Boston Comic Con Haul (Charles Paul Wilson III, Katie Cook, Herb Trimpe, & more)

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Hi all, I just wanted to share some things and thoughts from Boston Comic Con 2012. I'll take pics at some point tomorrow so don't worry, heh. Also, I have more art to post tomorrow when I pick up some more commissions, so check this out in the meantime.


Here's my CAF btw:

Last_Raven's CAF page


So... First up we have a commission from Dan Khanna. I love G1 Wheeljack and thought this was a great piece for a great price. He took a lot of time working on it and I really like the finished product. It's pretty cool! Anyways check it out:




Secondly, we have a few of Katie Cook's "5 minute" watercolor sketch cards. They're pretty neat little cards and very clever. I wasn't able to talk to her directly, but she had so many cool little cards! I think I was wise to leave with only what I did because I could have bought many more. I also picked up a few prints of the Avengers and a Star Wars print as well. Such cool pieces and very very affordable! Nice added touch was the "Frappe", a common New England-ism for milkshake.






The next thing I picked up were a few pages from Nostalgic Investments, Bechara Maalouf. Bechara was very helpful and when I contacted him, he even found a page I might have been interested in and threw it in there. Here's the few I picked up. I believe the one page with the registration marks is missing the overlay, so if anyone knows where it is, let me know!!! I'd like to have it, :P


The one from Issue 55 is also one of the few pages (10 total) that Bob Budiansky laid out, so I definitely felt like it was something I would like. The comic doesn't say if Jim Fern had any participation in it, though I imagine he would have done finished pencils for it. Not sure about it.






Finally, we have something of a mystery piece. This is definitely showing a little age (being from around 1978 and done in markers). I know the initial Detective Comics 70 (which this is the cover of) was published in 1946 or so, so obviously this has nothing to do with it. The colors are done in marker and I know enough that it needs to be UV protected / kept out of direct sunlight at the least. Other than that, it's a signed piece created for the National Cartoonist Society and they seem to be sold online from, but I can't find any color pieces / how many there may have been. If someone can help out, please post. I don't mind being totally embarrassed on this one. :tonofbricks:










Tomorrow, I'll be picking up commissions from Herb Trimpe and Charles Paul Wilson III, so stay tuned!


I might decide to get a head sketch from Joe Sinnott as well. Respect for the classic artists! Lines for Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley were so insane, they ended up having to put them out in the hall to keep the aisles clear.


I didn't get to go to the art auction, but I hope that they raised a few bucks for a good cause!

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I figure this is ok to post, but my Magneto watercolor is done and tweeted:




(Sorry about sideways action there). I have another one coming tomorrow too.

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On day 2, I returned to the con for a brief period of time. I had spent enough time I think looking at the toys and other stuff at the show, so I just focused on picking up a few more pieces I had requested previously.


First up were two pieces from Charles Paul Wilson III. I very strongly recommend him and I believe for what you pay, you get a great bang! I requested a Magneto themed "Pooh style" watercolor and it turned out splendidly! I got a nice preview earlier in the day and on Twitter beforehand, so here it is!



The next thing I requested was some Stuff of Legend characters, Scout and Max. Start of a rough relationship, eh? I figured I wanted something that reminded me of my own dog.




Finally, we have a sketch from Herb Trimpe. Herb is a great guy and very pleasant to talk to. I had to leave early the previous day, so I picked up the sketch the next. I think he definitely took his time with this one! Prowl never looked better in the G1 comics. Apparently Prowl is quite a popular character.




I also got a print and signature from Bernie Wrightson as well. If I had the scratch at the time, I would have picked up an OA page as well since he did have some reasonably priced pieces there from his movie work. That's it for the con this year! Hopefully, I'll go back next year and have an equally great time!

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I had a great time at Boston Comic Con and picked up a few pieces including a Curt Swan Legion piece! You can read about it here.

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