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Stuart Sayger Ive been trying to get for years


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1 hour ago, Webhead2018 said:

Wicked piece there

Thanks . Casey really did this hommage masterfully . The details in person are stunning 

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On 3/29/2020 at 1:39 AM, Subby1938 said:

Casey Parsons 

18x24” mixed media 

Kraven’s Last Hunt Recreation 


Really stunning piece! congrats!

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I do not really do commissions anymore (still on a few lists though) but saw this and thought I would pass it along. 

Andrew Robinson taking commissions

that is a link to his FB posting

hmm, maybe I should get a Starman from him!

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New Art Day
Faux Sugar and Spike 100 Cover featuring
Farlaine the Goblin by Pug Grumble
Years ago, I decided to back a Kickstarter for a series of all-ages comics by an anonymous author. Can't tell you why. I'd never read the story, but I liked the way that the creator described it and I liked the artwork. So, I backed it. My perk was a page of art from the fourth book out of seven; the last three were to be supported by the Kickstarter.
Turned out that creator lived near where I frequently work so we decided to meet for dinner so he could deliver my pert - I figure saving postage is good. :)
We talked a bit about the story. It features Farlaine, a young tree goblin shaman, who set out to find a place to start his forest. The world of Wug has many peculiar lands and we got to see only a handful over the course of his adventure. When the story picks up, Farlaine is very discouraged. He's down to the last 10 lands and Ehrenwort, the tree intended to start his forest, is withering. The seven volumes of the series tell that the ending of his search.
As long as the series is, we never got to see any of the hundreds (!) of places, he had visited before it started until now.
Since that first meeting, I've tried to commission Pug, but he's been too busy and so it stood until today when I received this gift from my friend Pug.
He decided to show me the time that Farlaine visited The Toddlerlands where he encountered Sugar and Spike! Who knew! I guess as they did with their visit with the Muppet Babies that they used Bernie the Brain's version of the Ultimate Nullifier to find their way there. :)
Thanks for the great gift, Pug. 

Click to embiggen.


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Posted (edited)

I'm not sure when this will arrive bc shipping is difficult right now, but I just commissioned this 11x14 from Matt Lesniewski - I asked for Batman in his costume from Detective Comics No.27

ML Batman 27 INKS - small vers.jpg

Edited by NC101

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Posted these in another thread, but since these are commission type pieces....

Guy Gilchrist Facebook Convention.

Gonzo as Charles Dickens with Rizzo

Kermit with my favorite Jim Henson Quote

A bonus rough starter Leonardo that Guy forgot was on the back of a paper before starting Kermit.


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