Batman Bronze Age Appreciation Thread
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There is a slew of Comiclink auctions of Bronze Batman books (all 9.8) that are ending tonight.


24 books from Batman #271-300 (all 9.8)

18 books from Batman #313-400 (all 9.8)


My favorites:


Batman #281 9.8 absolutely perfectly registered cover

Batman #287 9.8 Penguin cover by Mike Grell

Batman #292 9.8 Riddler cover

Batman #296 9.8 Scarecrow cover

Batman #323 9.8 Catwoman cover

Batman #353 9.8 Joker cover

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I'm not sure I have a favorite BA cover or issue. To me, all the Bat related books took a sharp turn in direction right after DC stopped printing books in the 100 page format. It was around this time I actually stopped buying Batman regularly as a kid. Even today, that's generally my cutoff when it comes to collecting Bats. There's early BA and there's late BA. I just can't seem to get interested in the later half.

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How can you not love Neal Adams bronze Bat books. :cloud9:


I'm pretty sure that's impossible for those with eyesight.



Anyone win any of the books at CL that just ended? I didn't get any of the BA ones.

It's great seeing them close one by one and remembering all the awesome covers I forget about.

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Alright, I thought about it. It's easy to lean towards Bats 227 and 232, but when I ask myself what books have stuck with me over the years (even when I wasn't collecting), I find myself actually gravitating towards some of the Kaluta books. Here is a prime example. This 8.5 was originally bought as a filler, but it turned out so nice (the scan is crappy), I decided to keep it. Actually looks nicer than some 9.4s I have.




Tec' 424 deserves honorable mention as well. Another 8.5 that's so nice, I'm not going to bother upgrading from it.




Like many of the Adams covers, I thought these were way ahead of their time, and certainly way ahead of the early BA writing style.



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I have so many awesome bronze Batman's and Detective's (there are sooo many of them). That I don't know where to start. It seems silly to start with Bats 227 and Tec 400. Because they are legendary.


Maybe I'll find the time to scan many of the others.

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