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Thanks for letting me share! Always nice to see the talent on the Boards. This is essentially our "Gallery". I mentioned on the General site that this is my 2nd X-Men drawing. First was in 2012. (Probably buried in here somewhere) I was a late 70's X-Men fan and loved the Claremont/Byrne era. Stopped collecting new issues back in the mid-80's but I've since bought a number of them. I missed out on the Lee era and the X-Men (multiple covers time frame.) Have about half of the SA issues.  



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Years ago when I worked in the Bank I used to produce a staff magazine called 'Debaser'.

I was a Pixies fan you see, and it seemed an appropriate title as all the magazine did was rip the sh:censored: out of everyone 38073605_DarthSidious.gif.043cf9759c949fefaafeb8993cf4415e.gif

It was quite popular and ran for 9 issues over ten years or so. I would take photos of everyone and then draw them with an article which "best reflected their personality". You won't know them of course, but you get the idea. This was before the days of compooters for me and everything was hand done. Letraset, typing, photocopying etc. Took me ages, but I used to quite enjoy it.

The eagle eyed among you might recognise the title font / format 824928096_BladerunnerWiseCrack.gif.c6359df9ee82be1d366c9116105ab5bf.gif



That's my old boss on the cover there. The chap, not the sheep. The splash page below shows the previous 5 issues. That's me on the cover of - I think - issue 6 - 'baring my soul' in the 'final edition' which never was. What a pompous prig I was in them days (don't say it):



Karen looks nice.

This next page shows one of the tightest people I ever worked for, who's name escapes me. He looked like Tommy Steele. I've had to censor it:



That last line always makes me laugh. 

And in keeping with the self deprecating approach, here's my write up on me:



Handsome chap wasn't I. And despite all the frivolity and Michael extraction, a man prone to episodes of gloom.

Anyway, nothing to do with comics, but a reminder that I used to have flair, and used to be able to draw really well. What happened?


Edited by Get Marwood & I
She gave me the anti-midas touch!

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