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I'm finally IN!! :whee:


My membership card! :cloud9::banana:







Wow. Really nice! I'll trade you my FF #5 for it! lol


Welcome to the Club! :foryou:



hm ..... lol


Thanks!.. my (comic) new years resolution was to finally get an AF 15, (as its been for the past couple years,) and it finally happened! :cloud9:


Thanks for the :luhv: guys, I am really grateful to get such an exceptional copy (for the grade) - the FC looks better then a lot of 6.0's I've seen!


I tried to get a bigger pic from imageshack but no matter what I do/option I choose this is the largest pic I can show :eyeroll: -


Thanks again all :headbang:

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Hey Guys, I'm new to the forums and want to share my first Amazing Fantasy 15. I hope to make a lot of friends on here and expand my collection!





Hey Sonu, sweet AF. Welcome to the boards. You'll find that the boards are full of passionate collectors who know their books- Really some great people. :headbang:

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