Taking Submissions for Mega, Heroes, SDCC, Baltimore and NYCC
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I will be taking submissions for several conventions throughout the year, including, but not limited to: shows may be added through the year. Mail away s/s ops will be posted in the signature room as they become available.



MegaCon, (Books due by March 18th) Megacon guest list


Heroes, (Books due by June 17th) Heroes Guest list


SDCC, (Books due by July 20th) SDCC linky


Baltimore, (Books due Sept 2nd) Balt guest list ALWAYS a big comic book creator show


NYCC, (Books due by Oct 6th) NYCC


Toronto Fan Expo, (books due Aug 24) Site




If you want me to submit books for the Signature Series Program under my account the first book will cost $60 which includes one signature, CGC Fast Track, Domestic Shipping and my fee. Each book after that will cost $45.


Each additional creator signature, after the first one, will cost $5.


If you want to submit books under your account each signature will cost $5, Please provide submission forms


You pay all creator fees. I will call you from the show to let you know if there are any surprises with any given creator who suddenly starts charging at the con, (or decides to raise their prices).


I will also accept signature requests for Celebrities on a limited bases... Please add $25 to the above prices for each Celebrity signature.


Books mailed to me MUST be prepped according to the the guidelines listed here prep link


Books Not prepped will be subject to a $5 prep fee for that book, All books must have the following information on backing boards: Owner's name, Board name, Dealer account (If applicable) and desired signature(s), (Phone number and ship to address on at least one book).


I can crack slabs but that is subject to a $5 fee, There are no promises or guarantees on books keeping the same grade. I have lost count on the number I have cracked out of slabs, and only a few have had grades slip...




Value added service: I charge $10 per book (Under $900 in value), I have been pressing books for over 3 years and my process is time tested with proven results. price discounted after 10 books.


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919 posts


Hey everyone, Thanks for your responses its been great! :headbang:

Here is a update:


I wanted to post that I have 5 spots open to take sketch covers to MEGACON.


I also have 6 spots left open for Celebrity Signatures.


Check my post above for a link to the guest list


Please get me your books by MARCH 18th


Also please note the increased font size and blood red color of the due date for having the books in my hand...


I really do not want to come home from Megacon to a house full of boxes filled with books for megacon that arrived a day or two late :cry: :cry:

So Please get them tomy house by MArch 18th, sooner if you want or need pressing!

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919 posts


Thanks to the many boardies who have sent me their books already...


Those of you who lile to wait until the LAST minute.... good job! :makepoint: now send in those books... unless excel is no longer a indicator I'm waiting for packages from two people!


PM me your tracking numbers!


Thanks ALL




Now is a good time to think about Heroes!!! :baiting:

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