Invincible Appreciation Thread
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So I decided to dedicate my first post on the CGC boards to my most recent mailday.




I've been reading these boards for a while, I mostly post over on the Blowout forums, but decided I would like to post some comics I love, rather than ones for speculation. I picked up the #1 from a blowout member, and had gotten 2 3 and the comixology variant(Probably one of my favorite covers ever) for steals on the bay.


Just decided to show my love for Invincible, considering this is the only forum that shows it love.


Oh, and Hi.

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Update on my compendium journey:


Didn't read as much as I planned on this weekend. I'm up to issue #16 and plan to be at #20 tomorrow. Still digging it though and looking forward to reaching the next compendium and learning about The Conquest character. Great villains are :cloud9:

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