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Found 19 results

  1. So I want to start collecting new comics of key issues like Cameos, 1st/Full Appearances, Deaths, ect. I am looking for a site that would show theses things of upcoming next weeks comics. I don't really need past issues, as CGC census works perfectly for confirming the titles. I can read the plot of the comics that are coming out, and it does help, but would be nice if there is a website that has confirmed information. Thanks in advanced
  2. I have one book to sell today, I'm selling it for a friend, but I have it in hand. I take Checks, MO's and PP. Shipping is exact wherever you live, but I must mail it signature required (priority mail) or my insurance won't cover it, so if you live in Canada or Australia, please keep that in mind. Returns for any reason within 7 days of receipt. Book must be packed the way I sent it and sent the same way. Shipping (since it's a slab) would be the responsibility of the buyer. First wins, here or in a PM I do not sell to people on the probation list, or the HOS. Payment is due within 7 days unless we have made other arrangements by pm before you take the book. I only have cell pictures right now, but I will try and hook up my old scanner to scan it.
  3. Currently listed on ebay: $150 BIN Danger Girl #2 Smoking Gun Variant CGC grade 9.6 NM+ verification #1247550006 Just wanted to let everyone know it's on ebay if you're looking for this issue Thanks for looking!
  4. creaturefan95

    PGM: Fear #19

    What would you grade the following book? Front Cover: Back Cover:
  5. I will not conduct business with members on the probation list, members listed in the hall of shame, or members on my ignore list. First in the sales thread or PM by timestamp is the winner. Immediate payment is expected. Check, US POSTAL money, and PayPal Goods and Services are acceptable forms of payment. Item will not ship until payment clears. I will only ship to the United States or Canada. Canadians should contact me for a quote. USPS CONUS Priority shipping & handling and insurance is included in the asking price, which includes all related fees. If the package arrives damaged, please take photographs for insurance purposes. No returns on this item. If the item for some bad stroke of luck arrives damaged, we will work it out through insurance. My kudos can be found by going HERE.
  6. Really nice, clean book. Appreciate your thoughts on it. It is already slabbed but I'm thinking about resubmitting. I apologize for the glare - will try to get better pics. Couple of things I can see with it in hand: spine stresses along spine some shadowing along the back spine some edge wear along spine Send me your grades!! some guy named Herb Trimpe wrote on the front cover two or three spine stress marks spine stress that barely breaks color to the left of hulk's foot tan line along spine
  7. Hey guys, so I've got a pretty good lead on some potentially valuable comic books. I posted in a facebook swap and buy group that I would buy old comic collections, and got a reply from someone saying they have a rubber maid container full of old comics and they aren't sure what they are worth but want me to take a look. I tried asking for more information, if it was mostly Marvel or DC ect. but all they said in reply was "Everything 60s to mid 70s I think" Apparently this guy needs to go through his storage room and actually find the comics, so I have a couple days to prepare. My goal is to buy whatever he has for a reasonable price, and sell some of it to pay for the purchase. Now I have no idea what he is thinking price-wise . . . but I'd like to have a list of Key/expensive comics from the 60s/70s that I could study so when I go to look at them I can recognize if there are any expensive comics hidden in there. I have a okay grip on which Marvel comics would be worth some cash but could still use a help with those, and I am pretty clueless with DC and other publishers. Does such a list exist somewhere? Would anybody like to help me out? EDIT: Also if anyone has any general advice on how to figure out what to offer this guy it would be appreciated. Obviously I want to get them for as cheap as I can, but I don't want to start off with an offer so low I just insult the guy. How do you guys come up with a price value when making an offer on something like this?
  8. About me: Family is growing so it is time to part with some of my collection. I've sold a bunch on ebay and here on the boards rather recently. See below for feedback. eBay - for feedback forum feedback - If I have a made a mistake in my listing and/or my rules then please let me know via pm. Thanks. PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW BEFORE COMMITTING TO PURCHASE First in here or via PM wins. Decided by timestamp. To help minimize me screwing up please ALSO send me a PM if you make a claim in the thread. Payment options: Cash - Is king Certified Funds Wire Transfers Quick Pay (or whatever wire transfer service your bank has) Paypal Time payments are available, non-refundable deposit required. Clear with me, via PM, before choosing this option. Offers via PM are welcome (NOTE THAT SENDING ME ACTUAL OFFER AND NOT A 'WHAT'S LOWEST' MAKES MY LIFE A LOT EASIER WINK WINK), lowballing is not Bulk buy discounts are available. Shipping: Shipping within US Shipping is $12 via Priority or registered mail. Add $10 for each additional slab. Includes Signature Confirmation Fully Insured I'm willing to deliver up large orders if in neighboring state. Clear with me, via PM, before choosing this option. Shipping to Canada At cost. Please contact me before choosing this option so we agree on the cost. Returns: I can accept returns on raw books within 7 days of receiving the book. I do not accept returns on slabs unless there is an error on my part. Prohibited from bidding/buying: People on Hall of Shame or Probation List People on my personal ignore list The Good Stuff: Title Issue Grade Price avengers 1 4.0 $2200
  9. PGM Giant Size Xmen 1 (yes, another one ) This is my first time doing this. I hope I do it right..... I was considering dropping this off at CGC at SDCC. BUT, second inspection I noticed the small imperfection below Wolverine claws and the "pinpoint" in Storm. I had already seen the problem in the price area. It's these 3 things that are noticeable. I look forward to hearing from the community. I am not sure how many images are allowed. I don't have a scanner.
  10. I spent too much at SDCC 2017. Plain and simple. Have to move some items. Iron Man 7.0 $650 Amazing Spider-Man 7.5 $750 I will discount a bit if you purchase both. Paypal fee of 3% to be paid by buyer. I will pay the shipping via insured priority mail. I can provide ebay reference if you care. I have over 15000 feedback with a 99.8% positive feedback rating. If the images do not load - please send email to and I will send over the images.
  11. FAIRLY NEW HERE BUT LOVING THESE BOARDS SO FAR! RULES PM me with offers but if someone else swoops down with an before I can respond then it goes to them. is the official sale of the book, the handshake if you will. I try to do my best with grading and can’t guarantee what CGC would grade it as. PAYMENT PayPal preferred. Winners can PM me their email for invoices. Checks/Money Orders please allow 3-5 days for clearance. SHIPPING I can ship 1 - 5 comics via USPS Flat rate padded envelope for $6 if value is under $100. $10 Flat rate if over $100 value. I can ship 1-2 CGC Graded books for $17 with tracking and Insurance. Please NO Returns, I’ve dealt with people trying to return the same issue that is a lower grade from what I sent them, claiming that’s the book I sent. I will leave you kudos so please do the same for me! See my positive feedback on eBay at Nuffsaid14 username. Thanks! -Jeff I will post more later but lets get it started!!! Up for Grabs is Superman's Ex-Pal Jimmy Olsen with the 1st appearance of Darkseid!! CGC 6.5 $200 $180 + Shipping LAST GPA SALE $195 Case is brand new, no scratches, new label
  12. Hey Everyone! I haven't been on here in over a year but it's nice to be back. Selling my comics to help pay for a wedding. Accepting PayPal only Shipping is $15 for 1-2 CGC Books PM me with questions 1st to reply will be the Title and selling price in BOLD HERE THEY ARE... Avengers #1 CGC 6.0 Off-White to White Pages WOW! this is a beauty! $4,000.00 LAST GPA was $4,201. Fantastic Four #52 WHITE PAGES!! CGC SS 6.5 Signed by Stan Lee. Slight Color touch $600.00. Fantastic Four #66 CGC 6.5 Beginning of Warlock $90 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 CGC 6.5 1st appearance of Darkseid $200
  13. I have two books available today - Amazing Spider-Man #15 and #194. 1) No HOS or PL 2) Shipping is free to the U.S. and includes insurance 3) PayPal only 4) First wins; open to PMs 5) Kudos - Amazing Spider-Man #15 - 6.0 (could possibly press to a 7.0) - ASKING $475 SOLD VIA PM Amazing Spider-Man #194 - 9.2/9.4 - ASKING $200 $180
  14. Avengers 1 - 3.5 CGC Selling my avengers as I am looking at some other items to get great looking copies No HOS or Probation people Standard ruled apply paypal only please shipping is USPS priority
  15. Rip67vdub

    WTB: FF 48

    WTB: FF 48 Looking for low to mid-grade copy. Open to both raw and slabbed. Thanks for looking.
  16. Batman 232, Thor 193 and a few others to come Will be listing 1-2 books per night for the next week. No one on any list, or if I have you on ignore. Consider all books pressed. Shipping is extra and it will be the exact cost to your door. First gets it. Tonight I am listing Batman #232 in CGC 9.4 with OW/W Pages and Thor #193 CGC 9.6 with OW Pages Batman 232 $1,200.00 (last sale was $1,300.00) Thor #193 Square bound picture frame. Some distributors ink on top edge of front cover. $575.00 (last sale was $625.00)
  17. Have you ever acquired that one book only to be surprised that after all that searching/saving, you wouldn't mind getting rid of it?
  18. Have you ever acquired that one book only to be surprised that after all that searching/saving, you wouldn't mind getting rid of it?
  19. Rules: No one on any list (this includes my personal no sell list) Shipping is extra. Consider all books pressed. Books will be shipped when I get back from ECCC. First gets it. This includes PM. Time stamp will decide the new owner of the book. First up. Hulk 181 CGC 8.5 White Pages $2,300.00