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Confession: I'm not the biggest fan of horror comics, correction, I'm not a fan of horror comics at all, so what's with the post? Well, a couple of months ago at another messageboard a poster asked if Marvel had published a full fledged horror comic. I had just purchased ComicBase, and decided to help the guy out and at the same time test the searching capabilities of the program. So the following is a list of results that I compilled from ComicBase 6 (version 7 is available now) to help a fellow comic enthusiast, enjoy wink.gif


BEWARE (1973)

Blade (1st Series 1997)

Blade (2nd Series 1998)

Blade (3nd Series 1998)

Blade (4nd Series 1998-1999)

Blade: Vampire Hunter

Book of the Dead

Chamber of Chills (1972-1976)

Chamber of Darkness (1969-1970)

Conan vs Rune (1995)

Creatures on the loose (1971-1975)

Crypt of Shadows (1973-1975)

Curse of the Weird (1993)

Curse of the Zombie

Darkhold (1992-1994)

Darkman (vol. 1) 1990

Darkman (vol. 2) 1993

Daydreamers (1997)

Dead of Night (1973-1975)

Dr. Strange vs Dracula (1994)

Dracula Lives (1973-1976)

Dracula A Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares

Dracula Lord of the Undead (1998)


Ectokid Unleashed! (1994)

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Magazine 1988) Have you seen the size of her...eyes laugh.gif

Fantasy Masterpieces (1966-1967)

Fear (1970-1973)

Frankenstein (1973-1974)

Freddy Krueger's Nightmare on Elm Street

Ghost Rider Poser Magazine

Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear (1992)

Ghost Rider: Crossroads

Giant-Size Chillers (1st series) (1974)

Giant-Size Chillers (2nd series) (1975)

Giant-Size Creatures (1974)

Giant-Size Dracula (1974-1975)

Giant-Size Man-Thing (1974-1975)

Giant-Size Werewolf By Night (1974-1975)

Godzilla (1977-1979)

Island of Dr. Moreau, The

Journey into Mystery (1st Series) (1952-1966, 1996-1998)

Journey into Mystery (2nd Series) (1972-1975)

Journey into Unknown Worlds (1950-1957)

Legion of Monsters, The

Man-Thing (Vol. 1) (1974-1975)

Man-Thing (Vol. 2) (1979-1981)

Man-Thing (Vol. 3) (1997-1998)

Marvel Chillers (1975-1976)

Marvel Chillers: Shades of Green Monsters (1997)

Marvel Chillers: The Thing in the glass case

Marvel Classics Comics (1976-1978)

Marvel Graphic Novel: Arena (1989)

Marvel Holloween: Supernaturals Tour Book

Marvel Spring Special (1988)

Marvel Tales (1st Series) (1949-1957)

Midnight Sons Unlimited (1993-1995)

Monster Masterworks

Monster Menace

Monsters on the Prowl (1971-1974)

Monsters Unleashed (1973-1975)

Morbius Revisited (1993)

Morbius: The Living Vampire (1992-1995)

Mort the Dead Teenager (sounds creepy to me)

Mystic (1951-1957)

Nightmare (1994-1995)

Nightmare of Elm Street, A (1989)

Nightstalkers (1992-1993)

Original Ghost Rider Rides Again, The (1991-1992)

Original Ghost Rider, The (1992-1994)

Punisher P.O.V. (drawn by Berni W.)

Razorline: The First Cut

Requiem for Dracula (1992)

Rise of the Midnight Sons (1993)

Saint Sinner (1993-1994) (Sounds like a book about me)

Savage Return of Dracula, The (1992)

Silver Surfer Vs Dracula (1994) (who hasn't Dracula faced)

Son of Satan (1975-1977)

Spider-Man VS. Dracula (Go Spidey web his jaws shut!)

Strange Tales (1st Series) (1963-1968, 1973-1976)

Strange Tales (4th Series) (1998)

Strange Tales: Dark Corners (1998)

Suburban She-Devils (1992)

Supernatural Thrillers (1972-1975)

Supernatural Tour Book, The (1998)

Supernaturals, The (1998-??)

Tales of Suspense (1959-1968)

Tales of the Zombie

Terror, Inc. (1992-1993)

Tomb of Darkness (1974-1976)

Tomb of Dracula (1972-1979) (yep more dracula)

Tomb of Dracula Magazine (1979-1980)

Tower of Shadows (1969-1971)

Uncanny Tales (1st series) (1952-1957)

Uncanny Tales (2nd series) (1973-1975)

Vampire Tales (1973)

Vault of Evil (sounds like a classic to me)

Wedding of Dracula

Weird Wonder Tales

WareWolf by Night

WareWolf by Night (volume 2) (1998)

Where Creatures Roam (1970-1971)

Where Monsters Dwell (1970-1975)

Wolverine and Ghost Rider in Acts of Vengeance

X-Men Vs Dracula (1993) (the vs Dracula books would not be complete without a battle against the X-Men)



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Give me a list of every single Blade appearance, pre-modern. Actually, if you can come up with one it'd be great, thanks! smile.gif



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YOu are really digging this Comic Base thingy eh? I might have to get a hold of one just to play around. I admit I was never interested until I got on this forum and folks talked about it. CBG also has crazy ads for it lately....thx.

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"A surprise hit movie in the late 90's resurrected fan interest in this '70s character, and Marvel Comics helped kick start it with this tale of the vampire-killer that's not entirely human himself." -The first sentence of the title description for Blade (1st Series) from ComicBase


Blade appearances:

Blade (1st Series) 1 (cool looking photo cover BTW)

Blade (2nd Series) 1

Blade (3rd Series) 1-4

Blade (4th Series) 1-4

Dracula Lives 36

Fear 24

Halloween Megazine 1 (Tomb of Dracula reprints)

Marvel Preview 3, 8

Marvel Team-Up (2nd Series) 7

Peter Parker: Spider-Man 7, 8

Tomb of Dracula 10 (first appearance of Blade the Vampire Slayer), 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 30, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 53, 54

Vampire Tales 8, 9, 10


Any 2002 appearances of Blade would not be in my version of ComicBase, and therefore not in the above list. There might even be some 2001 appearances not listed above. Worth mentioning is the fact that I was not able to search by Character (Blade), but usually anything important can be found in the notes, so I searched by Notes to come up with the above list.

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I really appreciate the searching capabilities of ComicBase, they can be quite helpful. Check out this list of searches that can be performed.


The first set of searches looks for information from the Notes, Artist, and Writer fields.

• First appearance

• Second appearance

• Origin

• Death

• Storyline/Crossover

• Artist

• Writer

• Notes

The following set of searches finds titles, rather than issues.

• Title Name

• Publisher

• Title Description

• Title Comments

• Title Marked

• Mature Readers Only

• Title Date Created

• Title Date Modified

• Description Date Modified

• Genre (this is the search I performed to get the results for Marvel Horror books)

This group of searches finds items based on issue information.

• Quantity in Stock

• Condition

• Cover Price

• Cover Date

• Price

• Cost

• Current Value

• (Year) Value

• Date Modified

• Marked

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just to help you out with one of the best horror series of the 70's, which your list seems to be missing some info on:


Werewolf By Night (vol 1) (1972-1977)


and yes, comicbase is a great piece of software for the serious comic collector grin.gif

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Aren't Marvel Preview, and Dracula Lives oversized books?



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The Marvel Preview is a Comic Magazine in B&W Magazine format, the Dracula Lives is a British horror title that reprinted some of Marvel's most popular American titles in a B&W larger than comic format. So, the short answer to your question is YES.

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