wtb Shadowman 13 Davis, voices (2004) , moon knight MRRC virgin finch

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I have that Sandman 75 2nd Print, one of 3 9.6's, 0 9.8s in census. 



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Bump. Updated list

Lastest wantlist

Lookouts TenNapel B&W

Ult spiderman 1 fcbd (no logo pop tarts ads)

Ult.spiderman 1 morales sketch

Wolverine 145 no foil error

Silver surfer 50 3rd print error

Miracleman 3d in 2d

Five ghosts c2e2 ashcan

Mind mgmt dust cover HC 

Voices (2004)

Superman dc premier edition (Lego)

Turtlemania gold

Moon knight finch virgin variant mrrc

elephantmen 23 Capello variant

Spawn sketch prototype 285

uxm 285 Dodson not for sale variant

transformers 43 Texas con variant


List of silver age (raw/cgc low grades wanted)


Uxm 1

Edited by Mattyeo
Updated list

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