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Picked up the Chris Bachalo Death piece this month and the Scott McDaniel Deathstroke/Batman piece awhile back. DEATH15_Bachalo.jpg.36a576f32bb058bd1841a45668c9846d.jpgscott_mcdaniel_batman__robin__deathstroke_by_murphy65-d5fovy5.thumb.jpg.811848a65f20cb09b4db9c8eae90f42a.jpg

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Nice bump.  Have not seen the modern OA thread in a while. 🍻


Here are a few 2019 pickups: 

Immortal Hulk 10326B89EC-7CFF-497A-BDA4-C696DD00E8DA.thumb.jpeg.d028f8705a59bd07586c52ac9030d728.jpeg

Immortal Hulk 14


Immortal Hulk 14


Venom 9


Venom 11


Doctor Fate 3 


Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1



Happy hunting,

cheers! 🍻



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