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I was going to respond to TNerb's last journal, but instead decided to do a journal of my own.


When it comes to filling out CGC forms, I have put any amount from $5 to $200 on the invoice for value of the issue, but I too have tried to value issues from the mindset of personal value and cost of creating them as they are or will be.


The very rare sigs like Sal Buscema are far more valuable in my opinion. But even with the cost and readily available Stan Lee sigs, it comes down to what issue is the sig on?


If you have the only Stan Lee signed copy of a particular comic, then it should be far more valuable than one that has many many copies with his sig on it. Of course, this also depends on what the issue is.


As an example, I sent my New Mutants Special Edition off to the NY Masters last month for signing by four different people! Chris Claremont, Jim Shooter, Terry Austin and Stan Lee!


When I get it back, I will probably have Art Adams add his sig to it at ECCC, making five signatures on it!!!!! In this case, the comic may not be the most sought after issue on the planet, but it is popular to some degree among collectors, and having that many creators on it as well as Stan Lee will make it far more valuable.


I doubt there will be another out there quite like it.


I also now have the only 9.8 copy of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #18 in the world and it is now SS signed by Pat Broderick! What should I ask for it if I sell it?


I have a number of issues in progress at CGC right now that will be OAK SS issues when done. Some go back into the 70s, like my Jonah Hex #1 & #2 which will both be OAKs signed by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!


It's hard to place a real value on something like that. It doesn't exist in that form anywhere else, so what do you do? Ask for the moon and refuse to back down? Ask for the moon but be willing to come down some? Start it fairly low and see where it goes in auction? Start it a little high and see where it goes?


IDK, but being the only issue signed in the world has to account for some seriously increased value, again, depending on the issue you're talking about.


The real value is actually directly relative to what someone else thinks it's worth and how much they want it!


Below is a pic of Dazzler #34, which I had signed by Geof Isherwood in a rare convention appearance! I may have Sienkiewicz add his sig at Megacon in March!



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