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I also noticed that Gene has been AWOL from the boards for the past six weeks. In his last message on August 24th, he stated that he was about to go on vacation and would talk to us again after Labour Day. Well, it's "way" past Labour day, so I hope everything's alright and he makes his reappearance on these boards.


Actually, I enjoy most of JC's and Gene's postings. I find that JC has a pretty good sense of humor, and Gene has a healthy contrarion view of the market which certainly helped to offset some of the chest-thumping and hype that seems so prevalent on these boards.


Boards seem a little slow and quiet without them. Just my own opinion of course!


Differing opinions are always welcomed, but inability to debate in a constructive and civil manner is not. For that reason, I don't miss JC at all and would be delighted if he remains wherever he slunk off to.


Actually, it was unfair of me to lump Gene together with JC. He was miles above JC in terms of class, and I'd be quite happy if he returned (sans lectures).



aye, sir... and theres the rub methinks! Genes a very bright guy, but thats all we ever asked of him, and we never got it. He may in fact be right about the comics economy, who knows, but he was such a scold that it led to bitterness over and over again.


JC of course was exactly as you described him, unable to moderate his disdain or conduct a civil disagreement.

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No worries. I've talked to Gene via PM in the last week, and he's alive and well. He's just been busy with work and travel. smile.gif

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