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Found 13 results

  1. Hello All, I'm selling a few nice Warren magazines. Usual rules apply: -No HoS or Probation list buyers -Shipping USPS Priority, $12 for as many books as you like -Payment via PayPal -No tampering, restoration, pressing or other manipulation has been done by me to any of these books, nor do any have work unless disclosed. Here is my kudos thread for those that have never purchased from me. I've bought and sold to many on these boards. Feel free to PM with any questions or reasonable offers!
  2. Hey folks, Just updated my "For Sale" gallery on CAF. Items now for sale include the following: - a BWS Conan cover (only available until May 31 - see description for details) - a Jack Kirby Avengers #5 page - Greg Horn's best-ever cover - another Jose Gonzalez Vampirella frontispiece and complete story - a published Enric Vampirella cover - a John Byrne Iron Fist #15 page - a Paul Gulacy-inked Daredevil #108 page - a David Mazzucchelli Daredevil #226 page and more! Any of this art can be brought to the NY Comic Expo show on May 6, where I will be sharing a table. Also, if you have any requests for things to bring to the show, please let me know! While most of my collection remains "Never For Sale", I am looking to balance the books after making a number of purchases privately over the past 4-5 months and there are some pieces which I would consider letting go at this time for a full price (please make inquiries directly to me on an individual case-by-case basis; there is no master list that I will send out). Regards, Gene
  3. Hi all I've been accumulating a bunch of cool books in my quest for Parrillo covers, but don't have room for all this coolness. So maybe someone here will give them a new home. Lots are priced with shipping included within the continental United States. I'll send them out USPS priority. I'm not sure how shipping large lots to Canada works, but will consider it. You'll be paying extra, I assume. First in the thread trumps all other negotiations. No HOS'ers, probies, or bullies. No returns on the lots. If you really want to know the specifics on the condition of a particular issue just let me know. Payment via Paypal only, please. Can combine lots, obviously. Don't be afraid to make an offer. Thanks for looking!
  4. One Lot of BA Magazines for sale today. Pay Pal is fine and shipping is FREE in the USA. Anywhere else will be too expensive. Returns accepted timely. Asking $15 Shipped USA Vampirella #4 1969 VG+ Famous Monsters #58 1969 VG+ Crazy #1x2 1973 GD and VG EERIE #41 VG, 44 GD/VG, 46 VG+
  5. Here are my art auctions ending Sunday night - My art auctions ending tomorrow include Kraven, Punisher, Heroes For Hire, New Mutants, Vampirella and more. See here: Kraven prelim, Original Comic Art, w. Spider-Man, by Al Rio, published by Marvel Original Art of Alyosha Kravinoff the son of Kraven the Hunter by Al Rio, Marvel Heroes For Hire #6, page 22, by Al Rio, Marvel Comics, Black Cat, Whole Team New Mutants Forever #1 Page 9 by Al Rio, inks by Bob McLeod, Chris Claremont -w Punisher P.O.V. hand painted background art Bill Wray, overlay Bernie Wrightson Vampirella, The Second Coming #4 pg 9 Original Comic Art, Al Rio, Harris Comics B@stard Stew Pg 29, Sexy Original Comic Art by Al Rio, Unplublished, Motorcycle Gunfire #5 page 11 by Steve Erwin and Len Wien for DC Comics, Brian Garvey Inks Let me know if you have any questions! - Terry
  6. Hello All, I'm selling one book today, still raising money to keep the business going. Usual rules apply: No HoS or probation buyers, payment via PayPal, shipping via USPS priority for $11 in the Continental US, returns accepted within 14 days, first in the thread wins. I'm looking to pay a few bills tomorrow so if you can purchase and make payment today, I'll give another 5% off. Thanks for looking! Vampirella 1, Very pretty and glossy copy with excellent eye appeal. I'm grading it a 7.0, although others might grade higher. This is one of my all time favorite covers and a great work by Frank Frazetta at the peak of his work. In many ways, it's a better copy than the CGC 7.5 that Terry's Comics sold on BIN for $500. Price: $470 SOLD!
  7. New art for sale: Back Issue #72 cover "Robot Issue" featuring the Metal Men by Mike Allred DC'S Who's Who: Merlin from Camelot 3000 by Brian Bolland X-Men #20 page 25 by Werner Roth and Ayers twice up silver age artwork Have other art for sale, prices reduced: Warlord of Mars #16 cover by Joe Jusko MJ study for Spider-Man Movie Adaption pencils by Alan Davis Xenozoic Illustration - Mark Schultz Uncanny X-Men #381 DPS - Adam Kubert/Tim Townsend Warren Vampirella #2 cover prelim - Bill Hughes X-Men Spotlight - Dave Cockrum Lori Lovecraft and Grendel - Mike Vosburg Amazing Spider-Man Sunday 4/24/83 - Floro Dery Spy vs Spy art - Antonio Prohias Modesty Blaise strips - Romero Thorn - Vintage Dave Cockrum Poison Ivy - Bill Morrison Shadow Strikes - Eduardo Barreto Jonah Hex - Eduardo Barreto Grendel Shadow #2 cover by Matt Wagner
  8. Tim Overhulser

    Vampi #1 Variation

    I was going through my collection and came across a Vampi #1 Premier Issue and was wondering if the red foil variation H is in reference to the red foil letters in the word "Vampi". Thanks in advance!
  9. Randall Dowling

    All Sold- Closed!

    Hello All, I'm selling off some very nice Warren magazines in pretty condition. The usual rules apply: -Payment via Paypal -Shipping is $10 via USPS -Returns accepted in 14 days as long as it's a legitimate "not as described" and not a review for pressing potential -No HoS or Probation list buyers -I'm glad to consider reasonable offers but first in the thread wins. Otherwise, feel free to pm with any questions/clarifications. Here is my kudos thread for reference:
  10. The pictures say it all! Vampirella #3 (Jan 1970, Warren) graded CGC 9.8 White Pages! As of today it's one of only four CGC 9.8 graded copies in the world. $3,800 OBO via Paypal goods and services (for your piece of mind) securely shipped FREE with insurance and signature confirmation. No returns, but I guarantee arrival in excellent condition.
  11. Low to mid-grade copies of Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, and maybe a few other horror and sci-fi books thrown in the mix. Probably 90% of these magazines were NOT listed for sale in my booth at the last VCC The plan is to start the thread around 8:00pm Eastern tonight with the Creepy mags then do the Eerie's on Saturday starting around 8:00pm and finish up with the Vampi's on Sunday starting around noon. Shipping, anywhere in the world, is at cost. ( I'm in the USA) Media Mail is NOT an option for me, so First Class, Priority, or the ever so slow and still costly USPS Retail Ground are the only options. (I do my very best to choose the cheapest and safest methods of shipping available. I do use Regional Rate Priority Boxes which saves quite a bit in most circumstances.) If you're looking for an estimate on shipping, PM me, or use the Calculator At USPS... my zip is 48131 No Creepy or Eerie people from The Probation/HOS List ... see what I did there. Returns Gladly Accepted, but return shipping is on you unless I royally mess up somehow.
  12. Vampirella Original Art by Al Rio for sale! Vampirella: The Second Coming #3 page 18 (Harris Comics) *splash page* with Vampirella *slaying*. One of the best pages of the whole series. Sized A3 on art board. Fully pencilled and inked by Al Rio. $400 plus $12 shipping.
  13. Golden/ Silver/ Bronze Age Hi everyone, The usual stuff.... No HOS or Probies .... Payment by Paypal is OK (within a few days unless discussed and agreed upon). Payment by check is great too!! Shipping in the US is USPS Priority + Insurance. Int'l will need to pm me, as I''ll need to figure out a price. PM's and all offers are welcome, but the 1st in the thread wins and trumps any pm's. All offers are welcome. Time payments are welcome but will require a 20% non-refundable deposit. All books are unrestored. I will gladly accept returns on a raw book/ books if I've been negligible in my description. If a raw book is found to have any kind of restoration the book can be returned for a refund within 90 days.