steamy hours by sitting in front of a box fan selling comics. I have about 75 books to list, and I'll be putting them up at odd hours, in between cooling off in the AC and drinking ice cold sodas and the occasional cocktail, LOL And yes, that includes the triumphant return of: Wait for it: The Early Bird Special! For tomorrow, at least. Horror, teen humor, 40's giveaways, odd ZD painted covers, and a mix of all ages and genres. Let's get started, shall we? DA RULEZ I'll put up a big scan of the FC, note anything else I spot, and as always, if you'd like a scan of the back cover I'll be happy to supply it. Shipping to USA preferred, but if you want something sent to Canada or overseas PM me and we'll work something out. :TAKEIT: rules the roost, but PM's, kibitzing, and general tomfoolery are welcome. $7 Priority flat shipping to the USA, one book or a stack. Canada or overseas to be determined. For the bargainminded I can ship one or two books First Class for $4 CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PREFERRED, I just plain out don't like paypal. If you just GOTTA pay with paypal PM me and we'll work something out. Returns for any reason on your dime, and for any missed major flaw or bad description on my dime. My Kudos thread: Here we go! Sparkie #1 And here's one of those painted Ziff Davis covers I was just prattling about. And this one is a twofer to boot, both FC and BC are painted, see the scans. Flat and tight, nice gloss, offwhite pages, just a bit of general wear. Asking $35 SOLD! FC BC
  4. Been a while since I have had a thread up so I thought I would do small thread of 5 or books. No returns on CGC books. Shipping is $15 total for slabs no matter the number. No Overseas at this time unless we chat first. No HOS or other bad people. Payment via Paypal unless other arrangement agreed upon prior to sale. I have been selling here and also on Ebay under the same ID X_Phile. I have done deals with many on the boards with no issues and also have 100% feedback on Ebay. In thread wins over any pm negotiations if it occurs prior to finalizing. If I missed anything let me know and I will edit. Trying to price fair but not a lot reference on some of these so if I am off please make me an offer. Thank you for looking
  5. I have for sale the original Vampirella #1, featuring the first appearance of Vampirella, graded 8.5 off-white/white pages by CGC. $800 shipped free via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority (depending on who has the best rates) with signature confirmation in the US; however Canadian shipping will be calculated based on actual cost. Paypal is preferred for both of our protection. I don't offer returns for changes of heart, but there should be no surprises. The slab will be well packaged and insured as well. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.
  6. These are my TOP 25 Golden Age precode horror books as of April 2018. What about you guys? Mister Mystery #12 Astonishing #4 Punch comics #12 Manhunt #14 Red seal comics #20 Crime does not pay #24 Roly Poly comics #14 Chamber of Chills #19 Dynamic comics #8 Tomb of Terror #16 Witches Tales #25 Weird Chills #1 Web of Evil #5 Spook #22 Chamber of Chills #23 Startling Terror Tales #11 This Magazine is Haunted #16 Tales of Horror #8 Beyond #27 Beware #10 Shock Suspenstories #6 Haunted Thrills #18 Out of the shadows #8 Ghost comics #2 Our flag comics #5 Not a fan of EC Comics but I would add Tales from the crypt #30 in spot #26 Tomb of Terror #15 and Black Cat Mystery #51 are classics but I would take them in spot #27 and #28 Those are my top 25
  7. Hey everybody! Have a great very scarce Atlas Horror book for sale here this go round. Here are MY KUDOS thread Rules are as usual: First gets the book! Trumps PMs. As always will listen to reasonable offers Payment: Paypal only Shipping: USPS Priority FREE Returns: No returns but as always will rectify any situations that come up!
  8. What an amazing and beautiful find I ran into by chance! The Dark Mysteries 19 is just beautiful and is in the 3-5 range as is... The Haunt of Fear 8 is damaged in the middle all the way through the book but does not affect anything and the cover is fully attached LMAO!!!!!
  9. Books still available for sale: Iron Man #55 SS Stan Lee - CGC 9.6 WH Amazing Spider-Man #31 - 6.0 OW Amazing Spider-Man #64 (Copy A) - 8.0 OW/WH Amazing Spider-Man #107 - 8.5 OW/WH Amazing Spider-Man #124 (Copy A) - 6.0 OW/WH Amazing Spider-Man #64 (Copy B) - 7.5 OW/WH Journey Into Mystery #97 - 5.0 OW Clearing out some under copies, duplicates etc. Its likely none of these have been cleaned or pressed and many of them can benefit from both! Rules: Payment by PayPal only. I will only ship to North America. Free First Class or USPS Priority Mail (Depending on weight) for US only. For my Canadian friends I will let you know the shipping total. First is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations. No probies or HOSers. Raw books can be returned within 7 days of receipt, no returns on slabs. Be sure to let me know prior to returning an item! Buyer pays return shipping. Offers are always welcome (and encouraged). If you have any questions send me a PM! JP My Kudos Thread
  10. What’s for Sale? A superb Dark Mysteries #18 CGC 5.0 with white pages. Who can buy? No selling to those on the probation list. Kudos: Payment: PayPal or check. Returns: No returns on CGC books. Shipping: Free shipping within the U.S. Comic will be sent Priority Mail. Shipping costs to Canada will be the difference in the cost from U.S. shipping and will be paid by the buyer. Winning: First unconditional in the thread gets it. Time stamp rules if multiple 's. An in the thread trumps any PM negotiations until the post has been updated as “Taken via PM”. Dark Mysteries #18 (CGC 5.0 with white pages) $985: Pre-Code Horror doesn’t get much better than the iconic Dark Mysteries run. In issue #18 we have a captivating cover with the skeletons, having been poisoned by the butcher’s beef, getting revenge by hanging him out to dry on a meat-hook with the rest of his carcasses. The outstanding artwork is by John D’Agostino, George Altman and A.C. Hollingsworth. Publication June 1954. This is a stunning cover for a 5.0. The colors for the artwork are just gorgeous. That black background looks solid with no fading. And to top it off, this book comes with the highly desired white pages. Thanks for looking.
  11. Hey hey everybody I have 3 books for sale and as a LOT only. USPS priority shipping is included. US sales only please. Payment Via PayPal. Would like payment within 24 hrs of the claim. Will accept returns within 3 days of you receiving them. You pay return shipping. Remember these are LOW grade and I have taken many photos to show condition, happy to provide more if you need. First to claim via any form of Take it wins. This includes PM’s, judged via time stamp. Buy all 3 for $100 shipped. Tomb of Terror 8 - I give this a grade of 4.0 conservatively. Everything is attached. Big color break crease vertically through entire cover.
  12. Two different issues of the pre-code horror classic The Thing! The Thing! #4 - Fago cover and art. Solid copy of this wonderful early Zombie cover. It has never been pressed, but would bump at least a grade if it were. FN/FN- , OW pages. $275.00 The Thing! #16 - Injury to eye panel. High grade copy with terrific sheen. Flat, square, and tight. It has never been pressed. VF, OW/W pages. $175.00 FREE shipping anywhere in continental USA or Canada, but willing to ship anywhere (please contact me for rates). First in the thread wins, and then has 24 hours to close the deal. If not, they next gets it etc. PM offers and questions are welcome as well. Payment via Paypal. If there's an issue contact me within 5 days of receipt and we'll sort something out. Thanks for looking!!
  13. I am looking for the prettiest X-Men 1, that I can find for about $10,000 . Ideally it would have an extra white cover. I do not want one where the cover is all yellowed. Cgc 5.0-7.5. mostly interested in how it presents more than the number. Also looking for a copy of Shock Suspenstories 6. Looking for something between cgc 4.0-8.0 Would like to find this one for around $1000. But I'd be happy to find a copy of this that I could afford. Tough book. As above, most important is a book that presents well. I've had a bunch of great transactions with people on the boards over the last few months. Hoping somebody can help to make my dreams come true. JL
  14. EBAY STORE I have a store on ebay - Top Rated Seller 100% positive feedback. Come check us out! New listings including Bronze-Age war - Our Army at War, G.I War, Weird War, Our Fighting Forces, Star Spangled War Stories and much more Bronze-Age Hulk Auctions Plus just in : Voltron #1 (1985, Modern) NM+ 1st appearance of Voltron in comics KEY HIGH GRADE Voltron #2 (1985, Modern) NM+, HIGH GRADE Voltron #3 (1985, Modern) NM+, HIGH GRADE Low priced CGCs on sale ALL BUY IT NOW comics have best offer. COMBINED SHIPPING and all raw comics come with brand new sleeves and boards. EBAY STORE
  15. Hello guys ! Happy Sunday Posting one book today. Maybe two if this one moves fast. Voodoo #7 (Ajax/Farrell 1953) VG+ 4.5 solid 7 copies in CGC Census. Pre-code Horror beauty with lots of skulls $455 Or best offer Shipping: FREE in the US (No international shipping) Payment: PayPal only (I would appreciate payment within the first 24 hours of claiming a book) My Ebay @unlimited-power75 feedback of me as %100 seller or Instagram @dreamtoreal1 for references also have a Kudos here First in the thread trumps all else. Feel free to drop any questions my way via PM or if you need more pics.
  16. A few books comin' Take it wins No returns Domestic included; int'l you $ Paypal only No kudos but you know me Make me an offer I can't refuse
  17. What’s for Sale? Pre-Code Horror gems. Unseen #15 CGC 7.0, Web of Mystery #16 CGC 8.0 Strange Tales #23 CGC 6.5. Who can buy? No selling to those on the probation list. Kudos: Payment: PayPal or check. Returns: No returns on CGC books. Shipping: Free shipping within the US. Comics will be sent Priority Mail. Shipping costs to Canada will be actual cost and paid by the buyer. Winning: First unconditional or “I’ll Take It” in the thread gets it. Time stamp rules if multiple s or “I’ll Take Its”. An “I’ll Take It” in the thread trumps any PM negotiations until the post has been updated as “Taken per PM”.
  18. Hi, I'll be offering up one book today. There may be more down the road. I've been given an opportunity to buy back a book I really regretted selling, so I need to let go of a couple to make room. Unfortunately this WTOF 2 will be the first one out the door. This is a superb copy that was bought on the boards several years ago. Looks very nice for the grade imo. No HOSers or probies. The first time stamped in the thread or PM wins the book. Please feel free to pm with any questions you may have of the book. I'll try to get a back cover scan up later today. Paypal accepted and shipping can be discussed after I know your address. It's usually about 20-25.00 boxed safely coming from Canada. Thanks for looking.
  19. Rules 1. "TAKE IT" in thread or PM supercedes any ongoing negotiations. 2. No HOS, no one on probation. 3. US priority mail shipping included in price. International bidders pay any additional cost. 4. Returns are fine within 5 days of delivery. 5. Payment via PayPal, other means... Pm first.
  20. What’s for Sale? A gorgeous L.B. Cole Spook #26 CGC 7.5 with off-white to white pages. Who can buy? No selling to those on the probation list. Kudos: Payment: PayPal or check. Returns: No returns on CGC books. Shipping: Free shipping within the US. Comics will be sent Priority Mail. Shipping costs to Canada will be actual cost and paid by the buyer. Winning: First unconditional or “I’ll Take It” in the thread gets it. Time stamp rules if multiple s or “I’ll Take Its”. An “I’ll Take It” in the thread trumps any PM negotiations until the post has been updated as “Taken via PM”.