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If you're interested in getting more comics people to see and bid on your comics auctions, "First Edition" is for regular books. Comics are generally just listed as title/ issue number. So in this case, someone experienced with comics would just list this as Gorgo #1. Listing it that way would have at least two benefits. For one you would look like you know at least the comic book basics which would instill more confidence in prospective bidders- referring to the "spine" instead of the "binding" would help as well- binding is another regular book term. Secondly "#1" is something comic buyers would both search for and scan listings for, so the much tougher to spot and probably unsearched "first edition" isn't doing you any favors. Even if people end up with your book in front of them in a set of listings they might not really see what it is because of the lack of a number.


You do have a big scan which is probably the best thing you could do when listing comics, so you've got that going for you thumbsup2.gif

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