Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!
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17 minutes ago, Mucheee1 said:


I saw him!! I saw him!!

Did you?? Did you??

I did!! I did!!

Why are we saying everything twice?? Why are we saying everything twice??

I don't know!! I don't know!!

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22 minutes ago, Jasonmorris1000000 said:

What do you think is the best Steve Ditko cover in the PHM run?  I can’t decide between TOS #2, TTA #2, or Strange Worlds #2 for my favorite.

Strange Worlds #2.jpg

Tales to Astonish #02.jpg

Tales of Suspense #02.jpg

Tough pick from the ones you posted ! My order for those would be TOS2, SW2 and then TTA2.

Always been a big fan of this Ditko cover from his Amazing Adult Fantasy work:


This one has to rank up there as well just due to the fact that it was the first PHM I bought as a teenager:




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4 minutes ago, Mucheee1 said:

How about this Ditko cover, maybe someone can post a picture of a nicer looking copy than my beater ...



Good call ! Might be his best example of the prototypical PHM covers !



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1 minute ago, Jasonmorris1000000 said:

The owner of my LCS really likes this one

Strange Tales #079.jpg

I like that one too!

There is a ton of classic PHM covers with Kirby on pencils and Ditko doing the inks that we could post as well



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