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6 minutes ago, Jasonmorris1000000 said:

Watcher Prototype on #35.  Ha. Ha.  I know you love that remark by CGC bc.

You know me too well :)

So a cranium-enhanced white guy with a starched collar on the cover amounts to a Watcher prototype? :p

The actual cover story synopsis: A veteran space pilot is forced to retire because of his lack of experience with newer equipment, but an alien visitor gives Earth a challenge that only he can pass. After succeeding, he is appointed to command the space patrol, but the alien visitor was really the pilot in disguise.

So "Zarkorr" (the Watcher prototype) is actually the guy on the cover sporting the sharp tan hat & muttering the word balloon. :taptaptap:

There's also a story in that issue called "Never Threaten a Witchman!" that features a bald dude...maybe that's it.....


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