Marvel Westerns (Silver Age)
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3 hours ago, TheWatcher said:

Soft place in my heart for Marvel Westerns. So much great art in the stories. Very underappreciated. You have a wonderful collection, Frisco (thumbsu

Thank you so much! I've been enjoying buying them quietly for a few years and am happy to see that there are others who enjoy them as well. Still so inexpensive and overlooked. 

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10 hours ago, mikeyc67 said:

Nice pence copies!

Only have one and its a pesky cents

Gunsmoke 58_0001.jpg

That's a nice looking copy. I've never seen a cents copy over here. Or a high grade one for that matter!

7 hours ago, Frisco Larson said:

You guys have some great pence copies in here!!! I only have a pic of one of mine … 

Kid Colt Outlaw 119 pence.jpg

I've seen so many high grade pence copies of that on ebay USA over the years - there must have been a case of them discovered or something. Your 9d ones are in better condition than ours :bigsmile: 

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The first time I ever went to a comic book store was the mid 1970s. It was overwhelming, in the best way. It was also the first time I ever laid eyes on the art of Frank Frazetta. So instead of buying Fantastic Four 52, or Brave and Bold 25, or Rawhide Kid 17, I spent my $2.50 on a Frazetta calendar.

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