HUGE! Random Raws,Saga, Fatale, Variants, and Slabs! Reduced Prices
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I really need to clear some room in the "office" (more like comic storage) so here it is:


No Probies, HoS's, Low Lifes, Deviants, Villains, etc.


:takeit: Rules but feel free to PM offers, anything will be considered.

Ask me anything, no question is taboo (my likes, dislikes, favorite movie...)


Shipping in US for 1-2 raw books is $3 + .50 for each additional book

Shipping in US for one slab is $11 + $2 for each additional slab

Unless....You buy a slab(s) and raw(s) the raw books are included in the slab shipping cost.

International shipping will be on the money, so let me know where you are.


Purchased from me before? You get a discount (thumbs u

.5% is still a discount, right?




Spend over $10 and get a high five

Spend over $150 and get free shipping US and super discounted shipping International!

Spend over $300 and you get my firstborn (sorry honey)


I encourage obnoxious behavior and insults, just not directed at me

Let's get started!


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Ultimate Spider Man #160 Spoiler Variant, still sealed but I know it's NM because the plastic looks good :insane: $10 :news: SOLD!



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Uncanny X-Force #18 Dark Angel Saga Conclusion, still sealed (this is my favorite plastic so if you buy this and open it, can I have it back?) $12 :news: SOLD!



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New 52 Lot mostly readers or if you have a really big bird cage, F-NM $5

Supergirl and Suicide Squad are 2nd prints, the rest are first



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Green Lantern #1 and #2 New 52, NM $5



But wait, there's more! I'll throw in Red Lanterns #1 too! Now you can have several books with ugly aliens on the cover


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