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Hidey Ho, true believers. Project Comic Con was live last weekend and I'm just now getting a chance to share my experiences.


The legendary George Perez was at the show and my first and foremost mission was to get him to sign a few books and if he was doing them, get him to do a sketch in my sketchbook. As soon as I got into the door I made my way to the back of the room where Perez was. All the week before I kept hearing how great Perez was in person and he did not disappoint. He was very humble, appreciative and genuine. We shared conversation while he did my sketch and I was honored to have a chance to meet him.






I wanted to pick up a few more sketches but found time to pick up a few goodies through the weekend...










I picked up this gem from the lovely and talented Leroy Harper...






I saw that Jenny Frison was going to be at the convention and thought I'd try to get a sketch from her. She was a very sweet and dare I say gorgeous lady. She did a killer Red Sonja sketch in my book...






A few more books...










Now, as if I had not had enough fun for the weekend. I'm walking around from table to table looking at everyone's goods and presentation. I round a corner and look up to see Javier Saltares.

Ok, if you guys know me you know that Ghost Rider is my very favorite character, and here I am squared off with one of the best artists to ever draw him.

With my eyes wide open like a deer in the headlights I manage to say..."Javier?"

Javier says, "Yes?"

I told him that I didn't see him on the guest list and had no idea he was going to be there. He said that he was a late addition and for some reason they never put him on the website.


Now...jibba jabba aside... I ask him if he's doing sketches and he said he was.

I told him that my skectchbook has no duplicate characters and that Ghost Rider was my favorite of all, and with a tear in my eye and a quivering lip I said, "Javier, I would be honored if you did the Ghost Rider for my sketchbook."

He looks up and rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah, that's original. I've never been asked to draw him before."

We both laughed and he says he just hopes he could do something I would be proud of.


While he sketched we discussed Kenneth Rocafort, who was sitting directly behind him and was swamped with sketch requests all weekend like a rockstar. We talked about how talented he was, on top of being just an incredibly nice person. I told Javier that Kenneth did a sketch for me last year and he flipped to it in my book and says "wow!"

Then he flips back to work on my sketch and says, "we'll see what the new kid on the block thinks about this."


I talked with him and his family while he sketched. They're all the nicest people you could hope to meet. Their two youngest children were with them and they were both working out some impressive sketches of their own.


Javier finished my sketch and I was in awe. The scan here doesn't begin to do it justice. It's just incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better picture in my book. As I left I told him thank you for the picture, and I also thanked him for being so wonderful in person. It really means a lot when you finally meet someone you've been a fan of for a long time and they live up to the pedestal you had them on.


As Javier hands me the sketchbook he says, take this over and show it to Rocafort. I did and told him that Javier wanted me to show him this. Rocafort turns around and says, "You've still got it, old man."

Indeed he does.






Overall, I had a wonderful weekend and came home with memories that will last for the rest of my life. :cloud9:



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The show was well organized from my standpoint as a vendor. Sales were great on Saturday and Sunday sales were also good.


Perfect little 2 day show for me. These are the shows I really enjoy doing where locals put a lot of effort and pull it off with some growth every year.


Booths are affordable and a large percentage that attend seem to want to buy comics. :o


Getting tired of the larger shows drawing big crowds with maybe 5% of the attendees wanting comics and 2 booths costing 2k+.


Always good to see Dice and Transplant.


I posted these pics in the Project Comic Con Events thread but a lot of you may not have seen them so here ya go.


Here are a few bad cell phone pics.















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I wish I had taken pictures of the booths and wall books. For a small show there really was a good selection of books to choose from.

Leroy's booth is always drool worthy. (worship)


I did take quite a few pics of the costumes. I'll post some of those in a bit.



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