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I love people that comment on the assault weapons laws...


The media is the worst. These numbskulls never know the difference between semi-automatic and automatic. They always report as if SEMIautomatic weapons are FULLY automatic...that is, every semiauto pistol/rifle is a machine gun.


That confusion might be intentional. :gossip:



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your ability to own a hunting rifle and/or handgun for your home isn't going to get particularly restricted any time soon unless you're a felon or nuts.



The support for concealed weapons and assault weapons is not nearly as broad.



You may want to reread the DC Vs Heller case. It's not about classification of any kind. It stated we the people have the right to keep and bear arms. This is in no ways states hunting rifles and hand guns. It states arms in a VERY broad term. The ban of assault weapons is as worthless as the DC gun ban. There wasn't any noticable defference in crime before or during the last AWB. The FBI even released a statement during that AWB saying the number one and two used firearms envloved in crime was a revolver and shotgun. The AWB drove the cost of AWs through the roof and to a point where no one could aford to buy one for their collection let alone to knock off some convenice store. Also, we already have the National Firearms ACT of 1938, the 1986 Machine Gun laws and the 9rr compliance parts. Any atemps to violate these laws will bring down the full wrath of the BATF...remember Waco and Ruby Ridge? The Assault firearms you see like above in my collection are merrly knock offs. There hasn't been a real AK 47 imported into the country since 1986 and meets the 9rr complaince parts list. The only legal machine guns in this country was imported before 1986. You have to be perfect and have 10,000.00 -100,000.00 to aford one along with a perfect family back ground...not just you. There hasn't been a LIC MG used in a crime.


Also, If you're going to ban assault rifles you need to ban hunting rifles as well! All you hear about is how an AK47 can penitrait body armour or put holes through car doors. First of all, just about every hand gun on the market could put a hole all the way through a car door. Second, the AK uses a .30cal bullet just like some of your more popular hunting rifles like a .30.30, 30.06 and .308 which is more than able to do the same thing to car doors or body armour. Now the AR15 on the other hand uses a small .22cal bullet...yes, just like your .22 varment rifle setting next to the door. In fact the .223 was designed for varment hunitng and notr for the military. So just about every popular hunitng rifle buy your local Wal Mart is more powerful than an AR15 or even the M4 currently being used by our troops in Iraq.


I personally have no problem with people owning assault rifles - as long as owning the ammunition for said rifles is illegal (thumbs u


you must live in California


In Illinois, actually - but, let me guess, you live in the south?

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