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Using the online submission form for CGC
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On the first page of the form it will ask you for your shipping information, please fill this out as completely as possible. Once you fill out your shipping information (name and address) and select Registered Mail, it will retain this information for however many submission forms you fill out at this time. You will click "Move to Step 2" at the bottom of the page.



The next page will allow you to select the tier for your first submission. If you would like images for these comics, you can select this option also. Then Click “Create Invoice.”



This will bring you to the page where you can begin to add items to your submission form.



For each comic you want to add to this submission you will need fill in all of the required fields (the Quantity, Date, Publisher, Title, Issue and Per Comic Value field) before it will let you click "Save" at the right.



To add additional items to your form under the same tier, click “Add Line Item.” Each line must be filled out completely and saved in order for you to continue with the form.

(If you want to fill out a new form, select a different grading tier when you are at this point.)




When you have finished adding books to all your submissions you will then click the "Move to Step 3" button at the bottom of the page.




The next page will ask you if you have any coupons to apply to the order(s). Coupons must be submitted with the forms in lieu of payment. Click "Move to Step 4"



This page will give you the total for the order(s) and allow you to Submit it. You will want to verify that the correct tier has been selected and make note of your total amount due. When the invoice is submitted it will e-mail a copy to you and give you an opportunity to print all the forms you have filled out.



PLEASE NOTE -You will have to fill in your method of payment before you print the form.



The final submission page will appear allowing you to print your forms to mail in with your comics. You will need to print 3 copies to send in with your books and we recommend printing an additional copy for your records.



If you have any problems or receive an error message, please note all the steps you took and call Customer Service.



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