What's new in your Silver Age collection this week
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1 hour ago, Morganmi said:

Thanks sweet signature series yourself, and yea the ink on this book is super deep. Quite a few small defects but the colors are almost dripping off the cover.

 I believe you might be correct that the color deepness differed from book to book in the silver age and before. I`m defiantly no expert but it doesn`t seem likely the color differences are purely due to fading when you have a lot of pretty worn books with deep dark colors and super nice copies with lighter colors.

Thanks! At one time I was considering building a Signature Series X-Men run but it's SO hard for me to retain a focus, because I love SO many areas of the hobby! I've seen a TON of color variations on covers, especially with a few Golden Age Fiction House comics! My copy may have some fade to it, but the backgrounds are VERY different while the reds seem close. Anyway, beautiful colors on your copy!  (thumbsu

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