Subtle Violents (1991) #1 SDCC SPECIAL Cry for Dawn Cover by Linsner CLOSED!

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Subtle Violents (1991) #1 SDCC SPECIAL

Publisher: Cry for Dawn / Published: January 1991 / Production Copy No. 149 (of 1000)

NM 9.2 W - $275 Shipped (US) $290 © $295 (UK+)


Scarce - 1991 San Diego Edition Sketch Cover by Michael Linsner. Limited edition of 1,000 copies, signed and numbered by the creators. "Rhyder" by Michael Linsner, "Ahryssia - Out of the Black" by Joseph M. Monks, "The New Order" by Kevin J. Taylor, and an interview with Tim Conrad. 48 pp. Black and white with covers by Michael Linsner.


This book contains mature themes and nudity - you must be 18 or older to purchase this item.





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The beauty of a book like this is many fold:

  • It's a limited edition of only 1000 copies :sumo: and at 149/1000 it's the lowest production number I have seen for sale.
  • It's signed by all three of the artists on the inside cover (not messing up the integrity of the front cover). :cloud9:
  • As I am selling it raw, not only can you enjoy the book in hand, but you can also confirm that it is what it says it is. :grin:

Please don't make me slab this book to sell it . . . ;)



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I like that they signed on the inside and did not spoil the front cover, Just like Jack Kirby used to do!


Very cool book, David!



Thanks, James!


Thread closes tonight at midnight! FINAL :bump:

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