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Doug, even though you totally outshine me, and triple my collection... our stuff is actually really similar hm Are you copying me?! hm


Sort of...I dream about what you're going to get and try to beat you to the punch.


Oddly, I also dream about odd things like cities that have subways that are stacked and come to the surface to load and unload. Sometimes, as many as seven levels. On the surface, we have to climb something akin to the Eiffel Tower as far as the exposed girder appearance to board up to seven stories above the ground. The subway then takes off like a roller coaster. I've also dreamed about driving a school bus down a very steep and crooked road. The bus is full of the girls I've dated throughout my life and near the bottom of the road, I graze the front bumper against the left knee of a very fat woman in a motorized wheelchair. I bring the bus to a stop and turn to let everyone know that I'll be out checking on the woman and find the bus to be empty. I step out into a courtroom where I'm being sued for carving potatoes into the busts of assassinated presidents.




Maybe the dream thing is out. I think we just have very similar taste!

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