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18 minutes ago, fifties said:

Got these in today.  Didn't know the USPS delivered on Sundays.  I don't usually collect Mr. D.A.'s, but this cover just floored me when I came across it, from 1948.

Adventures Into Weird Worlds 21.jpg

Mystic 10.jpg

Famous Crimes 51.jpg

Headline Comics 54.jpg

Mr. D.A. 5, 1948.jpg

Love that Mystic 10 with the heads peeking out of the box that says "use no hooks"! And that Headline cover is killer! Heck, they're all nice. Great score! :golfclap:

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1 minute ago, X_Phile said:

Tough book. Not even pictured in Gerber. 

Wow, didn't know that! I'm seeing more and more that there were many books not pictured than what was in the 'Unseen Gold' piece posted years ago. 

I don't have any of the Gerber books as I like to 'see' something for the 'first time' in the wild. But i'm sure even with pouring over all those images many times, you will still 'notice' something you didn't before.  Appreciate the info!

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