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I believe graded 5's are very nice presentable books. There are a few on ebay. For someone looking for a nice copy, make an offer to the owners and see what happens. (thumbs u


What are 5's running now? Like 13-15k?

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I gave away too much info for a true grade contest.

I should have just posted up pics and let you guys guess, I think it would have got

5.0-6.0 from people...

But here is the reveal...



There's got to be something that's not obvious here. That is simply too nice of a cover front & back for a 4.0.

Pay for those graders notes and tell us what's going on. Was the cover attached at the bottom staple? CF attached at both staples? You must have missed something on the inside. Looks like a 5.0 to me.


Just from what I can see:


Back cover stains and foxing, tears at staples, possible back cover tear (lower spine), some front cover creasing, some back cover creasing, rounded/worn top spine, wear at the spine (vertical reading creases).


I thought about buying the book from Ken and took a look at it.



I wouldn't have put it at 5.0 but it is a nice 4.0.


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I was in the hunt for the Metro 5.0.

All depends on the eye appeal and what you are willing to pay.

The Metropolis copy that was a 5.0 had light marvel chipping and was

a bit faded with creme to off-white pages...

It was a lower end 5.0 and I was able to get Vince down to 12,500- cash only or

more if it was by check or credit card.


I found a real nice copy at Quality Comics for 13,000-, but it still had pretty bad chipping

Off white pages though and real nice color.


The GPA on 5.0 was 11,432 last week, which is quite low.


5.0 = 11,000 to as a high as 14,000-


Prices are jumping all over the place and nowhere but up ;-)

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I definitely think you made the right move. No question, i would take what looks like an under graded 4.0 with no chipping over a "weak" 5.0 with chipping.


Nothing, and i mean NOTHING sells faster than a AF15 with nice eye appeal and no chipping (thumbs u


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I agree, but I was willing to pay a premium or higher price and

I think others might as well if I ever do sell this one.


It will be a top end 4.0, but still a 4.0*

Harley Yee's 4.0 that went for 9000- I'm told was a real nice.

That's why prices in grade are staring to have wide swings.


GPA on 5.0 was 11,000- and goes from 11-14K all over the place.


*That was my line when I got the price dropped down. The seller stated

look how amazing it looks and I said, "Yeah, but if I want to pay 4.5 or 5.0 price

I'll just buy that...this is only a 4.0"!


Have a good one,




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I was really stuck on that one.

The number is important to me, but Michael Carbonaro said exactly your words...



If the price was closer I probably might have grabbed the less attractive 5.0

just for the label, but I'm glad I didn't. That chipping would have bugged the out of me.


Dealers told me, "That's a factory error and shouldn't hurt the grade."

It hurts my eye to look at and no offense to those that have chipped books, but

I'd rather have one without.


Take care,



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The prices were kind of all over the place in last night's AF #15 bidding. Here is the final rundown (on what passes for affordable copies lately):


4.0 OW (chipping): $7500

3.5 CR-OW: $8401

3.0 OW: $5252

2.5 OW-W: $5701 (Congrats Junkdrawer, this is a strong price!)


I get that the 4.0 was chipped a bit, but does that justify the price relative to that 3.5? Same with that 3.0, though it was a fairly unattractive copy for the grade.


As everyone has been saying, eye appeal (and PQ to a degree) is apparently king on these books.



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This is becoming more important as Michael Carbonaro told me at the show.

Eye appeal on anything 2.0-6.0 can be really important.

Chipped/faded 4.0-6.0's get hit really hard. Cover color and gloss, and even page

quality is becoming more of a factor.


In the past the prices were nearly the same on a creme to off white verses a

White or off-white to white or even a solid WHITE!


As people are shelling out larger sums of cash (like me) they are looking for the

best possible copy at the best price.


My 4.0 being off-white to WHITE with strong color made me attracted to the lower grade and

willing to go with a number I would usually pass on. I also was a bit cautious about shelling out multiple house payments on a book that might be tan to creme or creme to off-white...


The PQ will only decrease over the next 50 years!

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You really hit this book hard with that analysis.

The stains are there and very slight foxing...sounds really bad in your description.


I look at it this way...according to Robert a VG is the average used copy of a comic.

There is no way in my opinion (See the scans) that this is the average copy of an Af15

or any comic out there.


Still it's a 4.0, no denying it and I'm happy...

Probably a bit biased now as this is my baby ;-)

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I currently have 10 copies (and have sold 4 in past month) and in most cases I have been paying full retail or more for them. But af15s are plentiful as long as you are willing to spend the $s


That said I have a longtime friend/customer that has about 65 af15s. Most are lower grade and likely a few restored but he has several vf or better. Keep in mind he has been buying them since the 70s... In the course of a couple of months I have bought 14 copies. I could accumulate 100 in the matter of a few months or less (maye much less as i have done a quick search and there are over 50 copies readily available right now..and that is just te tip of the ice berg) There really is no challenge in obtaining a copy.


That said demand continues to outpace supply and prices continue to rise so I will continue to buy and sell


On a side note I have an af15 in my personal collection and it is an ext prof restored copy. Tremendous value for tremendous appearance!

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I am in.............. it looked better with my glasses off but am quite happy to have it. scan0022_zps326e40f1.jpg

Gator the back cover is much would it cost to restore this bad baby??

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I am in.............. it looked better with my glasses off but am quite happy to have it. scan0022_zps326e40f1.jpg

Gator the back cover is much would it cost to restore this bad baby??

contact Matt but my guess is more than 1000
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8 more folks recently landed copies...thereby joining the Amazing Fantasy #15 Club. Some of these fellows are dealers so they'll surely be copies changing hands...but no need to quibble: this is merely a snapshot in time of our beloved Club. :sumo:


(:gossip: Junkdrawer has temporarily exited the Club after selling his 2.5 [OWW] via ComicLink for the pretty penny sum of 5,701! :whatthe: He promised, though, that he'll be returning to the Club. :headbang: And Bruno_s4 upgraded from a 4.0 [OW] to a 6.0 [OWW]--and what an upgrade it was! :headbang:)


The 7 most-recent inductees:


SpideyFein / 1.8 (CRM/OW)

The-Collector / 6.5 (OWW)--Moderate(P)

R2hammer / 4.0 (OWW)

G.A.tor / 3.0 (OWW)

qualitycomix / FR

loadstone / 3.0 (PQ?)


MarvelOnly / .5 (Brittle)--Slight(A)


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Grand total: 205 copies

Slabbed: 150

Raw: 55


CGC Universal:


9.2 (OW) Ghost Town (482, ASM thread)

8.5 (WP) Dark Knight (512)

8.0 (OWW) peewee22 (427)

7.5 (WP) showcase22gr1959 (461)

7.5 (OW) sartre (651)

7.5 (CRM/OW) SilverRich (24)

7.0 (OWW) sufunk (311)

7.0 (OW) roulette44 (613)

7.0 (CRM/OW), pence copy; gadzukes (606)

7.0 (CRM/OW) Racer-X (605)

6.5 (OWW) Hawkman23 (442)

6.5 (OW) DetroitMike (23)

6.5 (OW) HaydenTO (439)

6.5 (OW) Wally's Comics (60)

6.0 (OWW) Bruno_s4 (671)

6.0 (OWW) Buzzetta (623)

6.0 (OWW) showcase22gr1959 (107)

6.0 (CRM/OW) Loki (3)

6.0 (CRM/OW) mikephoen (628)

6.0 (?) TSwift25 (8)

6.0 (?) bondguy (10)

5.5 (OW) mar-vell (3)

5.5 (CRM/OW) hal (412)

5.5 (?) SpiderTurtle (68)

5.0 (OWW) silverweb (9/481)

5.0 (OWW) Will Baxton (389)

5.0 (OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

5.0 (OW) SpiderTurtle (561)

5.0 (OW) Spyderfan (548)

5.0 (?) fishbone (48; 656)

4.5 (OWW) cesium (643)

4.5 (OWW) mysterio (249)

4.5 (OW) campued1010 (29)

4.5 (OW) Deanokeeno (436)

4.5 (CRM/OW) VW ClobberinThing (565)

4.5 (?)--de-slabbed; MrBigFeathers (621)

4.0 (OWW) Machinehd (bought here on the Boards, 12/14/12)

4.0 (OWW) october (bought here on the Boards, 8/21/12)

4.0 (OWW) R2hammer (673-674)

4.0 (OWW) symbiotic (600)

4.0 (OW) Bob-a-loo (459)

4.0 (OW) drbanner (615)

4.0 (OW) mycomicshop (bought here on the Boards, 1/28/13)

4.0 (OW) Shawn Low (297)

4.0 (OW) rockvoan (271)

4.0 (CRM/OW) BaltimoreLauren (48)

4.0 (CRM/OW) 500Club (667)

4.0 (CRM/OW) hockeyboy13 (bought here on the Boards, 2/7/13)

4.0 (CRM/OW) Magneto (641)

4.0 (CRM/OW) zarduzi (653)

4.0 (?) FourthWorld (9)

4.0 (?) TSwift25 (8)

3.5 (OWW) mrlatko (102)

3.5 (OWW) spidersense (88)

3.5 (OWW) swapto (425)

3.5 (OW) byosti (61; 667)

3.5 (OW) Hulksdaddy1 (660)

3.5 (OW) Krusty007 (403)

3.5 (OW) piper (88)

3.5 (OW) Shawn Low (297)

3.5 (OW) stuck (209)

3.5 (OW) tigers comics (509)

3.5 (CRM/OW) Buzzetta (594/598)

3.5 (CRM/OW) Crowzilla (509)

3.5 (CRM/OW) seashor (263)

3.5 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

3.5 (?) Primetime (597)

3.5 (?) rman444 (75)

3.0 (OWW) G.A.tor (bought here on the Boards, 2/25/13)

3.0 (OW) Artboy99 (663)

3.0 (OW) hockeyboy13 (bought here on the Boards, 2/18/13)

3.0 (CRM/OW) comicdey (649)

3.0 (CRM/OW) hockeyboy13 (bought here on the Boards, 2/7/13)

3.0 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

3.0 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (548)

3.0 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (548)

3.0 (CRM/OW) ssaiyan (485)

3.0 (?) AmazingSaul (572)

3.0 (?) Ebel 1911 (406)

3.0 (?) fishbone (656)

3.0 (?) gadzukes (606)

3.0 (?) loadstone (676)

3.0 (?) SpiderTurtle (68)

3.0 (?) USArmyParatrooper (494)

2.5 (WP) keysilvermarvel (364)

2.5 (OWW) Erndog (662)

2.5 (OWW) mt1000 (125)

2.5 (OW) telerites (455)

2.5 (CRM/OW) Bat-Man (247)

2.5 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

2.5 (CRM/OW) USArmyParatrooper (439)

2.5 (?) fishbone (48; 656)

2.5 (?) FourthWorld (9)

2.5 (?) TSwift25 (8)

2.0 (OW) Darth Corgi (394)

2.0 (CRM/OW) Grendel72 (295)

2.0 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

2.0 (?) DetroitMike (23)

2.0 (? ) Valiantman (?)

1.8 (OW) Bluetooth (620)

1.8 (OW) *Bronze age fan* (167)

1.8 (CRM/OW) Buzzetta (598/625)

1.8 (CRM/OW) SpideyFein (671)

1.8 (?) Black Lantern (88)

1.8 (?) cgriffith (399)

1.5 (CRM/OW) comix4fun (bought here on the Boards, 1/16/13)

1.5 (CRM/OW) Escaflown4 (126)

1.5 (CRM/OW) Ghost Rider (565)

1.0 (OWW) lemonman5 (475)

1.0 (CRM/OW) maloney414 (?)

1.0 (CRM/OW) Miamiknight3434 (655)

1.0 (CRM/OW) Speedy-D (583)

1.0 (CRM/OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

.5 (OW) SpiderTurtle (68)

.5 (CRM/OW) cloudofwit (307)

NG (?) (Coverless) longdillon1 (599; 612; 653)

CGC Universal/Signature Series


5.5 (OWW) HaydenTO (554)

5.0 (OWW) 1st-and-keys (276)

4.5 (OW) jump-ace (432)

3.5 (?) 1webslinger (375)

3.0 (OWW) comichut (592)

2.0 (?) jjfversion1 (via WTB trade thread, Mar. 2012)

1.8 (CRM/OW) Mac Man (43)

1.5 (OWW) JerseyComicBoy (581/588)


CGC Signatures Series/Restored


9.0 (OWW)--Slight(A); trimmed; Peter Loves Gwen (215)

7.5 (?)--Moderate(P) Max Carnage (via WTB trade thread, Mar. 2012...and for sale on the Boards in May 2012...did it sell?)

7.0 (?)--?; Stronguy (11)

3.0 (OW)--Slight(P?); trory140 (602)

2.5 (CRM/OW)--Moderate(A); trimmed; XXXPHOENIX (294)


CGC Restored:


9.4 (CRM/OW)--Slight(P); trimmed; marvelcollector (305)

(Circle 8 Pedigree)

9.2 (CRM/OW)--Moderate(P); Max Carnage (37)

9.0 (OWW)--Moderate(P); cgcworld (1)

9.0 (OWW)--Moderate(P); FoomMember (285)

6.5 (OWW)--Moderate(P); The-Collector (672)

6.0 (OW)--Moderate(P); AnkurJ (653)

6.0 (OW)--Extensive(P); Count (6)

6.0 (OW)--Moderate(P)?; holyghost (409)

5.5 (?)--Extensive(P); Shark (51)

5.0 (CRM/OW)--Slight(A); trimmed; Kevin.J (554)

5.0 (CRM/OW)--Slight(P); MedicAR (65)

3.5 (?)--Moderate(A); tortoise (341)

3.0 (OW)--Extensive (P); hal (420)

3.0 (CRM/OW)--Moderate(A); trimmed; spidey fan (411)

3.0 (?)--Moderate(P); -cryptkeeper- (6)

3.0 (?)--?; chromium (260)

1.5 (OW)--Slight(A) trimmed; ryanatlas (527)

1.0 (OWW)--Slight(A); married page; JesterSB (35/590)

1.0 (OW)--Apparent; cover trimmed; Bleuhawaii (665)

.5 (Brittle)--Slight(A); MarvelOnly (bought here on the Boards, 2/28/13)

TBA? EffEffBee (15)


Raw Copies:


No Grade Revealed:


chromium (260)

ciorac (14)

CLChew676 (77)

Comcasthawk (16)

dgarthwaite (525)

dscott239, restored copy (552)

Fedoraman (1)

FlyingDonut (20)

Foolkiller (17)

FourthWorld (9)

ft88 (53)

ffcomics (30)

Hulkfan (452)

Illustrious (529)

Jacey (9)

jmg3637 (90)

joeypost (93)

joker-fish (21)

mikeyc67, 2 copies (152)

Moetown (411)

mt1000 (125)

pc1009 (477)

Poe (127)

red rocks (558)

rob-allan (96)

TC33 (530)

tfa1998 (155)

the collectron (1)

voorhees (332)


Grade Revealed:


Straw-Man, 2 copies: VF- and VG+ to VG/FN (84)

Burntboy FN+ or FN/VF (23)

oakman29 VG/FN (381)

marino1 VG+ (94)

APT370 VG (91; 646)

Ccmp99 GD/VG (661)

DetroitMike GD+ (23)

ivrimark GD (44/46/615)

october GD (261)

eriqui GD- (645-646)

RockyMullins FR/GD to GD- (616)

KirbyJack FR to FR/GD (1)

dec FR, pence copy (54)

qualitycomix FR (bought here on the Boards, 2/25/13)

THB FR (678)

Comicopolis PR to FR (185)

tigers comics PR to FR (187)

asro462 PR (missing top 1/2 of cover) (?)

cgriffith PR (missing top 1/3 of cover) (547)

gadzukes PR (missing top 1/3 of cover); bought here on the Boards, 1/8/13

gadzukes PR (coverless) (607)

kolmaravenue PR (coverless & missing first 2 pgs.) (?)

Shawn Low PR (coverless) (?)

spidrvacc PR (coverless & just Spidey story; pgs. loose) (187)

Edited by cloudofwit
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I am in.............. it looked better with my glasses off but am quite happy to have it. scan0022_zps326e40f1.jpg

Gator the back cover is much would it cost to restore this bad baby??

contact Matt but my guess is more than 1000


Thanks....time to save a few more pennies.......

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