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5 hours ago, Iconic1s said:

It’s ‘framed’ and ‘behind glass’ so I hope animation art is okay here...

Wanted to share another piece.  This is an original production cel from The Last Son of Krypton Part I of the Superman Animated Series. It’s actually a two cel setup with one laid over the other, one of Jor El and one of Baby Kal El, it is also an original painted background.  

If you watch this episode you will not see this exact image in it’s entirety.  This scene occurred when Jor El put baby Kal El on the ground; the baby started walking away and at the same time the camera panned up Jor El’s body to his face as he stood up and watched baby Supes walk off.

Probably my favorite OPC even though I have similar pan and scan cels from Legacy Part II of Superman fighting Darkseid, throwing punches as the camera panned across the image rather than up the image.


Very cool that you have the whole setup, including the painted background. A lot of times, when cel setups like this are sold, the background is a laser scanned copy. Nice piece!


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On 8/29/2019 at 3:14 PM, fmaz said:

Got my latest back from the framer, this splash from Untold Tales of Spidey.  Plus FINALLY gave into my OCD and had an old piece rematted so now ALL my pieces match.  I can sleep soundly, at last.  :D As promised, a look at the whole "gallery" if you can call 15 pieces of art a gallery.  LOL  

For those who can't tell, the longer wall is all published art.  The shorter wall is commissions/sketches.  Although the Bagley cover is still that "probably unpublished cover/splash?" that sits on that wall by default.  Next few pieces will start to necessitate a rearrange, but for now at least I've been able to stay consistent with this. 




(CLOCKWISE From Top left)
Nova #19 - Carmine Infantino; Marvel Team-Up #2 - Ross Andru
Superman #360 - Curt Swan; Untold Tales of Spider-Man #17 - Pat Olliffe


Amazing Spider-Man Daily Strip 4-22-80 - John Romita Sr;
Amazing Spider-Man #131 - Ross Andru; Spider-Man/Deadpool #5 - Ed McGuinness


(CLOCKWISE From Top left)
What If...? #1 - Jim Craig; Marvel Team-Up #52 - Sal Buscema
Superman vs. Spider-Man Treasury - Ross Andru (et al)



(Left to Right)
BBDO/Ultimate Spider-Man #4 (unpublished?) - Mark Bagley;
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 commission - Alan Kupperberg


(CLOCKWISE From Top left)
Marvel Characters He Was Known For -  George Tuska; Spider-Man/Peter Parker split - John Romita Sr
Herobear sketch cover - Mike Kunkel



Love the way you art looks in these frames!  Just curious is the art behind the mat or floating on the mat?

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All of these have been stripped from their frames and put in to a binder.  They are the first four I had framed 25 +/- years ago, and the first one I bought that came framed.  The X-O and Showcase 100 will probably get framed again at some point.  The rest are probably in the binder for eternity.....


On 12/17/2020 at 10:07 PM, Local Net Plus, LLC said:













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Got my framing stuff for my latest Peanuts strip.  Sadly I just did a quick check on the mat size and decided it was the same as my other Peanuts stip size and re-ordered the same sized mat.  It isn't the same size :cry:

Had to order a new mat.  Still waiting on it being shipped.  :cry:

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