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Attention Page Sniffers!


Catrick's Cornucopia returns tomorrow.


I've been asked for some previews, here's a strong sampling.


PCH (Precode humor)


Includes a good number of early Archie titles, Raggedy Ann, early Four Color, Dean and Jerry, Bob Hope, Mighty Mouse, Tick Tock Tales, Fat and Slat, DC humor, etc.


PCH (Precode horror) includes all of the following, plus a few more:


Advs into Terror 21, 44

Strange Worlds 2, 9

Weird Horrors 8

Frankenstein 3

Weird Mysteries 3

Strange Terrors 1, 3

Witchcraft 4

Witches Tales x 7 issues

Shock Suspense 6


Mr. Mystery x 3

Tales of Terror/Horror x 3

Weird Thrillers 1, 2, 5

Tomb of Terror 9

Terrors of the Jungle 8

Hand of Fate x 5

Beyond x 5

This Magazine is Haunted x 2

Web of Evil 9

Marvel Tales 101

Mysteries Weird and Strange x 2

Unseen 11

Bewar3e 14

Web of Mystery x 3

Baffling x 5

Haunted Thrills x 2

Strange Mysteries x 2

Ghost Comics x 2

Mysterious Adventures x 3

Suspense Detective 56

Thrilling Crime 46

Journey into Fear x 2

Black Magic x 10

Eerie 2

Purple Claw 1

Journey into Unknown Worlds x 4

Fantastic Fears 8

Uncanny Tales x 5

Miscellaneous Atlas titles x 12 or so, several precode, the rest prehero

Suspense x 4


Matt Baker Romance and Misc


Giant Comics Edition 15

Wartime Romances 16

Teen-Age Temptations 8

Diary Secrets 15

Authentic Police Cases 1, 2, 26, 37

Fighting Marines 8

Dear Beatrice Fairfax 5 (#1) Painted cover by SCHOMBURG! Who knew?


Other miscellaneous bits and pieces, feel free to put in requests for titles, genres, etc.


Starting some time tomorrow afternoon, July 5th


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Well, the bills are coming home to roost from Cat's birthday party and my adventures at WW Chicago, and I just paid a visit to Lunatic Lowgrade Guy this morning.,


You all know what that means, don't you?


Yep, Catrick's Cornucopia is due to rear its malformed head again!


Starting some time Labor Day afternoon, I'll be putting up a mixed grill of....wait for it.....50's and 60's comic books! Who'da thunk?


Here's the hook this time:


Everything, or damned near it, will be listed at a flat price of $10


Yep, almost everything will be either ten bucks, or free with a purchase.


Brace yourselves.

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Planning a magazines thread later tonight over in GSB, barring a power outage from the storm. Approx 120 books, nice bunch of mag keys and many uncommon items. And a few of the coolest usual suspects too.

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Grrr!   Offering IH 102 (9.2 OW/W), Eternals 1 (9.6 Q); TOS 43 (6.0 & 62 (8.0); XM 95 (7.5), 118 (9.2), 126 (9.4); JIM 119 (7.5), Mr. Miracle 5 (9.0) in the GA/SA/BA forum.   


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Action Comics #21, Miss Fury #3 and Maxx Ashcans all in one Thread!!!! 

A Marvelous work of mastery by Marvel in what can only be entitled- Fantastic Four, Maxx Ashcans, Action Comics #21 and more!:ohnoez:

You heard it here first true believers!



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Posted (edited)

Virtual Comic Convention XLV (April 18-19, 2020) this weekend - start working on your booths!

Tell your friends and frenemies!!!



Edited by lizards2

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big-dancing-banana-smiley-Greggy.gif.f4d Virtual Comic Convention big-dancing-banana-smiley-Greggy.gif.f4d

Tons of books left - GA/SA/BA etc.!!!! :banana: 

Carpload of books already sold!  :banana: 

Great prices! 2c

Witty banter!  :slapfight:

Ryan's analysis! Ryan.

Prevents acne, and no live convention smells! yayclouds.gif

Ends today so shop today! :banana:

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Howdy Ho!

Starting  tonight,   I'm  launching   TWO   Quarnucopia  threads,   one in   G/S/B   with my  usual  mix,  and one  in  Mixed  with  weird  magazines,  modern lots, 
pulps, paperbacks,  and  the Aurora  Spider-Man   plastic  model,  along  with  whatever  odd  bits  come  to  hand.  I haven't  tried  to  run  simultaneous
threads  in  a while,  so  bear  with me,  posting  may  be  a bit slow  as  I move  back  and  forth  between  threads. 

Plenty  of  weird  stuff  coming,  as  I  shovel  out  another  odd  corner of  the garage,  :D


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