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Do you have a Diamond?


Diamond Comic Distributors have been around since about 1982 and I believe they are the primary delivery company for most comic books to retail comic shops. I collect Witchblade comics and years ago I was able to purchase a Witchblade #1 with the Diamond Distributors emblem stamped on it. I would image these were given to retail comic shops for ordering a certain amount of Witchblade #1 comics. Witchblade is the only comic that I have ever seen with Diamond Distributors emblem stamp, but you would think there are other comics that have the same stamp and maybe there are.




I don't remember what I purchased the comic for, but I believe it was a fair price at the time. I don't see these online very often, but when I checked in the past it appeared they went for about $100 for a raw comic. It appears that most of these comics were sent to the retail comic shop signed by Michael Turner and David Wohl. It appears there are harder to find without the autographs.




I sent my Witchblade #1 Diamond Distributors to CGC for grading and it came back with a great 9.6 CGC Qualified Grade, which I was extremely happy with due to the fact they are hard to come by. I recently checked the CGC Census and found there was a total of 14 graded. The highest grade was only 2 at a Qualified 9.6 Grade. There were 6 at a 9.4 Qualified Grade and 5 at a Qualified 9.2 Grade. There was only 1 with a Universal Grade and it was at an 8.5. With so few being out there and with a grade of 9.6, I wonder what the real value would be on it.



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