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21 hours ago, Phill the Governor said:

Sweet Hero Initiative Cover! 


I too picked up a something in the auction..  Back cover to issue #25. 

A link to my CAF with a larger image is Here

Issue 25 BC_small.jpg


Only took me 8+ years of collecting WD art to get this BC. At this rate I'll have a front cover in no time!

That is one of the best ones for sure.   Nice!    And I clicked your link.    Kudos on some amazing art, like the Lori/Judith splash and the Governor execution.   Now all you need is the page of Negan taking a baseball bat to Glenn.  Seriously though, really impressive collection.

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On 12/9/2018 at 11:48 AM, BladeTX said:

You have added all the International editions.  Yet that Registry only has US published books.  This seems inconsistent to me.  If it was a Global Registry (and maybe one should be created?), you would have issues in other languages.  Or maybe add only the ones in English language.   I’m not trying to complete this set but I don’t see how non-US versions make sense.

The Batman The Killing Joke has foreign editions in the registry.


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I'd like to wish all Walking Dead fans and collectors a very happy Christmas from the UK.

And a happy New Year 2019,

Best wishes,


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