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  1. I just listed more art on eBay: GARY FRANK original cover art ACTION COMICS #973, George Perez CRISIS #7 homage, item#253689317998 GARY FRANK original comic art Captain Marvel JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 pg 6 Geoff Johns, item#263757972402 Tony Harris original comic art WHISTLING SKULL #5 page 20 (EX MACHINA, STARMAN), item#253689385926 Paul Davidson original art PUNISHER INFINITE: A Year Of Marvels November 2016 #1, item#253689391037 WOLVERINE Logan original sketch by Glenn Fabry (Preacher, American Gods), item#253689394531 JOHNNY CRAIG original art EERIE #7 WARREN MAGAZINE The Defense Rests prelim, item#263758008495
  2. Last Saturday night (9/23/17) I was doing my usual late night surfing of the boards and I came across a WTS post from labratnotincluded selling one of his copies of Wolverine 102.5 CGC 9.8. This is probably the rarest book from the 1988 set so I immediately open the post to check it out. As expected the book was awesome but also as expected it was way more than I can spend on a book. Where this entry get its name was something he wrote in the section talking about possible trades. “I'd consider a decent offer of a 1988 Wolverine Issue 88 CGC 9.8 True Non-Deluxe with something else enticing…” One of the first things I did when I came back to collecting was to make excel sheet with the current census numbers for every issue in the 1988 run. This was my way to get a quick glimpse of what is rare right now. 102.5 was at the top of the list… 88 (Non-Deluxe) is very far down that list. I knew that 88 was an issues I was planning on submitting and I figured that he must have had some bad luck finding one. So I reached out saying that at some point that I’ll be sending some copies into CGC and I could possibly send a few extra in if he was interested. The whole time something didn’t add up in my head. How is it possible that someone has two of the rarest comics in the set but doesn’t have an 88. The Census shows (42) 9.8 of the regular and (16) 9.8’s of the Deluxe, by those numbers the Deluxe should be much harder track down. Well, after a few PM back and forth with labratnotincluded and some research it looks like the census could be wrong and there is likely far less of non deluxe versions. From what I understand the theory goes like this: Originally there no distinction by CGC between normal and deluxe versions and they were all labeled as the standard. At some later date CGC added a variant for the deluxe version. But all graded copies prior to that date kept there designation of the standard copy. This would completely nullify the accuracy of census number and mess up people’s registry… but I don’t know if there is a reasonable way that CGC could fix it. All this might be old news to the seasoned Wolverine collectors out there but it was new news to me. I found some posts that talk about how all the X-Titles between Nov 94 through Feb 95 had a similar standard and deluxe set up and that the 88 non deluxe is on rare side of things but nothing specifically about this book (could just be operator error using the search function). I hoping that this entry will be there to help some of newer wolverine collectors out there understand what’s going on with this issue. I do have some questions for seasoned Wolverine Collectors out there that would help me wrap my mind around this book. Exactly how rare is the 88 Non-Deluxe? – Since the census numbers aren’t useful in this case, how can we know? I looked at the top 20 sets in the wolverine 1988 and I could only verify 1 copy with a picture was a true non-deluxe. Some don’t have pictures, some note that the book is indeed a deluxe in the non-deluxe slot, others have a picture confirming that it is indeed a Deluxe in a non-deluxe slot. I searched all the usually online auctions/sales and I did not find any non-deluxe. Is there a way to get more detailed census data? – I think a good indicator on the true numbers could be had by finding out the date that the deluxe variant was added to the registry and then see how many standard copies were added to the registry after that date. Is this possible? And if so how? Is there a way to fix the census data? – This does not seem likely because they would likely need a photo of all non-deluxe CGC. Also please chime in if anything that I wrote is incorrect or if there is a big piece of the puzzle that I’m missing. Lastly, with all this in my head I went to my stacks and pulled my copies and bagged and boarded them up (out of the order that I mentioned in the previous post). Wolverine #88 (51 Copies)
  3. masterlogan2000

    All WOLVERINE, All the Time

    What you will soon be witnessing aims to be the largest and longest running WOLVERINE sales thread this CGC Board has ever seen. This will be an ongoing thread and will mainly consist of Wolverine-titled comics. You’ll see anything and everything from hard-to-find variants to $1 blowouts books from the 1988 series. Each and every one of the books I post are sourced from my own personal collection. Requests are always welcome and encouraged, but know that I’m just a lone Wolverine fanatic that may not have any duplicates for sale of the book that you need. Each book for sale will be a board exclusive and has been pulled specifically for this sales thread. Terms: First unconditional by timestamp wins, whether in the thread or in PM. I will post the timestamp of any winning PM should a conflict arise. I will absolutely NOT sell to anyone on probation or on the HOS list. I reserve the right to withhold sales to any member currently being discussed in the probation thread. Payment: PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, and Personal Checks all accepted. I wait 10 days for any form of paper payment to clear. Shipping: UNLIMITED Shipping to the US is a flat $6.75 Purchases under 13oz can be sent USPS First Class at cost (usually saves a couple dollars). Most packages will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, but larger orders may be shipped via UPS Ground. I REFUSE to ship Media Mail, so know that your flat rate $6.75 cost will go a long way. I will likely be absorbing a good chunk of shipping costs on each order here. All INTERNATIONAL buyers are welcome, but shipping is at cost. All International shipments will be sent via USPS. I generally ship within 2 business days of receipt of payment. Local pickup in the Chicagoland area, but you have to come towards me. (Southwest suburbs) All comics will be shipped securely, wrapped in many layers of cardboard to ensure they arrive in the stated condition (I find this works better than just cardboard sandwiching). I take a lot of time and care to ensure the books will arrive safely. I’m a collector first myself and know the pain of receiving books damaged in transit due to improper packaging. You don’t have to worry about that here. Lastly, shipping on books purchased in this thread can be combined with any other comic purchases from my other sales threads or eBay auctions. Returns: Returns on RAW books are accepted within a 10 day period of delivery. Returns on CGC graded books are only accepted if they arrive damaged. Availability: As mentioned above, this sales thread will be opened indefinitely. However... Each book that is posted will be available for exactly 1 week from the date of its original post or any subsequent posts referencing said book that updates pricing or availability. At that point, the book is automatically no longer available for sale. For example, if on January 1st at 7pm I post an Incredible Hulk 181 and it remains unsold until the January January 8th at 7pm, the comic will no longer be available to be purchased. However, if the book is posted for sale on January 1st at 7pm, but on January 5th at 9pm I lower the price by $1, the comic will be available for sale for an additional 7 days from time of the post stating the price adjustment (until January 12th at 9pm). Is that complicated enough for everyone? If there is any confusion, feel free to ask. I won’t bite.
  4. Putting up a few book tonight and a few more over the weekend. First gets it. No one on any list (that includes ignore). Consider all books pressed. Shipping in CONUS is included in the price.
  5. GMarangos

    Quad sig Hulk 181

    My all time favorite cover.
  6. Up for sale are some Bronze Age goodies. 1st in the thread trumps any on going negotiations. Price includes shipping via USA if outside please contact me first. Returns allowed up to 5 days once recieved. Payment Via PayPal or check.
  7. About 75 auctions closing this week. Here are a list of some of the top stars: Machine Man #1 CGC 9.8 White Pages Incredible Hulk #340 CGC 9.6 White Pages Wolverine Limited Series #2-4 all CGC 9.6 Wonder Woman #1 CGC 9.8 Perez Cover & Art Thor #337 CGC 9.6 1st Beta Ray Bill Check them out here (links to eBay store):
  8. Ending this Sunday, 5/6. Iron Man 55 Avengers 8 Doctor Strange 169 Wolverine Limited 1-4 (Newsstand) Devil Dinosaur 1
  9. Ok I may be Off on these but not so Sure. $13 For Slabbed Shipping Priority USPS, Paypal Please First X-men 1 Sketch Cover Variant Neal Adams $100 CGC 9.8 White SOLD
  10. THECOMICMONSTER is proud to announce that we will conduct a private signing with the legendary CO-CREATOR OF SANDMAN, SAM KIETH, at the 2018 ACE Comic-Con Seattle! This is a VERY rare chance to send in books to be signed by Mr. Kieth. The cost for this opportunity will be $95 for the first book and $75 for each additional book. CGC grading fees for modern fast track submissions and return shipping to anywhere in the USA is included. PM us here or email us directly at: for additional details about the signing itself or any questions you may have. Subbing under your own account is always welcomed and there is never a charge for case cracking, book prep, paperwork or invoice fees.Deadline for submissions is 6/7/18.
  11. Like title says, looking for these two books! PM me with your offer! Thanks in advance.
  12. Read this twitter thread. It’s amazing.
  13. I met a guy named Pete the other day and bought his collection. I'm sharing some of the copper portion here. At this point, Pete was reading once or twice, bagging (no boards mostly) and placing them in a short box in his closet, where they sat until the other day. Most everything is generally VF, with an outlier either way here or there. All are flat and clean and bright; some have a couple more (and more pronounced) spine tweaks than others. If you're looking for highly presentable readers they should do; if you're looking for instant registry sets, Pete just did not take good enough care for that. First in thread wins. Payment -- Check or money order. I do not have Paypal. Shipping -- Actual; U.S. Or Canada. (In U.S., I can probably get about 7 books in a priority flat rate legal envelope at $7; medium priority box is $13.65, so that's a pretty good approximate range, from 1 book to a sizable stack of lots.) Don't be listy Returns - Notify me within three days of receipt, and get them back on your dime in the same shape they arrived to you. Ready?
  14. I'm looking to sell my copy of X-Men #94. It is graded 9.4 NM with OffWhite/White pages by CGC. It is in the newer grading case which is in excellent condition. The book is currently listed as for sale on E-Bay under my ID, which is the same as my user name here on the CGC chat boards. I'm interested in a direct sale using PayPal, will entertain possible trades, or even combinations of both. In the case of books for trade, I am looking for : Werewolf By Night 32; Amazing Spider-man 121 and 129 all in a grade of 9.6 with White pages. My asking price is therefore negotiable, but please only send serious offers. If you are interested in acquiring the X-Men 94 copy, please send me a reply and we can discuss terms.

    WTB Hulk 181 9.4 WP

    i'm looking for a hulk 181 in 9.4 with white pages and preferably in a new holder. paying $6,250, by check or other fee free service, or paypal if you prefer. this is slightly higher than the great looking 9.4 WP that ended on comiclink on 3/7/2018 for $6,100. please pm me- thanks!
  16. Hey guys.. I have a friend who wants to spend $1,000 (could be a bit more) on a key comic book either from the Silver Age or Bronze Age (preferably CGC graded). These are the books I recommended to her if you have any of the below books you want to sell. Also open to other keys, just send me a PM and I will check with her. - Incredible Hulk #181 - Amazing Spider-man #14 - Fantastic Four #5 - Fantastic Four #48 -Showcase #22 Thanks!! - DK
  17. This is the error version manufactured without foil on the claws as shown below. I'm interested in raw or slabbed. PayPal preferred, but I'm open to discussing other options. I'm in the U.S. and happy to provide eBay feedback for reference. Please PM book details and your ransom demands. Thanks for looking!
  18. This is going to be a super long shot. A few years back there was a best of the best CGC SS Sketch competition, for different characters, etc. There was one sketch that was done on oils or pastels. It was the best Wolverine sketch I'd ever seen. It was from Mad Dogz I think. I was just hoping to see it again.
  19. Hello guys! Have a fresh beauty Incredible Hulk #181 1st Wolverine CGC 9.0 white pages ! $3950 or best offer Shipping: FREE in the US (No international shipping) Payment: PayPal only (I would appreciate payment within 48 hours of claiming a book) . No list people please My Ebay @unlimited-power75 feedback of me as %100 seller or Instagram @dreamtoreal1 for references also have a kudos thread here First in the thread trumps all else. Feel free to drop any questions my way via PM or if you need more pics. comics thanks guys!
  20. speedcake


    ALL BOOKS NOW $1 EACH! Help me avoid the Ebay overlords Hi there. Do you like the X-Men? Because I sure do! Maybe a little (way, way) too much...and now that I've decided to really focus on finishing my Uncanny volume 1 run, I need to part with a few short boxes of comics. I could also use the space (for new comics, ughh). This thread will be ongoing for a bit until I've listed everything, so it might take a few days or a week. Back cover scans are available upon request. Just ask and I'll PM them to you. I've got quite a bit of variety that I'll be listing (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men vol 2, Wolverine and The X-Men, New X-Men, ALL NEW X-Men (I mean, good grief), X-Factor, one shots, minis, etc) so check back often. Selling cheap and many of the books are very high grade. I've tried to be as accurate as possible, and many that I list as NM+ are probably higher grade. Ill just play it safe and not try to guess at 9.8s. Plus I'll be throwing in freebies and will make deals on lots, just ask. X-Men Special: EVERY FIVE BOOKS YOU BUY, GET A SIXTH BOOK FOR FREE - (Special freebies in the thread do not count toward the five purchased books) Terms: No probies or HOS'ers. First here or via PM wins, tiebreaker decided by time stamp. Shipping: 1-3 books: $6.70 via USPS flat rate priority mail. 4-10 books: $10 shipped priority. 11 books or more: via flat rate USPS box. If your order is too large to safely and securely fit in either a medium or large flat rate box, you'll pay exact shipping by weight. I will add insurance for orders over $50 at my own cost. No international shipping for now, sorry. No media mail. *Spend $125 or more and Shipping is on me (within the United States)* Returns are accepted within seven days. Return shipping is on you unless I've made a mistake with an order (you got the wrong books, I really botched a grade, etc) Payment: I accept Paypal and money orders. Your books will ship as soon as I receive your money order. Payment is due within three days of receiving your invoice. I have a small bit of feedback here in my kudos thread, but only as a buyer so far. For some idea of my record as a seller check out my ebay feedback: If you have any questions, please just ask!
  21. I finally completed my write-up for my newly acquired world class copy of Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 W for my CGC Registry Set entitled, "Enter Wolverine!" Just wanted to share with the larger CGC Comic Collecting Community! Enjoy!! -Professor Pecora [AND NOW...THE WOLVERINE!] Incredible Hulk #181 showcases the 1st full appearance of Wolverine and his 2nd overall appearance in the history of comics! Moreover, there are only a handful of comic books that have literally stood the test of time and have reigned over any other book of its era; Incredible Hulk #181 is one of those exceptions! If you were to think of a single comic book to represent the most sought-after, most valuable and most significant issue of an entire age, it would be Action Comics #1 of the Golden Age (1938-1955); Amazing Fantasy #15 of the Silver Age (1956-1969); and Incredible Hulk #181 of the Bronze Age (1970-1984). In other words, the 1st appearances of Superman, Spider-Man and Wolverine have superseded the importance of any other character of their respective time periods! With that said, the world was introduced to the claw-slashing, berserker-raged mutant Wolverine, who made a long-lasting first impression during his debut in November of 1974, as he battled the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe—the Incredible Hulk! However, Wolverine wasn’t anything like the major superheroes before him; instead, he was ill-mannered, hot-tempered and walked the earth with a tortured soul, as he would later struggle with his origins and the purpose of his creation. He was a government experiment—the perfect weapon—Weapon X! As a direct result, the “anti-hero” was born! Wolverine was originally created by writer Len Wein and designed by Marvel Art Director, John Romita, Sr. However, in October of 1974; it was the late Herb Trimpe (May 26, 1939 – April 13, 2015) who first drew the character for publication in a last panel cameo featured in the Incredible Hulk #180. The following month, Wolverine was depicted on the front cover lunging in midair and slashing through heavy chains to attack the Goliath Green Machine! In my personal opinion, this is by far the most badass 1st appearance entrance in the history of comics! Wolverine battled the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe head on, so the story title, “AND NOW…the WOLVERINE!” served as an impact statement as if to say, “move over Hulk…another badass is in town to take on all challengers!” With that being said, Herb Trimpe’s classic cover of Incredible Hulk #181 forever remains etched in the hearts and minds of all Wolverine fans and collectors, and is easily recognized and revered worldwide by any comic book collector or connoisseur! Roughly 8 months later in the Summer of 1975, Wolverine made his 2nd “full” appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 and became a major addition to the new X-Men team. While Wolverine was kicking a** and talking trash in the process, he became increasingly popular with avid X-Men readers and became the most popular character on the X-Men roster! From this success, Marvel would later feature Wolverine in his 1st solo comic; in a classic four-part miniseries, which was published from September – December of 1982. Fast forward a little over six years ahead, and Marvel finally catapulted Wolverine into his own monthly series in November of 1988! Furthermore, in the 43 years of his existence, Wolverine has become the most popular character in the entire Marvel Universe, next to the franchise’s marquee character—the Amazing Spider-Man! In the Marvel cinematic world, Wolverine has been characterized on the silver screen by famed actor Hugh Jackman for an astonishing 17 consecutive years in a total of 9 films! With the start of the new millennium in the year 2000 up until the year 2017, Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) has been featured in the following Marvel films: X-Men (2000); X2: X-Men United (2003); X-Men: The Last Stand (2006); X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009); X-Men: First Class (2011); The Wolverine (2013); X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014); X-Men: Apocalypse (2016); and Logan (2017). To say that Hugh Jackman has had success towards making Wolverine and the X-Men a viable movie franchise would be a gross understatement! Rather, he has ventured into “legendary status,” with almost 2 decades of filmmaking and helping to contribute a Worldwide Box Office Total of OVER 5 BILLION DOLLARS! As a direct result, copies of Incredible Hulk #181 will only continue to appreciate and rise in value annually, making it not only the most coveted book of the Bronze Age to collect and showcase, but one of the most secure long-term investments! According to the CGC Census Report as of December 12, 2017, out of an impressive total of 9,989 copies graded, only one (1) freak of nature was graded (WAY BACK in April of 2001) as a Universal MINT 9.9, which sold for $150,000 on Comic Link back in February of 2011! Furthermore, only one hundred four (104) copies (including my copy) were graded as a Universal 9.8 and only ten (10) copies were graded as a Signature Series 9.8. With these statistics in mind, the rarity factor for a CGC Universal IH #181 in 9.8 is only 1.04% of the total population! That’s extremely rare! Considering the vast number of copies that have already been professionally graded and the fact that many 9.8 copies are stashed away in private collections, it is going to become increasingly difficult to locate any 9.8 examples; raw or professionally graded! On that note, this particular CGC 9.8 copy sports PERFECT COVER WRAP, PERFECT CENTERING, and PERFECT WHITE PAGE QUALITY along with being PERFECTLY cut! (okay, if you want to be a snob...99.9% perfect! ) The color saturation is deep and bright and the corners are razor sharp! Of MAJOR significance is the absolutely PERFECT CENTERING & REGISTRATION ALONG THE SPINE! It is extremely RARE even in the 9.8 grade to find a copy in this immaculate condition, which makes the Professor Pecora Copy of Incredible Hulk #181 one of the finest and most valuable copies in the world! I purchased this PRISTINE GEM in March of 2017 from the same auction house where the single CGC 9.9 MINT copy last exchanged hands—Comic Link! I had to bid very aggressively in the final seconds of the auction to secure it, along with auctioning off the majority of my CGC 9.8 Bronze Age Marvel Key Collection in the Pedigree Comic’s April 2017 Grand Auction to pay for it, but at the end of the was all WORTH IT! In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Doug Schmell of Pedigree Comics for helping me to acquire this MEGA Bronze Age Key! -Professor Pecora
  22. I listed nearly 50 comic books as "Buy It Now" listings on eBay tonight! DEADPOOL, HARLEY QUINN, WOLVERINE, THANOS, STAR WARS, SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS, AQUAMAN, JONAH HEX, WARLOCK, MS. MARVEL & MORE! Many key issues! Give the listings a look at the COMICS UNLIMITED eBay shop! Thanks! Comics Unlimited's eBay shop! Below are some images of some of the comics I listed this time around....
  23. A baker's dozen lots coming right up...All books unpressed, no nose jobs, boob jobs, Botox etc First in the thread wins Payment: Money order or check; I do not have Paypal. Shipping: $5 U.S. On first two books; actual thereafter. (I can get about six in a flip n ship comic mailer and insert it in a flat rate legal size priority envelope, which is $7). Returns: Sure, just notify me within three days of receipt and get it back to me in the same shape on your dime (unless I missed something). Don't be listy We good to go?
  24. Ive got a bunch of listings up for sale ranging from Bronze Age X-Men titles, Complete Mini-Series, and Limited Edition Variant Covers Please click on the links provide for pictures and details for each item: Avengers #3 Daniel Acuna Avengers 50th Anniversary Variant Avengers #19 John Cassaday Avengers Through The Decades 2000s Variant Avengers #35 Agustin Alessio 1:10 Time Runs Out Variant Avengers #44 Jim Cheung End Of An Era Variant New Avengers #31 Laura Braga Women Of Marvel Variant New Avengers #33 Jim Cheung End Of An Era Variant Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 Mike McKone 1:15 Avengers Variant Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW In-Hyuk Lee 1:50 Variant Uncanny Avengers #19 Agustin Alessio 1:50 Variant Uncanny Avengers #1 Daniel Acuna 1:20 Teaser Variant Uncanny Avengers #1 Gabriele Dell'Otto 1:25 Variant Uncanny Avengers #3 Mike Deodata Jr. 1:25 Variant Uncanny Avengers #3 Tradd Moore 1:25 Variant Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 (of 9) Mike Deodato 1:50 Young Guns Variant Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 (of 9) Siya Oum Variant Avengers & X-Men: Axis #2 (of 9) Kris Anka 1:100 Inversion Variant Avengers & X-Men: Axis #4 (of 9) David Marquez 1:50 Young Guns Variant Avengers & X-Men: Axis #4 (of 9) Clay Mann 1:100 Inversion Variant Secret Empire #1 (2017) Dan Mora Villain Variant Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows (2016) #1 J. Scott Campbell Exclusive Variant Black Knight #1 Eric Powell 1:25 Variant Captain America: White #1 Mahmud Asrar 1:25 Variant Champions #1 Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Funko Pop Cyclops Variant Doctor Strange #11 Adam Hughes 1:50 Variant Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #2 Frazer Irving 1:25 Variant Inhumans VS X-Men #4 Ryan Sook 1:50 Variant Karnak #1 Gerardo Zaffino 1:25 Variant Mighty Captain Marvel #1 Alex Ross 1 Per Store Sketch Variant Mosaic #1 Mike Deodato Jr. 1:10 Teaser & Khary Randolph 1:25 Variant Lot S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Variant Cover Lot Squadron Supreme #6 Butch Guice 1:15 Classic Variant Thor #2 Esad Ribic & Chris Samnee 1:25 Variant Lot Thor #6 Pasqual Ferry 1:50 Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Mighty Thor #15 & Unworthy Thor #3 Ryan Sook 1:25 Connecting Variant Set Unworthy Thor #3 Emanuela Lupacchino 1:25 Variant Thunderbolts #1 Mark Bagley 1:25 Variant Uncanny Inhumans #0 Bill Ward What The Duck (WTD) Variant Wolverine #36 Joe Quesada Variant Death of Wolverine #1 GameStop Power Up Rewards Greg Horn 1:8000 Variant Death of Wolverine #1 J.G. Jones Dynamic Forces Variant Death of Wolverine #4 Juan Doe 1:50 Variant All-New X-Men #18 Stuart Immonen 1:50 Variant Astonishing X-Men #13 Coliseum of Comics Megacon 2006 Sketch Variant Astonishing X-Men #22 Character Spotlight Variant (Wolverine) Astonishing X-Men #1 (2017) Variant Lot Uncanny X-Men #492 Marc Silvestri 1:20 Variant Uncanny X-Men #14 #23 Variant Cover Lot X-Men #80 Joe Quesada Dynamic Forces Variant X-Men #100 Leinil Francis Yu Variant X-Men #100 Paul Smith Variant X-Men #100 John Ramita Jr. Variant X-Men #100 John Byrne Variant X-Men #200 Humberto Ramos Wraparound Variant X-Men: Legacy #275 Salvador Larroca Final Issue Variant X-Men #1 Mark Brooks Dynamic Forces Exclusive Variant Uncanny X-Men #12 Christopher Bachalo 1:25 Variant X-Men #6 Terry Dodson 1:25 Variant Wolverine and the X-Men #37 Kris Anka 1:25 Variant X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2 Esad Ribic 1:50 Variant X-Men:Blue & X-Men: Gold #13 Arthur Adams Connecting Black White 1:50 Variant Set Secret Wars (2016) #1 Skottie Young Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Blank Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Chip Zdarsky Party Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Amanda Connor Women Of Marvel Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Simone Bianchi 1:20 Connecting Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Esad Ribic 1:25 Promotional Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Butch Guice 1:25 Classic Artist Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Jim Cheung 1:100 Variant Secret Wars (2016) #1 Gabriele Dell'Otto Comicxposure Exclusive Variant Secret Wars (2016) #2 Yasmine Putri Variant Secret Wars (2016) #2 Simone Bianchi 1:20 Connecting Variant Secret Wars (2016) #2 Esad Ribic 1:25 Promotional Variant Secret Wars (2016) #2 Kevin Nowlan 1:25 Classic Artist Variant A-Force #1 Jorge Molina 1:25 Variant A-Force #1 Adam Hughes 1:50 Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Age of Apocalypse #1 Andy Clarke 1:20 Promo Variant Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 Legacy Edition Adi Granov Sketch Variant Civil War #1 Nick Bradshaw 1:50 Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Ultimate End #1 David Marquez 1:25 Variant X-Tinction Agenda #1 Mike Deodato 1:25 Variant Avengers vs. X-Men Variant Cover Lot Ultimate Spider-Man #150 Mark Bagley Wraparound Variant Generations: The Archers - Hawkeye #1 Elizabeth Torque White Variant Marvel Comics Variant Lot - Point One Eternals #1 War of Kings #1 DC: Convergence #0 Tony S. Daniel Variant DC: Convergence #0 Patrick Zircher 1:50 Variant All Star Batman #1 Declan Shalvey Variant Justice League (2016) #1 1:2000 Tyler Kirkham Dynamic Forces Variant Justice League (2016) #1 Aspen Exclusive Michael Turner Variant Heroes Reborn: The Return Complete Onslaught Reborn Complete + Variants Civil War: X-Men Complete + Aspen Michael Turner Variant Onslaught Complete 96 Run X-Men Marvel Universe Road to Epilogue White Variant X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong Complete X-Men: Phoenix Warsong Near Complete #1 #2 #3 #4 + Kirkham Top Cow Variant X-Men: The Search for Cyclops Complete + Red Variants Marvel Comics Random Lot - Infinity Entity #1 Mighty Avengers #1 Silk #1 Marvel Comics Random Lot - Magneto #9 X-Men #62 Minus 1 Uncanny X-Men Annual Avengers & X-Men: Axis Lot Issues #4 #6 # 8 #9 Marvel Comics Secret War Trade Paper Back (TPB) Avengers #263 Dazzler (1981) #1 The New Mutants #6 The New Mutants #8 Uncanny X-Men #124 Uncanny X-Men #125 Uncanny X-Men #138 Uncanny X-Men #150 Uncanny X-Men #155 Uncanny X-Men #166 Uncanny X-Men #193
  25. Happy New Year everyone! I'm hoping to have a few of these sales this year as I continue to reduce my collection and refocus my interest on older books. If you have any questions, please let me know. trumps any PMs or ongoing negotiations. - Prices are in U.S. funds -You pay exact shipping. I CAN SHIP UP TO 1 LB FOR $6.25 TO U.S. I CAN SHIP UP TO 1 LB FOR $4.25 TO CANADA Some examples of shipping costs to USA and Canada for heavier packages: USA (USD) CDA (USD) WEIGHT (LBS) NY PA OH TN CA WEIGHT (LBS) Canada Wide 1 $5.75 $6.50 $6.50 $6.75 $7.00 1 $7.00 2 $6.50 $6.50 $6.75 $9.00 $10.00 2 $8.00 3 $6.50 $7.25 $7.75 $11.50 $14.50 3 $8.50 4 $6.75 $7.50 $8.50 $13.50 $17.00 4 $9.50 5 $7.00 $7.75 $9.00 $15.25 $20.00 5 $10.00 6 $7.50 $8.25 $9.25 $17.00 $22.75 6 $11.00 7 $7.75 $8.75 $9.75 $19.00 $25.50 7 $11.75 8 $8.00 $9.00 $10.75 $20.75 $28.50 8 $12.75 9 $8.50 $9.50 $10.75 $22.50 $31.75 9 $13.50 10 $9.00 $10.00 $11.00 $24.50 $34.50 10 $14.25 Will ship worldwide. Please PM for quotes or questions. - Payment is by Paypal only. - No HOSers or anyone on probation. Or anyone on my personal No Trade List. - No returns on CGC graded books. Raw books may be returned if I’m notified within 5 days of delivery and books are returned within 2 weeks. No refunds on shipping costs. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. -Payment required within 7 days of invoicing. - I will automatically start a pile for anyone making a purchase and then send out invoices to everyone later. If anyone wants to checkout earlier, please let me know and I'll send invoice. Thanks for looking!