Larry Stroman: Reputable?
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1 hour ago, Madman1138 said:

Now Stroman is doing these 11x17 sketches that he puts up for sale on various FB groups and such. They are pretty nice and I know better than to commission him, but I thought surely he won't have an issue with an already finished piece. So I replied, he told me where to Paypal the money and I sent it immediately. With shipping it was only $90, so I figured it was worth the risk even knowing his reputation on commissions because I liked the art. But sure enough, I never heard from him again. I messaged through the FB group sale listing, direct to him, and through his Paypal email address. He never responded to any of them and never mailed the art. Someone in the FB mentioned to me that they had to initiate a Paypal refund to get him to mail out their art, so right around 45 days since payment was sent and no word ever received, I initiated a Paypal dispute. Literally the next morning I got a FB Messenger photo of the shipping receipt with the tracking info and he mailed it. So I did get it and close the dispute, but without the ability to threaten to take the money back I doubt I ever would have seen my piece. I even watched him mock a guy he never delivered to on his FB page as the guy was trying everything. So unless you simply "have to have" something by him and see him in person at a con and buy something in a portfolio that is already done and right in front of you, just avoid any deals with him. He straight out doesn't care.

Those facebook groups should kick him so he can't screw people over like that.

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On 6/7/2016 at 3:01 PM, Koa said:

Fans tend to be reverential and forgiving of their favorite artists and artists who are prone to taking advantage of that, really push it to the limits.

This might be the worst part of being a comic fan.  Not to excuse bad behavior among some artists but I'm sure some of them have some fan encounter (and commission) horror stories as well.

But in general, this is one of the few hobbies or interests where you can get REALLY close to someone whose work you appreciate.  I mean, these people would go to comic conventions and don't have an entourage.  We're kind of used to it now but do you remember the first time you saw an artist and you knew their work ?

Do you think you'll ever get a chance to say... Hey Sir Paul, can you write a little poem for me in iambic pentameter about 3 colors and the 212 area code ?

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