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On 3/21/2020 at 7:40 AM, Kevin76 said:

I found another raw Crow 3, hopefully I get a 9.8 on this one, looks promising  otherwise i'll be 0/4  

:headbang:  Fingers crossed for you!  This whole set is so hard to find in 9.0 or above.  I submitted a Crow 1 that looked 9.8, maybe 9.6 and came back 9.4.  I hope 4th time's the charm for you!

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5 hours ago, engelhard said:

so i got these back from cgc a little while ago... got the 9.4's i wanted but only on one of them..happy and annoyed a little lol

i almost wish they were all 9.4's or better yet all 9.6's



Very nice, Wow!

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Always exciting when a Crow #1 9.8 comes up for auction  :popcorn:   That cover is a thing of beauty and at last check there are 34 in this grade



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1 hour ago, Supraman16 said:

My little collection. Not the highest grades but I got these years ago. Maybe I’ll upgrade some of the issues later on to higher grades but I’m pretty happy with the set currently. 






Are you kidding lol

You're modest! Those are sweet! ^^

If there are stories behind them even better!

But glad you hung onto them!

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16 hours ago, Jugger Grimrod said:

I have not posted in quite some time, but wanted to share with the fellow fans here my latest addition to my Crow commissions collection. Having been a fan since the book released in 1989, meeting O' Barr in the early 90's not only campaigning to get him up here for conventions but when I worked for Diamond Comics I got them to approve a special screening of the film shortly before it opened up here in Seattle for the comic retailers and James flew in for it. Over the years developed a friendship with him which continues to this day, one of the nicest guys out there, and absolutely appreciates and loves his fans as many here can attest to that. One thing in my art collection that I didn't have was a piece featuring Brandon Lee in character. As we all know, the loss of Brandon was a huge shock with a sadness that continues to this day as he was perfect in that role. James rarely draws Brandon, as he told me, when he does it is for a special occasion, such as his birthday, an anniversary, etc. When he does do a piece featuring Brandon, James, having the heart of gold that he has, donates all of the money to charity. In March of this year James did a piece featuring the iconic scene of Brandon holding the shotgun at Gideon. When I saw it, it didn't take me but a few seconds to say "I need/want that!". I reached out to James, he told me the price, and I didn't question it one bit. It was well worth it, and I felt even better knowing the money was going to charity, in the case of this piece, a local food bank near him which as many would agree, couldn't be a better place to donate the funds with everything going in the world. The piece is entitled "Is That Gasoline I Smell?" and hands down is gorgeous, even more detailed in person. It is 11x17 inches in size, inks on Bristol board. I received it a few weeks ago, and had it scanned. Here is an image for those interested below.

Also I am planning on posting up some of my commissions for sale, more than likely via eBay. None will be by James, but rather since 2007 I have had other artist interpretations of the character done in a sketchbook. There are some I won't part with, but there are some that I am going to, not because I don't like them, but to make room for new pieces that I am going to focus on and hopefully there will be some collectors out there that will want them. I also have found some extra Crow shirts from the 90's I will be posting, not many but just duplicates, some which have never been worn including a very rare style that James had made directly which was limited to only 50 made, and he donated all the proceeds from it as well.

I still have not submitted my original Caliber issues for grading, however because mine were signed by James long before grading companies existed, due to them being signed back then, I am going to have them first go through the signature verification program that CBCS offers and have them grade them as I don't believe CGC offers that service when it comes to books being signed without a rep being present. I do know that the print on the issues was quite small and with them having all black covers, getting a 9.8 or higher is very rare, so those who have a 9.8+ I envy you, as you know you have something special. When I finally do get mine done and back I will update here.

Here though is the piece of art mentioned above...



The Crow James O' Barr March 2020 200 DPI.JPG

That's awesome original art! 

Good stuff :x


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Thank you for sharing @Jugger Grimrod.  That’s is quite an amazing piece of work right there.  You’re absolutely right about owning any of the original books 9.8.  Definitely hard to come by and worth every penny.  My 9.8 set is hands down a keeper.

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