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40 minutes ago, Badger said:

Schomburg and Timely frequently made the heroes slightly bigger or just completely out-sized bigger to attract the eye to them. My personal theory is they thought that this made the heroes stand out to the casual observer on the newsstand.

and the "big" heroes was a telling foreshadowing that they would win the war. What a way to build patriotism in the youth at that time. 

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2 minutes ago, MrBedrock said:

A little group shot to celebrate Schomburg's victory in the tournament. Mostly Timely so I figured it would fit in here...




Is that tonight's facebook live sale? lol

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Just now, Unstoppablejayd said:

BTW you guys ran the best one of all the stores I have seen try with everything going on.

Thank you, Jay. I really appreciate that. We are having a ton of fun doing them.

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1 minute ago, Frisco Larson said:

Pretty extraordinary Ricky!!! If you're taking requests, a lil more Cap in the next batch please :) 


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3 hours ago, GreatCaesarsGhost said:

My own little gathering is meager by comparison, but they try hard:



There is no universe where these 2 books count as "meager." That 37 could be the Nova Scotia copy. 

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a meagar change
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