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GA/BA/SA Sale Alert Thread!

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Post a reply here to get a mention of your sub-forum thread here on the main forum.

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Two bound volumes of Sparkler comics, probably publisher's volumes, each have 12 comics, very neat ...in the GA list.

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Updated my FF thread-

Now free shipping for $35 orders and a Easter Egg for the first $50 order.


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I am going to list some SA and BA Marvel and DC key issues later on tonight. Please take a look.


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I will be selling 6 lots of spider-man titles this weekend.

Bronze to Modern. Amazing, Spectacular, Web Of , Sensational, Spider-man, Peter Parker and some Misc Titles.

The lots range in size from 8 books to 85 books.

Avg price will be $1 each


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I'll be having a big potpourri SA/BA sale starting sometime today in the SA/BA forum, all Marvel from A-Z. Most books will be mid-grade, with a smattering of low grade and even less of a smattering of high grade. If you don't like big 'many mixed titles in one' sales threads, then this will not be the thread for you. I'm trying to clear out space, so have gone through all of my boxes and am moving as much as possible for around 50% of guide. I haven't counted, but will guess there will be a couple hundred books or so.


All books have been scanned and are ready to go, so I should be posting several at a time once I start. I do have several boxes to go through though, so it should run at least through the end of the weekend (maybe longer, depending on non-comic related stuff going on).


NOT INCLUDED in this sale (because I have large enough runs that they'll get their own threads once this one is done) are: Hero for Hire/Power Man, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel/Warlock. Maybe some others that I'm not remembering right now.

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Mentioning it here as they are also a Misc item, I have OSPG #13-17 for sale



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I'll be listing a few high-grade Bronze-Age books tonight at below the current Overstreet prices. I prefer to list some of these here for fellow Board members before sending them to E-Bay. Hopefully I'll have something you need. Probably start a little after 6:00 PM EST. :wishluck:

Edited by Blind Owl

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Please check out the certified Air Pirates books I am posting in the Gold/Silver section today at really good prices.

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Off in the GA SA BA sales threads.....


I'm in the process of listing a mixture .....I plan to list more every night so start a pile if you're in the mood for some good reading..there will be some high dollar books in there as well.... PM offers..Thanks


Here's the list so far


Page 1


Fear 19 9.0-0.2 $20 :news: SOLD to cpannell :news:

ASM 127 4.0 $5

ASM 137 5.5 $8

ASM 161 5.0 $5

Four Color 1157 Master of the World 2.0 $4

Four Color 1313 Moon Pilot 3.0 $8

Marvel Feature 1 Red Sonja 4.5 $2

Marvel Feature 5 Ant Man 6.5 $3


Page 2


Marvel Premier 28 Legion of Monsters 3.0 $2

Marvel Presents 1 Bloodstone 7.5 $3

Marvel Spotlight 1 Red Wolf 5.0 $5

Marvel Spotlight 4 WWBN 2.0 $3

Marvel Spotlight 8 Ghost Rider 2.5 $3

Marvel Spotlight 32 3.0 Spider Woman $2

Midnight Tales 12 4.5 $1

Outer Space 1 4.0 $4

Sad Sack 133 6.5 $5


Page 3


Sad Sack and the Sarge 99 6.5 $5

Sad Sack’s Army Life 5 6.0 $7

Sad Sack Laugh Special 15 5.5 $5

Sad Sack Laugh Special 60 6.5 $8

Tales to Astonish 31 1.8 $12

ASM 101 6.0 $35 :news: SOLD to Beastfeast :news:

Hot Stuff Creep Caves 1 3.0, #3 5.0 $4 / pair

Moorlock 2001 #1 3.0 free with any purchase (free with purchase)

Harbinger 1, 3, Rai 2 email me for scans $25 for the 3 shipped

Marvel super special summer special 2 9.2-9.4 $1

Marvel super special summer special x-men 1 9.4-9.6 $2

Marvel super special winter special 1990 9.2-9.4 $1

Secret Wars 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 lot

Tales of Terror 1 9.4 + $2

Tales of Terror 5 9.4 $1

Captain Marvel 54 4.0 with Nitro $1


Page 4


Captain Marvel 46 5.0 $1

Nick Fury 4 Classic Steranko Cover 3.0 $5

Official marvel no prize book 5.0 $1

Kid Colt 150 4.5 $2

Weird Wonder Tales 22 7.0 $3

Fantastic Four Roast (my OO copy) 9.5 or better $5

Marvel Feature 11 1.8 and 12 3.0 $4/pair Starlin and Thanos


Page 5


Reno Jones Gunhawks #7 5.0+ $2

Ghost Rider #2 western 5.0 $5 :news: SOLD to skinnys pal tubby :news:

Spider-Woman #1 7.0 $3 :news: SOLD to skinnys pal tubby :news:

Strange Tales 155 5.5 Steranko $6

Jughead 101 5.0 $6 (Big Ethel Returns)

Defenders 26 and 28 in 5.0 $2/pair

Panic 10 5.0 $20

Panic 11 4.5 $17

Lil Abner 76 5.0+ $35 and Lil Abner 97 3.0 $20 or the pair for $40








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Please make sure that you visit the VCC boards for current auctions held for Nik




As a tip for easier viewing:


Tip to all: Change your "Display Options" at the bottom of the page on the Auction thread list to "Sort By:


Thread Start Time" - "Ascending" in order to view the auctions in numerical order.

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Selling about 40 archives. All in like new, pristine shape.

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I have a Complete High Grade lot of Star Wars up in the G/S/B Forum. Check it out!!




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