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So here I was this morning (Saturday November 3rd) waking up fifteen minutes before my alarm goes off and after only three hours of sleep. I promised a friend that I would be by to help him film his little "love child". You see as much as I have a distinct love for Comic books, his adoration is for Zombies, and not necessarily Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead. I have purchased a few of those and if you take a look at my set, those are the ones I bought him. I kept them on the registry for the points, is that wrong?


He's filming this weekend and next weekend and I wish I had the ability to take off just to help him out. This is labor of love, well this and brewing beer. I have helped him out in that endeavor as well. He started For_Zombies as a lark with one of his friends, something he would have probably had me onboard for but I didn't share his affinity to the "Decomposers" as he does. If you check him out on You Tube he will actually groan to you how to make beer in "Brewing for Zombies", don't worry there are subtitles.

Are the first ones lacking, yes they are but with his brewing and grilling endeavors he was lacking then to, but now it seems that he can't go to a home brew club without at least bringing something to drink that he made. As for the grilling, well that doesn't quite make it, I make sure to help him eat those, especially with a vegetarian as a girlfriend there is more than enough for me. SO, what is this journal about if it isn't about CGC graded comic books, it's about me helping a friend out and asking you to go check out is endeavor's on you tube or even like his page on Facebook .


Thanks for Reading





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