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5 minutes ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

@Dave2739 you've been on fire!! These are awesome books! Beautiful Bronze!

thanks very much! My wallet has also been on fire! xD

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37 minutes ago, Lifesuggs said:

This just came in


:whee: Congrats!!

I'm glad it's held value, but after the Netflix that bumped it a bit, it didn't come back down. I'm a little surprised is all, with the amount of copies and all!

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Well, I received my Comiclink wins today and it’s a bit of a wash. 

The #61 is nice and was the one I was chiefly interested in due to presenting so well with a predominately black cover. The bottom corner of the front cover is bent in a bit, not sure if that’s some post-slabbing damage. 

The #60 I was primarily interested in as a book to help split the shipping cost. I have a raw copy that looks almost as nice as this copy.  The last couple of days before the auction ended I kept telling myself to check my raw copy for condition but never got around to it before the auction ended. 

So I pull the book out today and there’s a post-it note saying “As-Is” and a see a little piece of plastic floating at the bottom of the slab and I’m like WTH?

So I look back at the listing and sure enough there’s a note about the damaged slab. 

I think I remember seeing the note when Clink first posted the book prior the auction’s start, but at the time I wasn’t seriously thinking about bidding. 

Guess I forgot about it and by the time I decided to bid the books I was focused on the pictures and not the description. 

And my obliviousness cost me the opportunity to bid on a different book to split shipping, or at the very least have Clink send it to CGC for reholdering.  

Anyway, wasn’t the fun package I was hoping for. 




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