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Found 18 results

  1. I'm looking to upgrade my registry set to CGC 9.6 or 9.8. On the AA #9, I'd be happy with anything above an 9.0 CGC. Willing to pay whatever you need for the right books. Here's some visual aids. As always, thanks, Paul~
  2. EBAY STORE Check out my store. I have plenty of raw comics for sale GOLDEN-MODERN AGE as well as CGCs. TOP RATED SELLER
  5. I just listed these this AM for local pick up only ,$500 CASH.. Thanks everyone
  6. Finally going through the stacks Ive bought,mostly for my sons collection (some for mine) and going to be listing a few doubles and in this case triples . I didnt realize that he already had 2 of this particular "first" issue of the Incredible Hulk 102 .. SOLD!!!!!!!!! mid grade NICE Fine condition 6.0 Asking $75 shipped securely in the USA First person with in thread or PM wins. Thank you,Jeff
  8. Hi there I guess i'm not so much a newbie but after a couple of decades of not collecting I have inherited a silver/bronze collection with several keys. This Fantastic Four #45 among them. Now I don't plan on sending this to be pressed, cleaned or graded, unless someone suggests otherwise. I have done alot of reading on grading, allowable defects etc. I wanted to know what your opinions are on the condition of this complete but rough copy All feedback is appreciated, please see photos.
  9. Looking to add this to my registry set. Interested in anything from CGC 9.0 to 9.8, but will certainly look at lesser copies. Paying GPA plus 10%. Thanks as always. Paul~
  10. Hi everyone! Little by little, in the next few days I will list what’s left of my Marvel SA/BA duplicates. Some will be relists at reduced prices, some will be new books. My Kudos thread is here. I try to grade books accurately but I’m not a professional, so if you have doubts feel free to ask me more details via PM. Rules: The first (icon or text) in thread wins. You can purchase by PM but at your own risk – I will go by time stamp. Shipping: I ship from Italy. Rates indicatively as follows (Zone 1 is Europe, Zone 2 is Americas, Asia and Africa, and Zone 3 Oceania). Airmail does not have a tracking number, so for more expensive purchases I recommend Registered (which is darn expensive, I know). Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Airmail / 1-2 bks: 8.00 11.00 16.50 USD Airmail / up to 8-10 bks: 9.00 15.00 19.50 USD Airmail / up to 15-20 bks: 15.00 25.50 30.00 USD Registered / 1-2 bks: 13.50 17.50 22.50 USD Registered / up to 8-12 bks: 18.00 25.00 33.50 USD Registered / up to 16-20 bks: 26.50 37.50 47.50 USD Return policy: I do not offer returns as it would be impractical cost-wise from here, but in the unfortunate case I missed something drastic (like a cut out page or ad) I will make sure to make you whole. Thanks for looking!
  11. CLOSED. PM if you're interested in anything. • $20 minimum order. • 1st unqualified or PM gets the book or books. • Shipping in the U.S. is $17.15 for one slab - but possibly less depending on your zip code or type of slab. • Other shipping will be at cost. • Orders over $200 add $2.45 to shipping for Signature Confirmation. • Raw books will be shipped USPS Priority mail at cost. • International shipping will be at cost and it's expensive. Canada is around $30 for 1 slab. 10 raw books to Canada is around $30. I’ll only ship USPS Priority internationally. • No probation listers or Hall of Shamers. • Boardies without long track records or unknown to me must provide solid references. • Checks or money orders only. (PayPal is ok if I know you or you have plenty of references.) • Payment required within 7 days of invoicing. • No returns on CGC books. Raw books may be returned if I’m notified within 5 days of delivery and books are returned within 2 weeks. No refunds on shipping costs. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.
  12. jevlnuts

    PGM FF 99

    PGM FF 99 Could use an expert opinion. My wife and I are in a heated debate over the books grade. Any insight helps, thanks.
  13. Just listing one book in this thread. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Payments: PayPal or Money Order accepted. Shipping: U.S. priority shipping is $12 for the first book, with a discount for multiples based upon exact shipping weight. Insurance will be included as part of the shipping cost. International orders will be charged exact shipping. Please contact me for a quote. Other: I will not sell to any Hall of Shamers or anyone on the Probation list. Return Policy: Returns accepted within 14 days of the sale date. Items must be return shipped in the same condition prior to refund. Please ask any questions before committing to buy.
  14. VENOM, X-23, Fantastic Four #45, signed/autographed comic lots and MORE! ~ Ebay auctions - End Sat, Sun and Mon 3/25-3/27 uncannyalexg profile X-23, Venom, Fantastic Four #45, and signed comics up for auction: links below: VENOM comic lots: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654 1st appearance of Agent VENOM / Flash - Dan Slott signed AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654.1 1st app of Agent VENOM Humberto Ramos/Dan Slott Signed SPIDER-MAN Special Edition #1: Trial Of Venom UNICEF Mail Away NM AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #375 Gold Foil Variant vs. VENOM new movie film NM VENOM #1 - first 1st PRINT Hip Hop and Action Figure Variants NM VENOM 10 comic lot Dark Origin #5, Amazing Spider-Man 332, Superior, X-23 +more X-23 / new Wolverine Laura Kinney lots NYX #4 CGC 9.8 X-23 / Laura Kinney 2nd Second Appearance Wolverine Logan Hulk #1 McGuinness Variant Cover NM Incredible Hulk 181 Homage Wolverine X-23 SIGNED COMICS: RAT QUEENS #1-16 + Special SIGNED Kurtis J Wiebe complete run comic lot IMAGE Comics DEATHSTROKE: THE TERMINATOR #1 signed by MICHAEL 'MIKE' ZECK w/ COA DC Comics STAR WARS #1 1:25 JOHN CASSADAY TEASER VARIANT COVER signed w/ COA MARVEL SPIDER-GWEN #1 first print NM Signed ROBBI RODRIGUEZ ECCC SPIDER-WOMAN STAR WARS #1 Mark Brooks Midtown Variant NM SIGNED JASON AARON w/ COA MISC Comics FANTASTIC FOUR #45 1st Appearance of Inhumans and Black Bolt ABC TV Show ACTION COMICS #1 first Superman DC Comic - Loot Crate Exclusive Reprint w/COA NM SOUTHERN BASTARDS #1-10 NM Comic Lot Run- Jason Aaron / Latour IMAGE Comics Auctions end this weekend saturday 3/25 - monday 3/27! Thanks for looking! Other eBay sales!
  15. 12 Hours Left (Just over) 12 Hours left for some awesome Variant Cover listings! Auctions for items shown in the included pictures, and more
  16. Please take a look at these awesome books ending soon. Books for sale include: A-Force #1 Adam Hughes Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. All New All Different Avengers #1 Alex Ross Vintage Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 100 + BONUS! 2015 Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Preview Book. All New X-Men #18 Stuart Immonen Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 Legacy Edition Exclusive Adi Granov Sketch Variant Cover. Civil War (2015) #1 Nick Bradshaw Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. Doctor Strange #11 Adam Hughes Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. Death of Wolverine #1 GameStop Power Up Rewards Exclusive Greg Horn Color Variant Cover. Limited to 8000 Marvels, Avengers and X-Men: Axis #1 Mike Deodato Young Guns Complete Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50; AND, Siya Oum Variant Cover. Marvels, Avengers and X-Men: Axis #2 Kris Anka Inversion Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 100. Marvels, Avengers and X-Men: Axis #4 David Marquez Young Guns Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50; AND, Clay Mann Inversion Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 100. S.H.I.E.L.D. (Shield) #1 Blank Variant Cover; AND, Skottie Young Variant Cover; AND, Steve McNiven Young Guns Variant Cover; AND, Valerio Schiti Young Guns Variant Cover; AND, John Tyler Christopher Deadpool Party Variant Cover; AND, Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Photo Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 15 + BONUS! Standard Edition Cover. Mighty Thor #15 & Unworthy Thor #3 Ryan Sook Connecting Variant Set. Limited 1 for 25/each. Thor #6 Pasqual Ferry Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. Thunderbolts #1 Mark Bagley Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. Uncanny Avengers #19 Agustin Alessio Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. Uncanny Avengers #3 Mike Deodata Jr. Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. Uncanny Avengers #3 Tradd Moore Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. Uncanny Inhumans #0 Bill Ward What The Duck (WTD) Variant Cover + BONUS! Standard Edition Cover. Uncanny X-Men #492 Marc Silvestri Variant Edition Cover. Limited 1 for 20. Uncanny X-Men #12 Christopher Bachalo Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. Uncanny X-Men #14 Marvels Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover. Uncanny X-Men #23 John Tyler Christopher Guardians Of The Galaxy Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 15; AND, San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Homage Variant. Limited to 5,000. War of Kings #1 Ron Lim Variant Cover. Wolverine #36 Joe Quesada Variant Cover. Wolverine and the X-Men #37 Kris Anka Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. X-Men #100 Paul Smith Variant Cover; AND, John Byrne Variant Cover; AND, John Romita Jr. Variant Cover + BONUS! Standard Leinil Francis Yu Cover. X-Men #1 Dynamic Forces (DF) Mark Brooks Exclusive Cover. Limited to 3000 with Certificate of Authenticity (COA). X-Men #6 Terry Dodson Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2 Esad Ribic Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 50. X-Tinction Agenda #1 Mike Deodato Variant Cover. Limited 1 for 25. Justice League #1 Aspen Comics Michael Turner Color Variant Cover AND MORE!!
  17. Hi Folks!!! Scott, a.k.a KRYPTOSPIDEY HERE! It's been awhile, and unfortunately i'm stuck in the transition of merging accounts, so i do not have 6 posts,LOL! Admins are working on consolidating my accounts. My account was set up in 2003/2004 and i have thousands of posts, and $10's of Thousands of dollars in sales and purchases here on the boards, i'm sure some of the long term boardies like Joeypost, Vintage Comics,Count,Skypinkblu, Rick(Gator) and many others can vouch for me as needed to any new board members not familiar with me. I have a BEAUTIFUL copy of Fantastic Four #45 in CGC 8.5 with Off-White to WHITE page quality,Label # 0175698004 that i'm selling for my Brother,who actually won it in one of my Ebay Auctions in Feb. 2011,and has been in family hands since. I personally slabbed this book in 2011,it has not been pressed or cleaned. Normal rules apply, 1st posted in the thread wins outright over any negotiations going on in Private Message. Price includes Priority Box Shipping in the Continental US with INS,delivery conf,ect. I will do 50/50 for anywhere else. Payment is by Paypal,Check or Money Order what ever works for you, but book will not ship until funds are clear. I use Bank Of America also, so a direct deposit into my account can be arranged if B.O.A. is near you. GPA and ComicLInk sales have been all the place over the last couple of months from $2000+ to right around $1150, page quality was definitely an issue with the sales, the last GPA sale is $1161 with LT/OW pages,then $1225 OW/W and $2150 White, all Dec. sales ComicLInk just had a $1100 sale, with another with an Offer at $1600. That being said, i'm looking for a hopefully fast and easy sale here on the boards, at a great price, i cant imagine this book in grade will go back below $1000. FANTASTIC FOUR #45 CGG 8.5 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE Price drop $1000 OBO