Bronze-Age Spideys
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Show us your beautiful bronze Spideys! Here are a couple to get things started.


I loved the Spidey v. Hulk storyline in ASM 119 & 120




And the story in ASM 200 was a classic. One of my favorites of the entire run.



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While it might shock some of you, these books AREN'T low grades (though the 101 is close an the 129 is (Q) due to a missing MVS)! :olol







I guess I didn't scan my 122...oh well!

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Silhouettes... :cloud9:




Can someone who has actively been collecting this book tell me their take on how common the miscuts are on it ? I had a 9.4 copy which was very similar to this book, and almost every copy Ive seen has this same problem.

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