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8 minutes ago, MGsimba77 said:

Hey if its gonna happen may as well be on that one! It could of had a coupon missing resulting in a green :whatthe: 

I say glass half full! 

I am saving the qualified green label for when I get my GL 76 graded (hoping it looks as sweet as this one - not my comic btw).

Image result for qualified green lantern 76 cgc

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4 hours ago, Parabellum said:

Won this yesterday off comiclink.



WOW!!! @Parabellum I went big on a #12, got a 1st gen label 9.6, but that 9.8 is awesome, Congrats!

Only some comics characters get the 3rd appearance designation on the label, lol it's a small quirk, but at least this has the Origin on there, a great read :) 

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30 minutes ago, Number 6 said:

I suppose the conventional wisdom on this book is that if it’s not 9.8 with White pages it’s not worth having slabbed. 

But I picked it up for about the cost of slabbing and it’s a pretty sharp looking copy. I’m happy with it and my wallet is too. 


Frank Miller & Klaus art not too shabby :)

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11 minutes ago, johnenock said:

I assumed everything in a slab is pressed. :blush:

Haha I get it, there is only one pressed book in my collection, a IH 181 that went from 2.5 to 3.0, but it originally had crayon on the cover and wasn't aesthetically pleasing lol


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