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It is official Matt Slay will be a variant cover artist on the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #4. For now we have access to about 100 copies, the rest will be distributed at comic conventions and as retailer incentives.


We have worked hard to ensure the cover stock is something good, I personally recommended using un-coated Bristol, but for now there is no way to really know what the stock will be. So for this reason the sketches will be limited to black and white. If the covers end up being good stock we will do some watercolors as well.


Books will be in hand on or around 4/8


Raw covers: $10


There will be a variety of options for CGC SS priced include CGC and return shipping.


SS with free front remark. $60

SS with head-sketch on the back $75

SS with single figure on the back $150


You can choose to have the front signed as well just for sketches, just let me know.


If you want a Marvel sketch cover just Pm me.


Please post the :takeit: even if we have already spoken, I have a reserved list but I will send out invoices off this thread.




Past commission sketch covers.










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SS with single figure on the back

Shredder Sketch.



Ahhh now this is a wise decision... :devil:


It sounds fun. No doubt Matt will rock it for me!

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Is it possible to ask the publisher for a few sheets of the raw paper stock they used? That way Slay can do test runs on things like color without having to use any of the comics.


lol ... no...

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So... we also have the published OA. I don't want to violate rules on the forums so if your interested in the art PM me. 11x17 watercolors. The painting almost fills the entire sheet.



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So, Matt will begin on any non-turtle sketch requests now, otherwise we will bill around the first with the books arriving on the 8th of April. Matt's specialty is painting so if your interested in commissioning a painting Matt has some free time before the start of these sketches.


Here is a new one for sale 11x15 on watercolor board. $350



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Huge thanks to everybody for the interest. I have an undying love for all things 80's / My Childhood.


And just to second the motion, choosing the Shredder sketch was a cool decision... though as of now, I am forbidden to divulge why. ;)


Looking forward to these.



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