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Found 14 results

  1. TEEN TITANS digital TV show (TBD) TITANS Live-Action Series & YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Set To Debut On A New Digital Service From DC
  2. Curious if anyone has any pages from this mini-series. I'm open to Robin I or Robin III, but the Joker's Wild mini-series is what helped kickstart my comic collecting as a teen, and I've always wanted a page or two from this one.
  3. Hey guys I am trading 2 extremely scarce pages of comic history both graded by cgc! First is the front cover to a detective comics 36 1st Hugo strange and 6th Batman cover ever! Also a pre robin! It has cream pages and colors present well, would make a great candidate for completing a coverless copy. Next I have the final page from Batman 1 which features the original death of the joker, one of the hardest pages to find and 1st joker apperance, slightly brittle pages, presents well though mainly in the case. I am trading these for a .5 or 1.0 copy of ASM 1 no coverless! Page quality does not matter to me as much, thanks
  4. Remember the fan-based series the previous year? Nightwing: The Series Well, watch those as a warmup, as here comes the movie. Warner Bros. Plotting Live-Action 'Nightwing' Movie With 'Lego Batman Movie' Director (Exclusive)
  5. I've been collecting Superman and Batman for quite a while, but I've been getting away from SA and BA books, so I'm going to be listing that part of my collection during the next few weeks. I started with the BA books, then the SA books, then add quite a few 10 cent books, early SA/ Atom Age/GA...whatever you want to call them;) I plan on listing books for about 2 hours at a time. I'll note the days in advance and the time. If I won't be able to be there at that time, I'll hopefully let you know in advance. There are at least 450 books that I'm going to be listing, so this will take a few weeks. There will be one thread for the BA, 1 for the SA and one for the early SA/Atom/GA books, but you can combine the books so that you can take advantage of the shipping discounts. I will send interim invoices when I finish the 12-cent Detectives, so perhaps I can send some out before continuing, but if you want to wait till the end, we can work that out. Since these are all raw books, I'm pricing by looking at completed prices on eBay, then I deduct what fees would cost me and a little more. I accept Paypal, checks or Money orders. First here or in a pm wins, by time stamp. If I can't determine the time stamp, the board take it wins. I will send invoices at the end, once you get the invoice, payment is due within 3 days unless we have discussed other arrangements. If you need time payments, it's not a problem, but please PM me before taking anything. Prices are going to be low on these books (at least I think they are low) All the books are raw, A few notes. None to the best of my knowledge,have been pressed or cleaned. I count the pages on every book. I look at the centerfolds to make sure they are attached, if they aren't, I note it. I look for missing coupons, and I grade the way I'd like someone else to grade for something I'm buying, but anyone can miss something or make a mistake. So...If I left anything out, just ask. I take returns on anything. If you aren't happy for any reason, plmk within 3 days of receipt. If I ask you to return the book, then I expect the return within 7 days, packed the same way I sent it. If you just changed your mind, shipping is on you. If I made a mistake, return shipping is on me. Shipping, I will charge exact shipping, but I will discount if you buy a certain amount. Spend $100 and get $5.00 off shipping, $200 and get $10 off shipping, if you spend $300 or more, I'll ship for free (in the US, in Canada I'll split shipping with you if you spend more than $300). If you live anywhere else, just pm me for shipping estimates before you buy anything. For the USA, I use regional boxes whenever it lowers the shipping price. I don't charge for handling. All books are bagged and boarded, most are going to be in new bags and boards. Most are in Mylite 2's and hardbacks, although I've had to combine because I try to replace all bags and boards and I'm running out;). I can ship 2 regular (1 Giant) books in a cardboard mailer for about $3.00 3-5 books in a flat rate envelope with very strong boards (one will have a wood veneer) for $6.00 12 books in a regional box A for about $8 east coast, $11 West coast. (if it's less I charge the exact amount.) A regional box B is slightly higher but holds at least 20 books. I do not ship comics media mail, because the Post Office states they can not be shipped media (it's in their regulations) and I don't want to be responsible if there is a problem. Tracking is included and so is insurance (I pay for private insurance.). If you buy more than $200 worth of books, signature required is a must, but I pay for that in the US, in Canada, those packages must go priority. I can ship first class to Canada, but its not cheap. Max is 4lbs. I'm going to add a lot of freebies on the thread. I also add some kind of free gift to each order.
  6. Hi there. Please bear with me – I’m new to this board. But I’m moving and have decided to sell a significant part of my collection, so I found this board while researching good places to sell. Historically, I haven’t had too many books graded, but have sent in a few over the years, so I wanted to post them somewhere popular with CGC collectors. So here’s my first offering. It’s probably my best golden age book – a very nice copy of a fun issue. Hate to part with it, but need to cut down on all my ’stuff’ a bit. World’s Finest #7 (1942) 7.0 Scans below (Sorry the pictures aren't better - hard to get a good one without lots of reflection!). Please let me know if you have any questions. --------- Great Snapshot of Golden Age History Classic Jack Burnley WWII cover - featuring Superman, Batman, & Robin Characters featured include: Superman Batman Robin Zatara Sandman Star-Spangled Kid Green Arrow Speedy And check out the writers and artists who ALL worked on this book: Jerry Siegel Gardner Fox Joe Simon Jack Kirby Bill Finger Bob Kane Jerry Robinson It’s a who’s who in the history of comics. Fun book! ———— Details: Very nice, clean case – no notable scratches or cracks or anything. Price: $1,250 + Free Shipping Payment via Paypal - or 3% discount for Check or Money Order Returns: No Returns on CGC books (that’s the whole point of CGC, no?) And I don’t really know exactly what a HOSer or Probie is yet, but I guess I reserve the right to pass on offers from folks who seem to be on this site’s naughty list… (that’s my best guess so far anyway?). Hope this book finds a good home!!
  7. Before putting these on eBay I thought I would try on the boards here. Rules are fairly simple. in the thread trumps any and all negotiations that are taking place behind the scenes. I must have the item marked as sold before a PM deal is considered finalized and do not expect payment to be sent until it is marked sold. I know there's a lot of people who will prefer to remain anonymous on books like these, but I don't want any confusion if someone should claim in the thread. Now with that all said, standard rules apply. Probation List and Hall of Shame people need not bother. Graded books are what they are so there will be no refunds/exchanges etc. Payment plan possibly available if you have the right references and you agree to the terms I lay out. If interested in possibly doing a payment plan then by all means message me. I've done payment plans in the past on the boards and so far no one has missed a payment. Shipping inside the US included in the sale price. Outside the US I'll deduct the cost it would've been to ship inside the states and you pay the difference. Paypal preferred for payment, but check or money order a possibility, shipment will wait until checks/money orders have cleared. Now without further ado, let's see some books.
  8. My auctions are ending in less than 24 hours. I AM taking offers! My ebay page Thanks for looking.
  9. Just one pretty book today. My Paypal ID is Checks/money orders also gladly accepted. Shipping is $13. $595
  10. Detective Comics #73 - 1st Scarecrow Cover These are the only pictures I have...didn't have white gloves. This book belongs to a friend of mine that stashed away about 70 comics 20 years ago and had 4 really neat GA Books! NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS GA CLASSIC! Based only on what you see what grade do you put on this one? Defects I can only see without taking the book out: This book appears to have pulled away from the staple but some of the cover is still attached. The top edge is where I see paper very brittle and sticking out passed the top edge. This leaves me to believe that this defect is one where the page is torn and folded over. Obvious writing on the FC, may have it on the back. Tears up and down the spine, crease on the cover that break color. Page quality looked Cream but not tan so that's good! Now for the good Despite the creases and color breaks this book really pops. Strong eye appeal! Edges are not bad probably the 2nd best thing about this book's condition. Still attached and I assume no missing pages. Anyways...thanks for any advice. I won't say what grade I think it is to keep the mind open. -Jeff
  11. ebay - Batman family commissions by Noto, Johnson & Burnham Morning all! I'm refocusing my collection (my current logic being that I don't need to own anything that I don't have room to display...I'm tired of having art in iToyas and sketchbooks) so it's time to clear out the Batman family sketchbooks. Right now I've got three great commissions, purchased directly from the artist by me over the years, 3 day auctions, no reserves, ends Friday night. Beautiful full color, full body (which I don't think he does anymore) Barbara Gordon Batgirl: Lovely full body Riddler commission by Dave Johnson Cool, quick marker sketch of Robin by Chris Burnham Thanks for looking!
  12. SpideyFein

    Sold and Closed

    Detective Comics 38 CGC 6.0 (MP), 1st Robin, Boy Wonder, 1st Sidekick Now the time has come. I thought it was here before, but now it's here Robin must go, and if I'm going to be struggling, I might as well be riding comfortably. Almost all of the proceeds will be going towards funding me my first new (old) car, a 2012 Dodge Challenger RT! This car is and has been a dream of mine since it came out. It's been time for a nice car, and if you're going to spend good money, why not get something you really like. After driving it for the first time two weeks ago, I don't want to drive anything else. I know there will be another Robin in my future, or at least know I will still be dressing in tights at Comic Con! No Ho's or Probies No returns on this beauty Shipping within US only, via registered mail, and is free Payment by Check, m/o, or meet up in the NY tri-state area. Take $500 off if meeting up and paying cash My kudos is underneath my sig. Thanks for stopping by, your friendly neighborhood SpideyFein
  13. WTT: Death In The Family CGC 9.8 SS Hi! I've got several 9.8 Batman #427 double signed by Mignola and Starlin. I've subbed probably 40 or so DITF books, and haven't been successful with #426 or #428...tough books. So, if anyone has a #426 DOUBLE signed or #428 DOUBLE signed, I'd be pleased to trade. I think it would be fair to trade #427 for #426, straight across, even though #427 is worth slightly more. I also have multiple 9.6s (joy), 9.4s, and others I'd be willing to toss in to sweeten the pot for the #428. I have a wonderful double signed, sketched 9.8 #429, and, of course, the #427s, but I need #426 DOUBLE signed (Mignola AND Starlin) or Also...looking for Batman #405 and #407, 9.8, signed by Miller. Actually, here, this is what I need: #400 #401 #403 #405 #407 #408-413 #431-435 All 9.8 SS, if you have them. Not picky about who signed the rest. Even Denny alone would be fine. Let me know what you've got! Help me complete my 9.8 SS Batman #400-442 set!
  14. Hi Folks, I added 4 Batman related pieces FS to my CAF. All with prices, and one as low as $19! Yes a published Batman related page with heroes in costume for $19! (ok, its Robin and Nightwing in one panel, but still..). They are: 1. Batman Year Three page by Pat Broderick SOLD 2. Shane Davis Robin page with Nightwing SOLD 3. Mike Zeck Batman prelim to a published pinup 4. Gary Frank Batman (Sinestro Corp version) Design Guide I also lowered the price on 2 pieces I had for sale earlier, a giant Willingham Elementals cover and a Bryan Lee O'Malley Scott Pilgrim page so take a look! CAF Link Thanks for looking Malvin